It's Perfectly True

This Andersen fairy tale has also been translated as It s Absolutely True, and For Sure For Sure.
It s Perfectly True This Andersen fairy tale has also been translated as It s Absolutely True and For Sure For Sure

  • Title: It's Perfectly True
  • Author: Hans Christian Andersen Janet Stevens
  • ISBN: 9780823406722
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Have you ever played the children's game "Chinese Whispers"? (Is it even still called that nowadays?) The game is played like this. You sit in a circle with your friends, and whisper a secret message to the child next to you, who whispers it to their neighbour, who passes it on it to the next in line, and so on. By the time it has got back to where it started from, the original sentence is often completely unrecognisable, sometimes causing much hilarity. And that is exactly what the warning is h [...]

    2. I'm usually pretty liberal about what kids can and can't read and I'd hate to be one of those people who needs to sanitize fairy tales, but even I thought this book was a bit much. Suicidal hens who kill themselves over roosters? pictures of chickens lying in blood? Great story, with a lot of nuance. The gist of it is that a small story gets blown out of proportion. Unfortunately, the main idea of the story is lost between the grisly details. I think this would be a great conversation piece for [...]

    3. Author: Hans Christian AndersonIllustrator: Stefan CzerneckiGenre: Fiction Picture BookYear Published: 2004Reading Level: Ages 5-8; FluentTopic and Theme: Animals, Behavior, Feathers, UniquenessCurricular Use: Shared Reading, Read AloudSocial: GossipingLiterary Elements: Exaggeration, Humor, PersonificationText and Pictures: Funny, well-written. The illustrations are bright and very important to the story.Summary: The story begins by a chicken spreading the news that one of the hens in the coop [...]

    4. This is a retelling by Janet Stevens of a Hans Christian Andersen tale, about how gossip can get out of hand. It's like that game where you whisper something in the ear of one person, who whispers it into the ear of the next person, etc etc until the last person, by which time the story has been completely changed due to mis-hearings, misunderstandings, and embellishments. I love Janet Stevens' illustrations-- she draws great chickens! The pools of blood around the dead bodies at the end was a b [...]

    5. Læs mit review her: Eva Lucias blog (Mere detaljeret version)Anmeldt for Visit AndersenBlog ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Youtube ~ Spotify ~

    6. Läste på svenska. Första gången jag hört om den här. (Läste i MO4) Den var helt finurlig. En fjäder kan bli en höna, eller hur man nu säger. Kreativt.

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