Just This Once

Welcome to the bestselling Last Frontier Lodge series a sexy and steamy contemporary romance series set against the wilderness and beauty of small town Alaska Becca Hamilton is a busy prosecutor who s dedicated and passionate about her work After being left high and dry days before her wedding several years ago, she promised herself she wouldn t let her heart become vuWelcome to the bestselling Last Frontier Lodge series a sexy and steamy contemporary romance series set against the wilderness and beauty of small town Alaska Becca Hamilton is a busy prosecutor who s dedicated and passionate about her work After being left high and dry days before her wedding several years ago, she promised herself she wouldn t let her heart become vulnerable again Yet, she didn t count on temptation in the form of Aidan McNamara Aidan McNamara is many a woman s dream a tall, dark, sexy as hell military type who tends to save the day so often it s annoying He s an ex Navy SEAL and a close family friend Becca has been quite successful at ignoring the spark that burns every time Aidan is near Until he shows up and happens to save her evening One scorching hot kiss on a rainy night, and Becca begins to question the limits she set for herself She gambles she can allow herself just one night with Aidan Aidan has been half in love with Becca since the first time he laid eyes on her He met her at a time when his life was one dangerous mission after another, so he couldn t act on his desire The years passed, and he watched Becca s heart get broken and the walls go up around her A chance encounter kindles hope in his heart He can t say no when she asks for one night, but he knows from the start he wants Becca quickly discovers that just once won t even come close to satisfying her desire She completely unprepared for the depth of feelings Aidan elicits Forced to take a much needed break from work, she decides a journey to Last Frontier Lodge in Alaska might give her some perspective and a long overdue adventure A trip she hoped would clear her head only leaves her missing Aidan so much she can hardly stand it Aidan is a man of plans and action, but with Becca, he s winging it every step of the way When she takes off to Alaska, he finds himself following her even though it goes against his grain Can Becca let down her guard long enough to let Aidan into her heart Can Aidan convince her he s worth than just once All novels in this series are full length standalone novels with an HEA.
Just This Once Welcome to the bestselling Last Frontier Lodge series a sexy and steamy contemporary romance series set against the wilderness and beauty of small town Alaska Becca Hamilton is a busy prosecutor who s

  • Title: Just This Once
  • Author: J.H. Croix
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I liked the story, but I don't know why authors have to continually reiterate things through out the book. It's almost like they are afraid we won't remember what they said 2 times before. Is it because they are trying to make the book longer? I would rather have a shorter story then to bore the reader over & over. I fine many authors do this. Other than that complaint, I liked the story between Becca & Aiden.

    2. DNF 25%There is nothing offensive about this novel - except the use of fiancée (female person) where it should have been fiancé (male person). There is nothing very exciting about it either. The female main character, Becca, is attracted to Aidan, an ex-Navy SEAL who is perfect in every way, but won't give him a chance and will sleep with him 'just this once'. The reason? Her ex-fiancé cheated on her so she has sworn off men. Oh, why only once? She does not like the idea that her ex-fiancé i [...]

    3. I was gifted this book for a honest review.A heartwarming 4.5 starsThis was a heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Aidan has loved Becca for so long. Since that first meeting 10 years ago. He has held back so much, as Becca was broken. She had sworn off men due to her ex-fiancee. Becca was ok being alone until Aidan kissed her. He mind just wouldn't stop. She thinks of a plan to rid her if her ex and get one night with Aidan. Little did either know, it wouldn't be enough, well, Aidan knew. Becc [...]

    4. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.I am really loving this series. Becca has been hurt so has lived the last 3 years of her life being alone and she likes it that way. She refuses to be hurt again. Aiden is a family friend and has done nothing but casual flings because when he met Becca 10 years ago he knew she was it for him but he had almost given up hope. A chance encounter brings the two of them together, Aiden is all in but Becca keeps pushing him away. She takes off to [...]

    5. StoryLove this series. Hope more books are coming. Does the series continue? I have no idea who is going to get together next.

    6. Another great read!  I tell you I love each of these books so far.  In this story Becca, Garrett's twin sister, is a prosecutor with a big heart.  But when an inmate has it out for her and pushes his weight around she is forced to take a long vacation.Aiden, Gage's best friend and ex Seal, owns his own security firm.  A hero in all things.  Saving and protecting  people.  He is a man with a mission and that mission is Becca.  He has loved her from afar for many years.  He has watched h [...]

    7. I really like the Last Frontier Lodge series and that it's set in Alaska. It’s a beautiful setting and everyone is so relaxed and happy there. But Just This Once starts with Becca working in Seatle as a lawyer. When she had an accident, Aiden, an old friend of her brother’s, stopped to help her. They had always been attracted to each other but didn’t let on. This time was different. Becca had sworn off men after catching her fiancé with another woman just before their wedding so she hadn [...]

    8. Hollis McCarthy's deep voice is an easy one to listen to, whilst telling the story between ex Navy Seal Aidan McNamara (Gage's Best Friend) & attorney (another attorney in the Hamilton's) Becca Hamilton.Aidan had fallen for Becca since he first laid eyes on her, that'd been 10 yrs prior, but she's not able to trust a man again since she caught the man she was going to marry JUST BEFORE she was to marry.So we see how Aidan came across Becca in an accident on her way home & this is when he [...]

    9. I thought this book was really sweet. J.H. Croix has a talent for developing characters. I felt like all of the characters had unique wants/needs and that I knew each of them. I voted it down because of a) the repetitive nature of the book, and b) the "steamy" scenes. Throughout the book Becca's on this broken record loop of "I really like him, but how I could I say just once" then "Oh now, now it's twice, I thought I could get him out of my system" and Aidan's on this loop of "I don't know how [...]

    10. I quite enjoyed this free kindle read! It was a new author so I was glad I took the chance. I liked both Aiden and Becca - although I liked Aiden's character a bit more. Sometimes Becca got on my nerves with her wishy-washy attitude, but overall she was a decent character. It didn't stop me from reading the story anyway!Even though I enjoyed this book, I would have liked to have read a bit more about their relationship and dates they went on. At times, the author skipped over those areas to "get [...]

    11. I’ve finished this whole series and every book is amazing. I’ve fallen in love with Diamond Creek and Alaska with it, not to mention the characters whom I’ve grown quite attached to! All the books contain a lovely, heart-warming and VERY hot romance. Although each book is a standalone, I recommend reading them in the proper order as we get glimpses and clues of the next couple in the current book, and get to see the evolution of the preceding couples in each new book we’re reading.In Jus [...]

    12. A rehash of another storyI like the characters, but the story line of he or she doesn't want to risk their heart because they've been burned is getting old. One character runs away. It feels like the author is trying to create drama where there really isn't any. And I'm sick of the lip-biting, and the words lush, drenched and rumpled!! Let's find a thesaurus please! Not sure I'm going to continue this series.

    13. If all the hot sex was omitted, there was not much left. Aiden has had a thing for Becca for years, but after she caught her fiance with another woman in a compromising position , she swore off men and relationships for three yearsuntil Auden. Most of the book is hot sex. If you like it, it is fine, but I don't think a well written book needs that.

    14. Perfect easy read romance novel. Just the right blend of sexy and sweet! I loved the Alaskan setting as well. I like that you can pick up at any point in the series with these books. I haven't read the first two in the series but had no problem jumping in. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    15. 5-star read. Another great read from J.H. Croix. Becca is a strong will woman and thinks she doesn't need any man, after her wedding was stopped 2 days from happening. Aiden is a former Navy Seal and runs his own security firm. He's loved her for years. Will they come together like they are meant to.

    16. Loved itGreat story. Trying to shut love out of your life is sometimes destined to fail. This is a great love story of two people who always cared for each other but thought there was no chance.

    17. First, but not last.This book was my introduction to the work of J. H. Croix. I started and almost finished it the first day. She developed her characters quickly and gave depth to them as well I became entwined in their lives and cheered on to their personal victory's.

    18. Loved This Story!!I was waiting for Becca and Aidan’s story. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. A definite rollercoaster ride of emotions to a HEA. Sweet and definitely steamy!!

    19. AwwwI liked it sooo much because they had to earn each other. It wasn’t an easy love story. Although, for being a tough Ex Navy Seal and seeing and doing the unthinkable, Aiden took too long going after Becca. Sheeshbut loved it all the same.

    20. This was an enjoyable read. The storyline was just enough to be realistic and the characters were good. I look forward to the next book.

    21. Mainly a story about the bedroom. Not sure how they fell in love with how much time the spent apart and how much of a tool she was. I am glad for the HEA but not sure how they got there.

    22. Oh myOh my what a series, am so pumped for the rest! So lovely to read about love that was worth waiting for!

    23. SweetIt could be much more, but at the end Becca and Aidan finally had their happily ever after. She was so stubborn tho!!!

    24. Too many blank pages. Much of the story is missing.I enjoyed other books in this series, this book has too many blank pages. Much of the story was missing.

    25. Yet again, another wonderful book by JH Croix. This was a little hard to read because it was so emotional for me. Becca had caught her cheating fiancée just days before the wedding with one of her "friends" and Aidan had been in love with Becca for years, without her knowing it. Once they got together though, it became harder and harder for her to deny she had feelings and that was the problem. It was a great book!

    26. I have now read book 1 and book 3 and was not disappointed in either of them. Love the characters and the setting. Also, love that none of them are overly cocky, but is sometimes insecure. Fell in love with book 1 and that love kept going in book 3 – now I just must buy the rest of the series $$

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