She’s (Still) Too Young

I lost her once It won t happen twice.I went to extremes to make her mine and when the secret was revealed that I d purchased too young Veda from her father, she left me Now that I have her home and I can breathe again, my life s goal is to keep her Forever.Unfortunately, her eighteenth birthday means she can walk away at any time Earning her trust means facing the ultI lost her once It won t happen twice.I went to extremes to make her mine and when the secret was revealed that I d purchased too young Veda from her father, she left me Now that I have her home and I can breathe again, my life s goal is to keep her Forever.Unfortunately, her eighteenth birthday means she can walk away at any time Earning her trust means facing the ultimate test of my sanity Giving her the choice I didn t give her in the beginning and hoping like hell she chooses me.
She s Still Too Young I lost her once It won t happen twice I went to extremes to make her mine and when the secret was revealed that I d purchased too young Veda from her father she left me Now that I have her home and I

  • Title: She’s (Still) Too Young
  • Author: Jessa Kane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 thought on “She’s (Still) Too Young”

    1. 3.5 Smut Scale StarsWut wut?There's a completely inappropriate, offend-people's-morals-for-sheezy-and-get-pulled-from-amazon sequel?AND it's FREE???!!!Sign me the fuck up!!!

    2. This one was just as hot as the first one, and it shows us that the H's obsession for his 'Angel' hasn't slowed down one bit, and I loved that!There's a surprise twist almost by the end, and Ramsey expected something, since Veda showed signs of hiding something, but it ended up surpring him, nonetheless.Given the size of the story, most issues are barely touched on the surface, when we really want them to be explored and explained more in depth. But I guess that's not the point of the smuttiest [...]

    3. 3* STARS!For this short story, I think it doesn't need to have 2 parts. The continuation is too short and didn't really matter. It was decent and predictable. Ramsey Beckett has been pussy-whipped by 17 years old girl, after all. No surprises. He's still dirty man who's in lust with her. Ramsey was blindsided by his blonde angel. But Veda admit she's in love with him the moment he's starting to care.“She told me if I ever need advice dealing with young girls, I could ask her for advice.” Ved [...]

    4. Pointless. That's the only thought I was left with after finishing this second installment. Literally, nothing new happened in this one, aside from one "ew" rather than taboo sex scene. I got intrigued by the first book and disappointed by the second. The writing is good, but author's story telling skills are lacking. Though I see the potential. I'll be keeping an eye on this author.

    5. This one fell a bit flat for me. It was hot and quick but u felt Ramsey and Veda had more potential to be more fully developed characters than they were.This book kind of flirted with Daddy kink but wouldn't fully commit to it. I would've preferred one or the other rather than the on the fence thing we had going. I was really hoping Veda was going to step it up in this one and become a bit more of a femme fatale, I felt like she totally had that in her but instead, Ramsey sort of sexed her into [...]

    6. SPOILERS AHEAD! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Yes, this was just too much crap for me to enjoy. The drama with the dad yuck. I get that they are excited by exhibition of public forum thing, but having the dad watch while his daughter gets a$$ f@&$ for the first time was just nope!!! And I know it's the whole taboo sh!t here but it's not cool with me because it's her real dad! I don't like reading stories like these that include a real parent and this just felt like a step too far for me. Personally [...]

    7. It started tabboo and then went a bit flat, but all in all a hot sexy story . I would have loved a twist or something shocking to happen.

    8. Absolutely fantastic!!! The second of She's too young series it was as beautiful as the first one and once again the author delivered a short story were many things happened without loosing focus on the characters and making it even more interesting adding a little bit of action in it!!After the first book Ramsey promises never to let Veda go again from his life and he will do anything this possessive character to keep her. After throwing her a party for her eighteenth birthday many things are a [...]

    9. Super hot read. I knew going in that this was going to be super sexy.I liked this better than the first one, perhaps because there was more of a story/plot and it was less taboo as she turns 18. I didn't expect the twist that occurred with her father, but it showed how obsessed he was with her because he forgave her so easily.If you didn't like the first one much, this might still not be for you. But if you want a smutastic read I'd give it a go ;)

    10. Ramsey is as over the top obsessed as ever in this second book. There was a tiny bit of angst and a small twist that I didn't see coming. It was pretty hot too, I really enjoyed it.

    11. I feel dirtyHoly hotness Batman. This series is ridiculously dirty. So hot your Kindle will catch fire and your panties will combust. Taboo to the max! While the novella is short, it doesn't lack in story. Though, admittedly, the story takes a backseat to dirty talking, over-the-top possessive Ramsey and his compulsive need for Veda. “I’m the mermaid to your predator.”Five Drenched to Ruination Panties.Review by Miranda at Mommy's a Book Whore.

    12. Okay, in the second part of this steamy story, Veda returns to Ramsey and has finally turned eighteen. Ramsey has plans for his future wife, but before he can do that, he has to make sure Veda loves him as much as he does her. He's been treating her with kids gloves ever since she got back, but Veda has no qualms in asking him for more. Her father, Jack, returns with an evil secret that may just destroy Ramsey. I liked this one a lot more than the first, especially Veda. I can't wait to read mor [...]

    13. 1.5 stars! I tried to like this story, but the heroine was super annoying (so glad it was in the hero's POV). I'm glad these books were free.

    14. The sexy follow up to She's Too Young. In this book Veda is coming to the age of 18. Will Veda choose to stay with Ramsey after her 18th birthday or will she leave? Ramsey will do anything to make his teen girlfriend happy. The one present he decides to give her may make help or break their relationship. Veda is not just an obsession for Ramsey, there is more. Secrets are revealed and drama unfolds. I thought this book was hot and taboo. The only thing I would change was I would like it to have [...]

    15. Ramsey is still atoning to Veda for basically buying her from her father and then sending him to Amsterdam for work. She was sick of people making decisions for her and that was why she left Ramsey but she came back and she forgives him now. He stills feels guilty and will do whatever it takes to keep her with him. He throws her a huge party for her 18th birthday on the roof of their apartment. He surprises her for her birthday with a trip to Amsterdam to see her father but she doesn't seem happ [...]

    16. 3.75 starsStill as steamy and taboo as book 1 I actually really enjoyed these books, if your looking for a quick steamy taboo read, this is the book for you Still on 3.75 stars because of the ( situation ) that happens he was just way to forgiving and their maturity levels didn't improve, but it didn't stop me from turning the pages and if you enjoy a sexy steamy taboo read, well it won't stop you either Happy reading :)

    17. this was an ok story for me by jessa kane. ramsey buys veda from veda's father. it's a quickie so give it a try. be warned that it is a taboo relationship because they started when she was 17. in this sequel, she turns 18. i realized after i started reading that this is a sequel to she's too young. she's too young was pulled from amazon because of "content" as stated on the author's website.

    18. It's so wrong.But I loved it which is soooo wrong! I've never read a book like this and I don't k ow if I'll read another like it - but I loved the author!I will definitely read more books from this author.

    19. Just when I thought the sequel couldn't get any filthier I never thought I’d be fucking a teenager up the ass with the man who raised her lurking in the darkness, watching me, hating me. Or potentially hating himself for being unable to look awayThis book is insane! Soooo dirty hot!

    20. Oh i tots loved this!Though the first one was a little "okaaay seriously is she 10" for me- I really did like this one.Loved the naughtiness, the small twist, and overall the ending.4/5 stars

    21. I thought my review and rating disappeared but apparently there are two versions of this book on Gr.

    22. I do not want to be rude, So I first and foremost I am going to start this review, by, saying I believe this author has potential to write better stories. This was a 17 year old girl and a much older guy, That threw me off completely. I did not make it to the end. So I will not be able to tell you how the ending is. I do not know if it was an HEA or not. Usually these very short kindle reads ends with an epilogue!I think this story was very short, and all about sex. I like to read romance novels [...]

    23. Super Hot and Over the Top!Alexa Riley is the reason Jessa Kane ended up on my radar. I love her brand of over the top, insta love smut, just as much as I love the ladies that make up the dynamic writing duo Alexa Riley! I had to read Jessa's books after the the ladies credited her the idea for Taken By The Russian and I'm glad I did because I love short books like this. If you like super obsessed alphas that plan to get their girl by any means necessary, Jessa Kane is the author to watch!

    24. This follow up was definitely one that kept everything going in the best way from the first story. It pushed the boundaries, it made me blush, and it definitely continued what these characters shared. If you liked the first novella, you will like this one, and you will love what you get with these characters. I really like Jessa Kane's writing style, and I can't wait to read more of her books!

    25. Just okIt's slow moving storyline is just ok. Needs a faster storyline more of a punch you it. Plus no challenge either

    26. Again, very well-written book with a story that held my attention from the beginning till the end. With exception of that plot twist with heroine's dad, that is. I wasn't a fan.

    27. Secrets are revealed and conspiracies come to the surface. Throughout it all their love reigns supreme and they both end up back together.

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