Tacking on the Styx: An Epileptic Sails the Facts, Fiction and Philosophy of a Mental Illness

As only a patient can, the author brings the social, cognitive, and physical trials of epilepsy to the reader, braiding medical essays with a fictional adventure.
Tacking on the Styx An Epileptic Sails the Facts Fiction and Philosophy of a Mental Illness As only a patient can the author brings the social cognitive and physical trials of epilepsy to the reader braiding medical essays with a fictional adventure

  • Title: Tacking on the Styx: An Epileptic Sails the Facts, Fiction and Philosophy of a Mental Illness
  • Author: Jeffrey L. Hatcher
  • ISBN: 9781496971739
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Jeffrey Hatcher's Tacking on the Styx is an incredible novel that succeeds on two levels. First, it's a suspenseful story that follows the life of a Mr. Edgar Thomas Meyerhold, a man stricken with epilepsy as a graduate student. Complete with unexpected plot twists and romantic subplots, the tale holds your attention from beginning to end.Without detracting from the pull of the story, the book also succeeds on another level: It gives the reader an intimate understanding of how it might feel to b [...]

    2. A masterful approach to discussing epilepsy, weaving an entertaining fiction adventure in with a series of non-fiction essays. I really enjoyed reading this book and learning about a subject about which I really had no previous knowledge.

    3. I authored this book for several audiences. First and foremost, I want to connect to college and medical students who can step back from their exam preparation. As my title suggests, I want to see a reclassification of epilepsy back to a mental illness. What brain pathologies have no mental component to them? Psychologists and psychiatrists have reclassified epilepsy probably as much out of professional insecurity as any scientifically sound reason. The psych community needs a massive re-enlistm [...]

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