Half In Love

Richard McAllister, a young government minister, is recuperating in South Africa after being attacked Whilst out there, he is called back to London because his passionate affair with an actress has become public news The love affair now becomes impossibly fraught amidst the fame and scandal.
Half In Love Richard McAllister a young government minister is recuperating in South Africa after being attacked Whilst out there he is called back to London because his passionate affair with an actress has be

  • Title: Half In Love
  • Author: Justin Cartwright
  • ISBN: 9780340766309
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Half In Love”

    1. I couldn't get to the end of this book and gave up less than half way through, so I suppose I can hardly claim to have read it. But right from the beginning I felt no connection to any of the characters or events. Clearly lots of people found it engaging and funny, but I could not relate to it at all.

    2. Justin Cartwright is a talented writer but this novel doesn't quite work as well as it might. The plot sets up an ideal framework for the love story with political intrigue but just doesn't quite create the necessary empathy for the characters. I didn't quite connect with the main characters.

    3. Excellent, really funny, even laugh out loud in places, and a brilliant satire of Blairite politics. Cartwright's themes on the subject of men and women being from different planets continue in this book. At times he comes over as very slightly mysoginistic, but only slightly and it's entirely forgivable. Richard, the political think-tanker, is surprisingly endearing, while Joanna, the superstar actress is really quite awful, even when she kind of gets her own hypocrisy. I loved this, highly rec [...]

    4. It's ten years since I last read Justin Cartwright, and this a long way from what I have been reading lately so took a bit of adjustment. Also the disjointedness of it, while not off-putting, required some extra effort.All very much worth it, however, for the intensity of the tale, the skill with which the relationships and their constraints are delivered and handled.

    5. This is one of those modern, self-aware works of "literature" - deeply cynical about the human condition, full of profound truths that are on closer examination more trite than sacred, and packed with unhappy people busily making each other unhappier. And yet, despite my criticisms, I read it through.

    6. An OK read. I found this more engaging than I expected to from the cover summary - but found it a little thin . I found Joanna highly irritating, maddening and at times pathetic Which probably resulted in my distraction from the overall story. Easy read, political dynamic interesting, Predictable ending!

    7. Not my sort of book - too contemporary! modern politics, cult of the personality and effects of the media but well written and so ok just did not care about any of the main characters!

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