Treacherous Shadows (Avalon Valley, #1)

Sixteen year old Aeria Morgan knows her life will be short Since the Darkness fell two hundred years ago, brevity has staked its claim, especially on the childless Aeria will die if she does not find love, and soon But she and her Dviinu brother, Aeron, are outcasts, set apart from the rest of Avalon Valley because of their sordid family history and mysterious conceptioSixteen year old Aeria Morgan knows her life will be short Since the Darkness fell two hundred years ago, brevity has staked its claim, especially on the childless Aeria will die if she does not find love, and soon But she and her Dviinu brother, Aeron, are outcasts, set apart from the rest of Avalon Valley because of their sordid family history and mysterious conception, and so Aeria has resigned herself to a loveless fate It isn t until Aeria meets village newcomer Lyam Trey that she learns that love is worth hoping for after all As trouble mounts, can Aeria hold tight to what she s found, or will she lose everything she thought she d never have
Treacherous Shadows Avalon Valley Sixteen year old Aeria Morgan knows her life will be short Since the Darkness fell two hundred years ago brevity has staked its claim especially on the childless Aeria will die if she does not find

  • Title: Treacherous Shadows (Avalon Valley, #1)
  • Author: Jennifer Parr
  • ISBN: 9780692636978
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. whew.This was a roller coaster of emotions. This amazing little book was graciously bestowed upon me from the author in exchange for my honest review. I absolutely loved this book. Have you ever read the first book in a series and you just know, that beyond a shadow of a doubt that by the time this series is over, your entire world is going to be turned completely upside down and inside out? Well, That's the feeling I got whilst reading this. While this book was not action packed, its far from b [...]

    2. So first of all, I give this book a ***** on 5 stars. What I really like about this book is the mix between romance and how people used to live like in the 17th century even if the «when» of the book isn't in the 17th century! Remember that in the 17th century, girls used to get married and have children when they are close to 15 years old, and that they didn't have a choice to marry for love, only for business! In this book, you see that Lyam Trey's parents wanted him to get married so they m [...]

    3. Jennifer Parr's writing is very unique. Many times with first person based novels I don't feel completely in the shoes of the character that is narrating, but that wasn't the case with Treacherous Shadows. After contemplating why I felt that Parr's writing was more personal than other first person narrated novels, I began to realize that it is completely because of her beautiful descriptions. Instead of going back and forth between experience and description, she intertwines the two like an arti [...]

    4. This book was so calming to read, and not just because I play classical music while I read. Miss Jennifer sent me this book in exchange for an honest review. I'm was happy I read it. This book had a minor conflict, it mostly just consisted of the protagonist's everyday life, but it wasn't boring. I really liked it.This book was a little bit odd compared to the ones I normally read as there was no world ending doom hanging over the protagonist's shoulders. It was just a relaxing love story. I und [...]

    5. I got to read chapter one of this book on Wattpad. Then I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review. It took me a while to get through it because it was a pdf file, and I couldn't save my place and I had to keep going back to my email to read it again. Besides that, I thought the story was beautiful and unique. It's a new take on a Fantasy dystopian novel unlike any I've read before. Jennifer's writing style is also very unique which makes it easier to get into the book. The chemist [...]

    6. Treacherous Shadows is a unique and enjoyable book. It is not your typical dystopian book. Instead of fighting a government or just an evil person it was more an unseen darkness. I thought the plot was really unique and cool. It is not a super action packed book, but there was a lot of drama that kept you in suspense. However the plot felt slow or a bit dull at times, but it picked up fairly quickly. Surprisingly I enjoyed the romance, which is saying a lot because I usually dislike romances. I' [...]

    7. This book is addicting! The details and emotions make you feel as if you were the character! Its romance and mystery. Two things I love. In a world where a curse says that no couple can have more than one child, a young woman has twins, a boy and a girl. They are to siblings that our outcasted because of their circumstance which make them develop a strong bond. Then one day, a newcomer enters their life and Aeria, the daughter falls in love with him (Lyam). Everything is perfect until one night [...]

    8. A sweet, heart-warming, and saddening romance for an outcast set in a dystopian land called Avalon Valley in the time after the Darkness. With a small, slow rising addition of fantasy, this novel is decently paced and may rip your heart to pieces just for love.For a full, in-depth review check out my blog youngbooklover.wordpress

    9. Before this book was published Jennifer Parr had released the prologue and first chapter on her Wattpad. I had seen her around instagram and started following her, I learned that she too shares a passion for horses! I found out on her instagram about her Wattpad where I came across Treacherous Shadows and read what was posted on Wattpad. I was definitely hooked and intrigued! I had yet to read anything else by this author and the plot of this book sounded very unique. I was excited for the rel [...]

    10. Okay so its very very VERY rare (as in never) that i find a book that i love so much, that after receiving a free pdf copy i email the author and buy an actual physical copy. This should tell you everything you need to know now. The book is so great it is worth it that much!! This book is a definite 10 out of 5 stars read. I mean honestly I've read upwards of 100 books so far this year and this one is probably number 1 on my list at the moment. Jennifer immerses you immediately in a breath takin [...]

    11. I read Treacherous Shadows a couple of years back when it was still Torturous Shadows and I loved it. So I was super excited to read the new version. After what feels like forever due to revision and exams I've finally managed to finish it! I love the new version it flows so much better and I connected more with the characters this time.The story, set around Aeria and her brother Aeron, feels very unique. I haven't seen a book quite like it. If you're looking for something new this is a book to [...]

    12. Treacherous Shadow by Jennifer Parr is a Fun,exciting, nerve racking, pulse rising, adventure. I could not stop reading and even if I could, I didn't want to. Aeria and Aeron are the only pair of siblings. Families are not able to have more than one child due to a dark curse. How did Aeria and Aeron get so lucky? The two are known as Dviinu and have a bond like no other. What will they do when their bond is at stake? Can the two survive? Aeria and Aeron will meet a boy, who will change their liv [...]

    13. Jennifer's unique and descriptive writing style captured my attention right away and held it the whole way through. It is a beautiful story full of relatable and likable characters. I cannot wait to continue the adventure in part 2 of the trilogy. Well done!

    14. I loved it. It has amazing character development and a nice plot line. I just found out it was a trilogy and I am now excited to read the next book in the series.

    15. Aeria Morgan and her brother are considered an anomaly in their town of Avalon Valley. Not only were they born without a father, they are the first set of twins (called Dviinu) to ever exist since the Darkness hindered families from having more than one child. With so much mystery surrounding how they were conceived, the villagers among them have taken to treating them as outsiders. While her brother Aeron is away on a trading expedition, Aeria sneaks out to enjoy a swim at a pond deep in the wo [...]

    16. This book was amazing. So descriptive that I could see every detail in my head. The plot of this story was brilliant. It was different to anything I've read before, and the originality made me so happy. The characters were brilliant, and have left me dying in my bed. Normally I hate books with characters falling in love quickly but this book changed my view on that (simply because of how important love is to them).I think my favourite part was the amount of acceptance in this book. Showing the e [...]

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