Caramel Creme Killer

If you loved the Frosted Love series, you ll love its next chapter The INNcredibly Sweet series The sleepy seaside town of Calgon, Florida is rocked when a pillar of the community is murdered Much to the astonishment of Chas, Missy and the gang, the suspects are many and the clues are far too few in this suspenseful tale of mystery and intrigue.
Caramel Creme Killer If you loved the Frosted Love series you ll love its next chapter The INNcredibly Sweet series The sleepy seaside town of Calgon Florida is rocked when a pillar of the community is murdered Much to

  • Title: Caramel Creme Killer
  • Author: Summer Prescott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Missy is at it again, but this time she had befriended someone whom seems sweet on the outside but inside there is a jealous rage that has been building up for years and may very well lead torder.This book is about a woman who's husband is in a nursing home, but his wife is murdered and his daughter is a spoiled brat. Walter's wife Clara took over the family business but she has been burning bridges ever since she took over and when she ends up murdered, we have a list of suspects to choose from [...]

    2. This installment of the INNcredibly Sweet series kept me on the edge of my seat. I was quickly drawn into the story and what was going on with the characters. Ms. Prescott has a way of switching seamlessly between character point of view to give the read a broader view point of the story. It was nice to get more of a look at what/who Spencer is trying to hide from. The mystery was well plotted and kept my interest throughout. I never suspected the culprit, I really like when that happens. I can' [...]

    3. Overall I enjoyed this story. The story of Spencer and Jannsen continues to intrigue. The main storyline is good with interesting characters. The action moves at a good pace. I look forward to reading Book 4.

    4. This series is a yummy one! Book three Caramel Creme Murder of The INNcredibly Sweet series will have you gripped in suspense. Missy opens her bakery a little early after she sees an older lady with two cute dogs in her arms at the door. She finds out it is Dayne Baker a pillar in the community of Calgon. She has come in to try out the bakery and introduce herself to Missy. Missy instantly falls for Dayne and she starts to come in almost daily. Soon Missy finds out from her friends Echo and Kel [...]

    5. Wow, best friends and their man! Watch out girl!This book was something else, there is two women, best friends since kindergarten and their man. One lies the other loses the man in high school, then as adults the one that wins regrets the marriage. It's now all about the money, the daughter of the marriage is misinformed about the problems in her parents marriage, the best friend is not liking the treatment the of the wife and daughter towards the love of her life, and decides to do something ab [...]

    6. Meet Missy and her husband, Chas Beckett in their new hometown of Calgon, Florida. Recent transplants from LaChance, Louisiana, Missy now owns Cupcakes in Paradise where she creates a sensational new recipe every day and Chas is a detective on the local police force. They also own the adjoining property, The Beach House Bed and Breakfast Inn, where they and their dogs live. When a prominent local business woman is found murdered, Chas is investigating and Missy is pulled in when a new acquaintan [...]

    7. Wow! I jusr couldn't put this installment of the INNcredibly Sweet series down. Summer Prescott is a very talented write that has incredibly made each new book a completely new and different story. Izzy is still staying at the inn and spending time with Spencer. Missy meets a neighbor with two cut little dogs. Dayne comes back to get cupcakes from Missy as all hell brakes loose in Calgon again. You will just have to read it. For once though, Missy does not seem to be getting into trouble or even [...]

    8. I am in love with these characters. All of them. Missy and her desire to help. Chas,-- he is my book boyfriend-- (back off ladies!!)-- Tim and Fiona and their witty back and forth hilarity. I'm still learning to love Echo and Kel but they are growing on me!!I did NOT see this one coming until the very end and even at that point I was still shaking my head on how it all played out! Everyone tells me that the books in this series just keep getting better and better and I don't know how it can get [...]

    9. Another great oneTightly woven plot that kept me reading all afternoon. Missy and Chas have a good story and "Timmy", the interim ME had a good part also. However, we have a real cliff hanger here with the Spencee/Izzy storyline. I get so involved with these great short cozies that I want to find NOW what is happening. This is what it was like during my teen age years (and I am 71) and one waited forever for snail mail to get news from my friends. Next one is our when?

    10. The story just gets better and betterMs. Prescott has again done a great job bringing her characters to life. A new cozy mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end.Another murder in Calgon and there are to many suspects to name.a whodunit at its best with hints of new love in the air. This series is a must read for anyone who enjoys a good, clean, and well written mystery. Summer Prescott is at the top of her game with this series and as always I look forward to each new installment. [...]

    11. This cozy mystery is caramelicious! It has cupcakes, a murder mystery, a mysterious person from Spencer's past, and more. I love the cupcake descriptions in Summer Prescott's books! Makes me want to run out and buy a dozen cupcakes every time I read one of the books in this awesome series. The characters are really interesting and there are a lot of suspects to choose from. Don't miss out on this cozy mystery, especially if you love sugary, sweet ones!

    12. She did it again!I have read a few Authors And Summer is right up there with 2 of my favs James Patterson , which is not a Cozy Author but he is amazing, and Dianne Harman is equally as amazing. Summer leaves you wanting more and wanting it quick! I feel as if I am watching a movie and I can see everything she is writing about in real-time! Please give Summer a chance , you won't regret it!

    13. Caramel Creme Killer is a little different than the other books in that we are actually given a few hints as to who the killer in this book might be, along with the reasons, right off the bat. I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more about Spencer's past soon. I really like him and how he fits into this unique family. Keep up the good work, Summer Prescott!I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    14. Caramel Creme Killer is a deliciously written story, my mouth is still watering. Read this quickly as I didn't want to put it down, I thought I had identified the killer early on, but I was wrong. Great mystery!The third book in the series leaves us with curiosity about Spencer, what will happen between he and Izzy? Is the fourth book going to take place in LAChance?Great reading, Thanks SummerGeneva

    15. Kept me guessingisclosure: I received this book free of charge from the publisher. This review is my honest opinion, and is in no way influenced by the author or publisher.This one kept me guessing. I was surprised when the killer was revealed. We got another small glimpse into Spencer's past. I hope we find it more soon. Can't wait for book 4.

    16. Loved going down memory lane with Miss when she goes home to LaChance to to help plan Grayson and Sarah's wedding. Also learning more about Spencer and Janssen's past absolutely had me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm absolutely looking forward to all of Missy and Chaz' friends and family getting together for the wedding.

    17. Cliff hangerOh my word this is such I great story. But I can not make my self believe that Dayne.Dayne was the one that did it. Im so happy that Spencer's story is coming out. Dont forget edibel sunshine

    18. Another great one!!What can I say? Another great story from an amazing author!! She never disappoints! I love Summer Prescott's books!!! I can't wait for the next one!!!!

    19. Another delightful and delicious cozy mystery from what has rapidly become a favorite series!! Very well written and the characters are some of the best you can find!

    20. jealousy, revenge, lies, stolen loveszy mystery set in Florida. cupcakes involved. plus, the mystery surrounding Spence deepens. who hunts him and why.

    21. Loved it.Again this book kept me reading and reading. Summer Prescott is such a good writer. Her characters, even the bad ones, are done well.

    22. Awesome readReally loved all the wonderful characters in this book . Awesome storyline keep me reading had fun reading it till the end.

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