So begins Patrick Moore s unforgettable account of life as a crystal meth addict a tweaker Like a wild ride down Alice s rabbit hole with a guide who is darkly funny and heartbreakingly honest, Tweaked chronicles a twenty year trip that stretches from Moore s lonely childhood in Iowa with his grandmother, Zelma an alcoholic artist who, when loaded, turns frozen food iSo begins Patrick Moore s unforgettable account of life as a crystal meth addict a tweaker Like a wild ride down Alice s rabbit hole with a guide who is darkly funny and heartbreakingly honest, Tweaked chronicles a twenty year trip that stretches from Moore s lonely childhood in Iowa with his grandmother, Zelma an alcoholic artist who, when loaded, turns frozen food into craft projects to the day he sits, naked, in a Los Angeles rental, hallucinating about psychorobbers while talking to a possum he s sure is God Candid, gripping and ultimately triumphant, Tweaked is that rarest of memoirs a tale so vivid and personal in the telling it feels like fiction, but every word is true.
Tweaked So begins Patrick Moore s unforgettable account of life as a crystal meth addict a tweaker Like a wild ride down Alice s rabbit hole with a guide who is darkly funny and heartbreakingly honest Tweake

  • Title: Tweaked
  • Author: PatrickMoore
  • ISBN: 9780758212658
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Tweaked”

    1. I normally am drawn to reading non-fictional accounts of struggles with drug/alcohol abuse and the like, but this book made me very uncomfortable. Yes, it was about one man's struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, but it was more about his struggle with being a gay man in both NYC and LA during the height of the AIDS epidemic and how careless he was in his many (and often graphically detailed) encounters with other men, most of whom he claims he didn't know. Had I known it was more about his grap [...]

    2. I'm not sure how Moore did it, but he managed to make this memoir both salacious and boring. It was just a disjointed collection of memories without any real insight into his various addictions. Also, I found his writing style to be confusing, detached, and unengaging. There are definitely more interesting addiction memoirs out there.

    3. I am generally a fan of addiction books but I found this one to be more about his gay lifestyle and sex addiction rather than his meth addiction. If I would have known that I may not have read it.

    4. not at all what i expected from the blurb. didn't really like this one; no hesitation to donate once finished. do not recommend. :(

    5. I picked up this book because I was curious about the adventure to sobriety for a crystal meth addict. I wanted to read the embarrassing stories of highs, the sad stories that accompanied becoming sober and realizing the pain caused, the loss, heart ache, gains. I expected a powerful story about how Patrick Moore became sober. That is not what I got. This book is almost a collection of short stories of this mans life. While the stories are entertaining - they are not a complete story. It gets co [...]

    6. I picked this title up to read a nonfiction account of the author’s drug abuse and recovery NOT detailed accounts of his promiscuity as a same-sex attracted man at the height of the AIDS epidemic. This book was way more about homosexuality than it was about crystal meth. If that’s your thing, then this book is for you. If you want to learn more about drug addiction/recovery, choose something else.

    7. TweakedThe main characters in this book are Gordie and Chase. Gordie is the younger brother trying to live his life and win battle of the bands. His older brother is addicted to drugs and ruins there mom and dad’s life. Chase is the older brother he spends his time shooting up and getting high. He is involved in this crime and ends up in a lot of trouble. I would compare this book to the crank books because they are both about drugs and ruining lives. What I liked about this book is that it sh [...]

    8. TweakedTweaked is a book about a kid; Gordie, and his older brother, Chase, and Chase’s downfall spiral into the addiction of crystal meth. The main characters are Gordie, his friends, Chase, and the parents of Gordie and Chase. It shows how crystal meth addiction takes a major toll on the family of the user and also the user as well. The book starts out very good and then towards the end a chain of events just start happening and Chase digs a grave for himself basically. Eventually it brea [...]

    9. I read this book as a followup to the authors father's book A Beautiful Boy. These two books must go hand in hand. They are very powerful and I believe every parent should read them. While reading both of these books I was frustrated, very upset, really disgusted and quite frankly . frightened for my children, the children of my friends and any child growing up in our culture today.These books were real eye openers for me. Maybe a lot of that had to do with the fact I had a child in middle schoo [...]

    10. I loved the grandmother, I loved the way he used the characters in his life to tell his story, I loved how he wove the pieces together. I really like Patrick Moore after reading this. I don't read that many memoirs, and I hated, for instance, A Million Little Pieces even before finding out the author made half of it up. This memoir feels true in every sense, and well-written to boot. I had a close relationship with a tweaker once, and I saw him in this story even though he wasn't gay. (Well, he [...]

    11. This is the story of a gay man recounting his addiction to and battle to abstain from meth mostly, some alcohol. He takes you on his journey through drugs and homosexuality. His story is cutting and at times disconnected, giving the reader a feel of being inside a tweakers head. You visit CMA and AA meetings with him, you are with him as his partner dies of AIDS, you are there while he helps lead group discussion at a recovery center. You are there with him while he teases with getting another f [...]

    12. I got this book on sale for like 5$ from my gay book club. It's hilarious. I have only read the first chapter and a half. But even the first 4 pages had me laughing in tears. It may be sad to have such a problem as Crystal Meth addictions, but the way the author has written it, you just either want to do it or be very afraid of it. I have just been busy with work and friends to continue reading but I plan on finishing it. I know it will be a great book.

    13. This is a really eloguent memoir of addiction set in NY and LA primarily. Written by a friend and fellow former ACT-UP NY'er Patrick Moore, the book follows his path from first love through addiction and out the other side toward recovery, set in the haunts of a New York City which no longer exists. There is a scene - his first (sober) visit to the Saint - which perfectly captures the place and the period and which made me cry in nostalgia and recognition. Stunning.

    14. This was not what I expected and I really struggled to finish. It's not that it was a poorly written book, actually I found it almost poetic in nature and language. The problem ls that it was more a memoir on his homosexuality and his sex life rather than the drugs. I'm rather opened minded and talk off sexual encounters don't put me off even if it's the darker side of the pleasure realm but that was all this book was about. Well written just not for me.

    15. I liked this book because I love books about trials and tribulations.Its an obsession of mine.This book is an important book for kids who might get stuck in the club scene or the rave scene (do they have those any more?LOL). It would definitely steer you away from drugs.The author seemed to be forever surrounded in sadness but was able to overcome, especially when he because a councelor.

    16. This is a very compelling and brutally honest memoir. Whereas, "Beautiful Boy" (by David Sheff, also a great read) is about how crystal meth use affects the family and loved ones of the user, "Tweaked" author, Patrick Moore, was a meth user. This is his story; I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys memoirs.

    17. I don't know what to make of this book was pretty well written and for the most part kept me interested and entertained, but sometimes it just grossed me out. But I guess I knew that's what I was getting into when I started it. It was definitely an education in some ways.

    18. I actually thought this was "Tweak" the new book about meth addiction by the guy whose dad also wrote a book about him. Well, this was a little bit different. The author is a recovered gay meth addict who now works in recovery. It was a little graphic for me in points, but still pretty good.

    19. If I thought anyones struggle and addiction could be so boring I would of never picked this up. This is a lot of rambling that makes it extremely hard to follow maybe to to his changing of story line so there anr no conflict ion with the real life people involved.

    20. This was an ok book, sort of hard to get into. Took me almost 3 months to read this book. I think that explains how hard it was to get into. He talks alot about him being gay. Wouldn't recommend this book.

    21. A memoir about a former tweaker turned addiction counselor. Not the best, easily not necessary reading, but certainly not the worst memoir out there about the ever growing rack of 'Drug Memoirs.' Basically if you have nothing else to read, this is a good, quick, easy book. An Eh Rating.

    22. I read this book because I want to understand the power of drugs and addiction. Although This book was about a Addict, it was more about his gay life style than about his disease and parts were more than I wanted to know!

    23. autobiography of a homosexual male tweaker from Iowa.Let it not be said my reading tastes aren't eclectic.

    24. Pretty depressing book with a downer look into meth addiction and the glittering but dark gay scene of New York.

    25. A decent memoir. It seemed like the focus was more on a sex addiction that on a crystal meth addiction. Still a good read.

    26. This book was amazing. Moore tackled his addiction recovery with a sense of humor like that of David Sedaris or Augusten Burroughs.

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