Technology and Justice

In six magnificent essays, George Grant reflects on the extent to which technology has shaped the way we live now Admirers of Grant s English Speaking Justice will welcome this exploration of the fate of traditional values in modern education, social behaviour, and religion, as well as Grant s penetrating insights into the technology of birth.
Technology and Justice In six magnificent essays George Grant reflects on the extent to which technology has shaped the way we live now Admirers of Grant s English Speaking Justice will welcome this exploration of the fate

  • Title: Technology and Justice
  • Author: George Parkin Grant
  • ISBN: 9780887845161
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. My chief complaint is that the essays are too short to deal with the depth of the subject matter. Grant raises a lot of important ideas: technology as an ontology, and the modern disjunction between truth and beauty, but he often has to summarize for the sake of space- "I don't have room to explain the history of this idea here" etc.A lot of the same ideas are more fully developed in Allan Bloom's The Closing of the American Mind, which I would highly recommend for a follow up on the critique of [...]

    2. Read one essay for class. This man is as brilliant and eloquent a critic of modernity as can be found, and his thoughts on technology are deeply insightful and provocative. I'm hoping to go back and read the rest, now that classes have ended. (Yes, I know this is the exact same text I put for my review of his other book, but it applies to both, and I'm in a hurry.)

    3. This book is not so much about technology as it is philosophy. George Grant explains how our culture got into its present confusion. It is very insightful, but I'm glad it was not very thick.

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