A SEAL's Pledge

NAVY SEALS WANTED Join a planned eco community Must be knowledgeable about sustainability, committed to the goals of our organization, comfortable with being filmed for a reality television show documenting our progress and willing to marry within the year Wives provided for those lacking them.When Navy SEAL sniper Harris Hawk Wentworth stumbles on the ad calling forNAVY SEALS WANTED Join a planned eco community Must be knowledgeable about sustainability, committed to the goals of our organization, comfortable with being filmed for a reality television show documenting our progress and willing to marry within the year Wives provided for those lacking them.When Navy SEAL sniper Harris Hawk Wentworth stumbles on the ad calling for participants in a new sustainable community and TV show, he can t wait to join Base Camp in Chance Creek, Montana, and get started building a new future After a lifetime of living on the fringes, always on the lookout for danger, he s ready to hang up his rifle and finally relax And if someone else is willing to find him a bride, he s all for it He s always been at home behind enemy lines than talking to women He can t wait to meet his wife to be But it s not his turn yet BACKUP BRIDE NEEDED Are you female, single, between twenty five and thirty five years of age Looking for a husband Think you ve got what it takes to join Base Camp Follow the link below to apply now Samantha Smith is willing to do anything to escape her long time job driving the tour bus for the band her parents and sister play for She s ready for marriage, a settled home and motherhood And she wants them all right now She knows she could be happy at Base Camp, so when an episode of the reality television series ends with a call for a backup bride for one of the participants, Sam applies for the position no questions asked She s ready for whatever adventure awaits her So when Harris picks her up at the airport instead of Curtis Lloyd, the man she was told she was meant to marry, Sam assumes Harris is Curtis replacement and if she s honest she s relieved The quiet, sexy sniper always caught her eye when he appeared on the show, and in person he s everything Sam s ever wished for in a husband Harris has to make a choice, fast Correct the mistake Sam s made about why he s picking her up at the airport or elope with Curtis bride What s a Navy SEAL to do
A SEAL s Pledge NAVY SEALS WANTED Join a planned eco community Must be knowledgeable about sustainability committed to the goals of our organization comfortable with being filmed for a reality television show docum

  • Title: A SEAL's Pledge
  • Author: Cora Seton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: ebook
  • A SEAL s Pledge SEALs of Chance Creek Book Kindle A SEAL s Pledge SEALs of Chance Creek Book Kindle edition by Cora Seton Romance Kindle eBooks . A SEAL s Courage by JM Stewart online free at Epub Most of our books are stored in elastic clouds, and traffic is expensive So we have a limit on the number of downloads If you want to increase this limit, your can make a donation Donation of will improve limit to for each additional USD downloads per day during next one year. The Navy SEAL s Christmas Bride Heroes of Chance Creek The Navy SEAL s Christmas Bride Heroes of Chance Creek Series Book Kindle edition by Cora Seton Romance Kindle eBooks . United States Navy SEALs The United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land Teams, commonly abbreviated as Navy SEALs, are the U.S Navy s primary special operations force and a component of the Naval Special Warfare Command.Among the SEALs main functions are conducting small unit maritime military operations that originate from, and return to, a river, ocean, swamp, delta, or coastline. Retired Navy SEAL praising Trump on Fox News was a fake Fox News ran a story on Oct about a decorated Vietnam War Navy SEAL and glass artist who created an enormous presidential glass seal he hoped to give to President Trump On Thursday, days Commercial Insulation Distributor General Insulation Weatherization Spray Foam Insulation Comfort is our specialty General Insulation Company provides a wide array of insulation and insulation accessories to help manage environmental conditions. PolarSeal Heated Tops by POLAR SEAL Kickstarter POLAR SEAL is raising funds for PolarSeal Heated Tops on Kickstarter Warmth at the touch of a button Superlight, smart heated tops for men and women, designed for sports and comfort in adventure. Insulation Products General Insulation Company Insulation products firestopping for the commercial industrial construction market, also residential weatherproofing, marine insulation, and abatement. Green Schools Initiative Programs to help you buy green We believe it is essential to protect children s health at school and in the world beyond school and we work to catalyze and support green actions by kids, teachers, parents, and policymakers to eliminate toxics use resources sustainably create green spaces and buildings serve healthy food, and teach stewardship We are working to leverage the schools sector to National symbols of Barbados The coat of arms depicts two animals which are supporting the shield On the left is a dolphin which is symbolic of the fishing industry.On the right is a pelican which is symbolic of a small island named Pelican Island that once existed off the coast of Bridgetown Above the shield is the helmet of Barbados with an extended arm clutching two sugar cane stalks.

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    1. The first in the series not to focus on the founding members of Base Camp or the Jane Austen Regency women. Instead we have a love triangle with Harris, Samantha, and Curtis. It is the day after Clay and Nora's wedding. Curtis is really hungover and asks Harris to pick up the "secret" bride. Harris is a bit offended at the way Curtis carries on about this woman he never met and how she's probably ugly. Ugh! It made me definitely not like the guy. So, when the lovely Samantha meets Harris at the [...]

    2. When I first started reading this series, I wasn't 100% behind the concept. The SEALS of Chance Creek is about a group Navy SEALS trying to build a sustainable community while being filmed for a reality TV series. They are also sharing the space with a group of women living a Recency Jane Austin lifestyle . However, the more books I read in this series I find it different and highly entertaining. A SEALS Pleadge is the third book in the series and focuses on Harris and Samantha. Samantha was lon [...]

    3. I loved this book, think it may be my favorite but the problem is i say that about each of these books in the series. So this is book 3, Nora and Clay have got married and they now have a surplus 'back-up bride' who is now going to marry Curtis. Only Curtis has his own issues and gets drunk at the party so is not ready to collect poor Samantha from the airport Enter Harris, he goes to collect her and oh oh they fall for each other.I loved Harris , he is 'Hawk' the ex-sniper, all tough bad-ass ex [...]

    4. This book is the first one in the series that is not about the original characters. This time is the turn of Samantha, the girl who was supposed to be Clay's backup bride in case he couldn't convince Nora, and Harris, one of the guys who arrived at Base Camp to participate in Boone's plan to make a sustainable community. The problem is that after Clay married Nora, Sam was supposed to marry Curtis, but Harris and Sam fell in love at first sight, and things get complicated, especially because the [...]

    5. This is the third book in the series about a group of ex-SEALs who are building Base Camp which is a sustainable community. A group of women are living on the same property. These women are living a regency lifestyle. Building this community is being filmed for a reality TV series and is being funded by an eccentric billionaire who has made several demands on the groups in order for them to keep the funding. The men must be married within a year with three of the women becoming pregnant.This sto [...]

    6. I've read the entire series. I liked this book more than the others I've read so far. The Series has started to focus less on the TV reality program and more on the actual stories. This way you get to know more about the hero and heroine rather than a TV show. The hero and heroine both want to be here but don't know exactly where they fit in. The story starts off with a woman who hates her life and needs to do something drastic, so she puts her name in for the TV show. She's to be a back up brid [...]

    7. A SEAL’s Pledge: SEALS of Chance Creek Book 3 is by Cora Seton. This book is just as exciting as the others. She really keeps your attention on the book. When it had looked like Nora would not agree to marry Clay, Boone located a replacement bride. She was on her way to Chance Creek when Nora and Clay reconciled. She was then passed on to Curtis as his bride. They were to marry that weeknight. However, Curtis and the others had celebrated too much so Harris “Hawk” Wentworth set out to pick [...]

    8. One In A Million !!!Harris "Hawk" Wentworth, an ex-Navy SEAL snipper was a part of a sustainable community he and his friends were trying to build. He thought he would never find love that was until he laid eyes on the woman that was supposed to be his friend's Clay's bride (if Nora didn't agree to marry him) from A SEAL'S VOW.Samantha Smith was looking for an adventure, she needes to leave her family nest and do something for herself. When she saw the Base Camp reality show on tv, she was capti [...]

    9. Ok book not quite as good as the last two! Hoping to set up a sustainable community a group of seals must marry and start families. They meet up with a group of females who were tired of the rat race and go back to the simple life. The saga continues when two that were not supposed to meet up and marry end up attracted to each other.

    10. I was really frustrated with this novel. I just couldn't really get into it. I'm not even completely sure what kept me reading besides for the fact that it's a Cora Seaton novel. I usually love her novels, but I'm not sure if it's the premise of this novel or the fact that I fell into it halfway through the series.I'm just going to have to say better luck next time and leave it at that.

    11. Exciting Samantha answers an ad to be a backup wife - she wants to get away from her hippie family and have a life of her own - Harris goes to the airport to get the backup wife because everyone else stayed up too late only to be all in love with her at first site - will they be able to work out the secret they both share.

    12. This is my favouriteSo far this is my favourite of the series. I adore Harris and I loved his story. Still updating my reviews as I was too impatient on my first read through to bother, the story was too enticing.

    13. Another addition to the series brings Harris aka Hawke. He is ready to get married and have a family so when the opportunity comes up to quickly get married to Samantha, who left her family on the road to have some kind of adventure. Its an interesting take in the series but I found it to be a little to get started for me. You do need to have read the previous two books to read this story.

    14. Good readOnce again very good reading. With each book the series gets better and better. I recommend this book to anyone.

    15. Seals of chance creek# 3a good story a must read series good story great ending great charactersry happy endings loved them loved them loved them

    16. AmazingFun and laughter with a whole bunch of action,thrills and suspense.I'm really enjoying this series.The stories are really great and they just keep giving.

    17. Sexy as hellAwesome series. I can’t wait to keep going! They just keep getting better and better and more exciting. Let’s GO!

    18. Having read all of the books in this series so far, I am amazed at how Cora Seton continues coming up with different plots that immediately pull me in. One would think with the basis of this "reality show," former military men trying to create a sustainable community forced to marry women living in a Jane Austin world would be incredibly bizarre. Well perhaps it is but it totally works! According to the rules set out by the show there must be a marriage every 40 days or the show ends and the men [...]

    19. Curtis, you manipulative prick, you don't deserve a bride of your own. I hope you'll be the last to pull the short straw, you marriage-phobe. See all the other guys happy and married so you start to crave it yourself.- A little vindictive of me I don't care. ;) I so didn't like the way the played Sam - at least he apologized afterward.I smiled and cried, it was great. Can't wait the next story. :D

    20. This is the third installment in the latest series by Cora Eaton, about a group of SEALs with the lofty goal of establishing a self-sustaining community on ranchland in Montana with the help of a group of Jane Austen-loving female artists. While I've overall enjoyed the series, by book 3 I think it's getting a little ridiculous. In the first book, childhood friends Boone and Riley reconnect, both landing on the Westfield ranch with different but meldable goals as to how to run the ranch. Boone, [...]

    21. Wow! This author continues to blow me away with her insight to detail and ability not only gain, but maintain our interest from page one to the last. I love her characters, and this series in particular, as she has found a way to not only write about the regency era, but merge it with todays' world, and in particular, a bunch of hunky ex-navy Seals, and their quest to find a better way of living on earth without such huge footprints being left behind. As we have discovered from the first two boo [...]

    22. I really enjoyed reading this book. the third in the Seals of Chance Creek series. The story was interesting, well- written, well- paced and very romantic (with a touch of angst). I liked the main and side characters. The dynamic of the plot was really engaging. I read the book in a few hours and I think I will read the first two in the series. Something about the plotA group of retired navy Seals decide to build an environmentally sustainable community. To gather the money necessary hey accept [...]

    23. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I would give this book 4.5 stars.So I was truly excited to read this latest addition to The SEALs of Chance Creek and Cora didn't let me down. Now I felt like I was on a roller coaster of different emotions from start to finish. The "love triangle" of Harris, Samantha, and Curtis had an interesting spin on it because of Renata. I know if I was in Sam's shoes I'd have possibly handled all the dating the same way too. Cora did tug at my little hea [...]

    24. The premise for the "Seals of Chance Creek" series is fun, a group of four Seal friends that want to build a sustainable community, meet up with Nora and her friends that want to live a simple Jane Austin lifestyle and focus on this aspiring talent. Throw in a TV reality show and the premise that 10 men have to be married in a year with two kiddos on the way and you end up with some fast-paced and enjoyable love stories!Like all of the books that Cora Seton writes, The Seals of Chance Creek is a [...]

    25. I've read all the books in this series so far and love them all. They can all be read as stand alone books but I think you'll fall in love with all the characters in the series and want to read them all.Harris Wentworth is among the SEAL's group in Chance Creek that are building a sustainable community known as Base Camp. They include 10 men that must all marry within 1 year, and at least 3 of the wives must be pregnant by the end of that year and there is a huge catch if they don't succeed. In [...]

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