From the New York Times bestselling author of the Loving on the Edge series and Off the Clock, a story of sex, love, rock roll, and a reporter who s about to learn a new meaning for staying on top of her assignment Restaurant critic Aubrey Bordelon is never at a loss for words to describe her meals in the fancy restaurants of New Orleans But after her magazine From the New York Times bestselling author of the Loving on the Edge series and Off the Clock, a story of sex, love, rock roll, and a reporter who s about to learn a new meaning for staying on top of her assignment Restaurant critic Aubrey Bordelon is never at a loss for words to describe her meals in the fancy restaurants of New Orleans But after her magazine s high profile music reporter falls ill, she finds herself out of her element and in a sea of screaming fans awaiting Wanderlust s lead singer, Lex Logan The sound of his voice gives her goosebumps, and the stage presence of the hard bodied rock star takes her breath away So when he pulls her onstage for a sexy stunt, she knows she s in real trouble Lex doesn t want to pretend that the sparks on stage between him and Aubrey never happened, but it certainly makes the fact that she s writing a story on his band all the dangerous The last thing he needs is some nosy reporter revealing their problems to the world But the sexy Southern belle doesn t give up easily, and soon he s wondering if the best way to chase her off the story is to coax her into his bed
Wanderlust From the New York Times bestselling author of the Loving on the Edge series and Off the Clock a story of sex love rock roll and a reporter who s about to learn a new meaning for staying on top of

  • Title: Wanderlust
  • Author: Roni Loren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. 2 starsWanderlust is the story of a journalist and a rock star. Aubrey normally reviews restaurants but when one of her coworkers becomes sick, she must step in to do the interview with the famous rock band Wanderlust. The lead singer Lex isn't very thrilled with this change and forms a plan to get her to walk away from the article, but he ends up falling for her instead.This wasn't really the book for me, I felt it lacked character development and had a very generic plot. I do think other peopl [...]

    2. Aubrey is called in for an unexpected assignment, as a journalist for NOLA Vibe, she usually covers restaurants and food, but when a co-worker gets hurt she has to step into his assignment and follow the rock band Wanderlust. Aubrey wants nothing to do with this assignment, but her boss has made it clear to move ahead she must be willing to step in and handle any story. Entitled, conceited, bad boy rockers are not her idea of fun, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Aubrey doesn’ [...]

    3. ***2.5 Stars***Audrey is a food reporter for a magazine and has been given the assignment to cover a story for another writer who is sick. She is to write an in-depth article on the popular band, Wanderlust. Lex doesn't want her writing the story. His band is in trouble and the last thing they need is a reporter snooping around.He tries to push her away, says and does things that will make her quit, including getting her in his bed. But having sex with her turned out to be the thing that kept hi [...]

    4. Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.Well let just start out by saying. need books for the rest of the band now. Get on it, Loren! Get on it! I'm totally not above bribing with pretty stickers. I'm really not. lol Goodness but Wanderlust was one helluva good time. Yeah. It's totally 5:46am. Not even gonna lie. I read all night. And the last 30 minutes of it with the phone plugged into the wall while I was reading. I was not putting this one down.The quick of it is that while she usually [...]

    5. When I went to visit my family, I was looking for light and easy reads and this was just the ticket. And hey look, I read a romance novel of my own volition. I actually picked this one because the main character Aubrey is a food writer and I love foodie characters because of my own background, but in the end this was not even an element that mattered at all. She could have just as easily been an elementary school teacher, a travel agent, a politician. But the rest of the story was great, predict [...]

    6. Roni Loren never fails to impress me with her dynamic characters and erotically charged romances. Laughter, tears, redemption, and love opens the door for an emotionally damaged journalist and a bad boy rock star whose main agenda to keep his band’s secrets safe from the tabloids changes when he discovers a woman for whom he would give it all up for. Though the journey is a wild unpredictable ride, the ending is well worth the price of the ticket.

    7. I have a bad case of WanderLOVE after reading Wanderlust. ← Terrible pun aside, I’m serious. Because this—my first book from Roni Loren, who has been much recommended to me—was a winner from start to finish.I’m the first to admit, I can be a little forgetful when it comes to books. I mean, I read so many that details sometimes just…slip my mind. And, in the case of Wanderlust, what slipped my mind was the synopsis. Which meant I went into this book blind. I remember clearly thinking, [...]

    8. Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWanderlust was such a unique story from Roni Loren and with each book I read from her I grow more enamored with her storytelling. On paper the main characters in this book look like complete opposites; very different upbringings, very different places in life, and seemingly on very different paths, but somehow they are able to see past the facade they show the world and into each other's souls and in doing so the vulnerability comes through m [...]

    9. This was so awesome! A great foundation was laid right from the beginning. I couldn't put it down! I pretty much blew of two days because I couldn't stop reading. Excellent story with likable characters. Really entertaining with a good mix of drama, emotion and heat! It had such a great build too, I was so drawn in as all the little details emerged, it just made for a really fantastic read.Lex and Aubrey were wonderful characters. I loved them! I loved how Lex and Aubrey met, the sparks that fle [...]

    10. Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads.Confession: until now, I'd never read one of Roni Loren's books. I KNOW. I should be ashamed. She's been on my list of authors to try, but I wanted to wait for the right, non-series book. (Or, you know, start from the beginning of a series) When I saw the cover and read the blurb for Wanderlust, I knew this was the one. I couldn't have made a better choice. It's just not enough to say I LOVED this book. That doesn't even begin to scratch the surfac [...]

    11. E-ARC received thanks to the publisher and Netgalley.3.5 starsI'm a big fan of Roni Loren's Loving on the Edge series (also still waiting for a new Off the Clock book here.) and her standalone works are just as great. I hesitated before I requested this book on NG because I haven't read much rockstar romance and I thought I have outgrown my bad-boy rockstar mc phase.but apparently not. Not when Roni writes it, I guess?The main thing that always reels me in about Roni's books is her characters. I [...]

    12. 4.5 StarsChallenges:♥ By the Numbers Quarterly Challenge - 1 Word♥ What To Read in 2018: Task 2 - Click Recommendations and read 3 books from three different lists.♥ Anti-Alphabet Challenge: C♥ 2018 Where Are You Reading - #19 Louisiana

    13. Original review: The Daydreaming Bookworm*I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**3.5 Stars!*When one of her fellow colleagues requires emergency surgery, Aubrey Bordelon is asked to cover for him until he returns. The only problem is that Aubrey has made a vow to stay on the straight and narrow path and having to follow a famous rockstar around for a week is bound to land her into some trouble. Lex Logan doesn’t plan on making Aubrey’s job any easier as he doesn [...]

    14. * A review copy was provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley for the Blog Tour *~ 5 Wanderlust Stars ~ FULL REVIEW Now Posted::1 Rock Star + Roni Loren = FABULOUSLY HOT Rock star romance novel.I was immediately drawn to Wanderlust because it was written by Roni Loren. I LOVE her books. But then I saw it was a rockstar romance…at just made it even better.I LOVED this book. As always Roni gave us wonderful characters and an entertaining storyline. I have to say this was one of the best roc [...]

    15. WOW! I'm on a ROLL!!! WANDERLUST was INCREDIBLE! Definitely one of the best rock star romances I've read in a very long time. I just hope this turns into a series because I WANT MORE!This was a downright DELICIOUS read, full of scorching hot sex and witty and sexy banter with every turn of the page. Aubrey and Lex's chemistry on and off the stage was combustible! Aubrey was out of her element with this story she was stuck with, and Lex had NO PROBLEM making her feel on edge the entire time. But [...]

    16. It is no secret that I'm a fan of Roni Loren. I think I have probably read everything she's ever released! So I was really excited when I heard about this story because it's one she's had for a while. And WANDERLUST didn't disappoint, it gave me exactly what I've come to expect with a book by this author, solid characters and a great sexy romance.The heroine, Aubrey, works for a magazine in New Orleans as a food critic. The farthest thing from her interests are sweaty rock stars after a concert, [...]

    17. I am a huge fan of Roni Loren and while I love her Loving On The Edge series, I really have found that I enjoy her stand-alone books so much! Aubrey Bordelon works as a restaurant critic, but when the magazine’s music reporter falls ill, she finds herself filling in and definitely outside her comfort zone among the screaming fans of Wanderlust. Lex Logan loves his band, but they’re struggling right now. He’s struggling to write and the fighting among them is getting out of hand and tearing [...]

    18. Rock star romances are not my norm, but they are always fun for a change of pace, and Wanderlust definitely delivered on the "sex, love, and rock and roll" promise. Both Lex and Aubrey were carrying around some serious baggage, which left them slightly wounded. The scars gave them some depth, and sort of explained some of their behaviors. I thought the two had great chemistry, and Loren put them in some really fun situations. She also let them unload on each other, which is when we could really [...]

    19. La historia de bandas no me atraen y paso de largo con ellas. Son pocas las que he leído y me han llegado a gustar y esta es una de ellas.Por la sinopsis esta puede parecer la típica historia, una más con un chico guapo, famoso, que se cree un regalo para la vista, un dios, prepotente y que tiene a muchas groupies para tirarse, en fin que más puede desear un chico? Pues no, esta historia es distinta, la autora no toca el tema de las giras, las fiestas, las orgías y si toca temas como el dol [...]

    20. Roni Loren has been an auto-buy for me ever since her first Loving On The Edge novel. She shot out of the gate with beautifully written stories and well-developed characters and, even though her books were pretty damn perfect back then, each new release bears witness to the fact this author continues to hone her skills. While my personal preference is the Loving On The Edge series, I also enjoy her New Adult novels. Wanderlust may have one of those been there, done that themes, but it still shin [...]

    21. 4 stars---ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date July 19 2016Restaurant critic Aubrey Bordelon is never at a loss for words to describe her meals in the fancy restaurants of New Orleans. But after her magazine’s high-profile music reporter falls ill, she finds herself out of her element and in a sea of screaming fans awaiting Wanderlust’s lead singer, Lex Logan. The sound of his voice gives her goosebumps, and the stage presence of the hard-bodied rock star takes her breath away. So when he pulls her [...]

    22. When Aubrey is sent by her boss to cover a story about a band, she's got some reservations. One, she's a food journalist, and two, she tries to stay away from the crazy kind of scene that seems to revolve around musicians. To make matters worse, due to her covering last minute, her name isn't on the backstage list and she has to wait and stand in the crowd, watch the show, and get back to talk to the band after the concert. What she wasn't planning on was the lead singer pulling her up on stage [...]

    23. Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: WANDERLUST by Roni Loren wp/p3d0RZ-5XoReviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ CoriRated 5 StarsI loved everything about Wanderlust! It was just so much fun! A sexy rockstar hero and a good girl reporter were a great mix. This was one of those books I curled up with and didn't put down or sleep until I finished reading it. I haven't read a book by Roni Loren I haven't loved. She has a writing style that just works for me and she creates great characters. Wanderlust was [...]

    24. 4.5 StarsI have to admit that rockstar romances aren't always my favorite. The rockstar lifestyle tends to rub me the wrong way and so going into these type of romances is risky for me. However, if there was any author worth taking a risk for it's Roni Loren. She's been the one author who I don't mind venturing out of my safe zone for over and over and she never disappoints. I'm happy to report that Wanderlust fits in the "totally worth it" category. This story is so much more than just a rockst [...]

    25. This story takes place in NOLA (New Orleans). We are introduced to Aubrey Bordelon, local politician's daughter and writer for NOLA Vibe, who just been assign to interview the music group Wanderlust when the regular reporter finds himself in the hospital. Unable to get into the venue using her credentials, Aubrey is in the crowd along with other fans when she meets the vocals of Wanderlust, Lex Logan. In a bizarre twist, Aubrey finds herself onstage with Lex. You see NOLA is known for the body s [...]

    26. Kirstin's Review:Wanderlust by Roni Loren 4 out of 5 starsI have read several Roni Loren books and have not been disappointed yet!In this book, Aubrey is the journalist with a dark, secretive past, who falls in love with Lex, the lead singer and typical band bad boy of the group Wanderlust. Of course, Aubrey is given the assignment to interview the band and the story unravels from there. But eventually Aubrey's past secrets crash into Lex's own insecurities and threaten to tear them apart. But, [...]

    27. 2.5 StarsOnce more I wish GR had half stars alas I've wavered between rounding up and down for a bit- as alwaysMy biggest issue with this is that it is so cliche. I mean it is packed full with all of them.From duche-ex, upper-crust unsupportive parents, insta-everything to every other cliche- even the smut was cliche it is all there. Literally.Yet this is not a badly told story, and while I kept ticking every cliche out there off in my head as they were coming up, I also did actually enjoy it. ( [...]

    28. This was a bit of a departure from her usual erotica. This was much more focused on the romance and I found it to be a refreshing change.

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