On sale for a special release weekend price of 2.99 price will go to 4.99 on Monday, April 11th Eve Sawyer had a bright future ahead of her when a tragic accident cost her everything Now, twelve years later, desperation for all she has been missing compels her to seek comfort and pleasure in the arms of strangers A few hours indulging in anonymous sex with a man namOn sale for a special release weekend price of 2.99 price will go to 4.99 on Monday, April 11th Eve Sawyer had a bright future ahead of her when a tragic accident cost her everything Now, twelve years later, desperation for all she has been missing compels her to seek comfort and pleasure in the arms of strangers A few hours indulging in anonymous sex with a man named Nate gives her pleasure than she ever dreamed possible Unfortunately, past experiences with men haven t given her any hope that incredible night could ever lead to anything After meeting Nate again and succumbing to his erotic coercion to enter into a sex only affair, she soon discovers all the different ways a man with a very healthy sex drive and a creative imagination can give a woman with limitations the exciting, pleasurable adventures she has been craving Nate Radcliff never had trouble forgetting a woman once he left her bed until he spent the night having sex with a woman who insisted on keeping her name a secret and her face hidden in the dark The way she embraced everything they tried and that unique breathless gasp she made wouldn t let him forget her A few weeks later, a chance encounter has him coming face to face with the woman he has been obsessing about He is stunned to discover the reason she hadn t needed a light that night she is blind Immediately struck with admiration for the lengths Eve is willing to go to to brighten her dark world, he becomes determined to give her the adventures she craves For weeks, Eve basks in the decadent pleasures and adventures both Nate and his friends give her, making sure she keeps her heart guarded from hoping for , even when Nate insists their sex only affair has grown into something for him But Nate isn t one to give up, especially when he wants someone as much as he wants Eve Just when his persistence starts to pay off and Eve becomes open to a future with him, her best friend, Holly, returns to town, her jealousy and possessiveness threatening to drive them apart Eve refuses to believe anything bad about Holly, the only person who has stayed faithfully by her side through thick and thin, which drives a wedge between her and Nate In the end, Eve s refusal to see her friend s true motives comes close to not only costing her the man she loves, but costing her her life Will Nate be able to make her believe that he wants all of her forever Will Eve discover that she s been blind to the fact that this man loves her and that she loves him This is a newly edited version of Blindsided which has been previously released by this author and is the first book in the Virginia Bluebloods series Disclaimer This book contains the spanking of adult women, explicit sexual scenes including exhibitionism, anal play and m nage If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.
Blindsided On sale for a special release weekend price of price will go to on Monday April th Eve Sawyer had a bright future ahead of her when a tragic accident cost her everything Now twelve years

  • Title: Blindsided
  • Author: B.J. Wane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I enjoyed this book and it was free! Eve Sawyer, blinded in an accident but is a wonderfully talented musician and teacher. She is also “blind” in other aspects of her life which prove to be dangerous. Nate Radcliff, rich bad boy who loves a bit of kink, falls for Eve. There are other very likeable characters in the book but Eve and Nate are the main characters for this story.The story is a bit repetitive, predicable, the sex is plentiful and erotic, but is also quite sweet in the way that N [...]

    2. I have read many erotica books in my time but this one is my all time favorite. The title Blindsided is fitting in more than one way. The characters stories are woven beautifully into the eroticism that happens throughout the entire book. Eve is a woman trying to escape the pain of her past. Nate is a man who wants for nothing that is until he spends one night with Eve. BJ Wane finds ways of filling the pages with hot, steamy, adventurous, arousing sex that will turn you on and wish you were the [...]

    3. The first book in The Virginia Bluebloods series and I loved this book. Once i started reading I couldn’t put the book down. Both Eve and Nate suffered a loss and that loss puts them together.Eve is a wonderful character. Strong and i loved how she enjoyed and embraced every new experience. Nate might seem the typical rich playboy, but he has a good heart and it is wonderful to see how much he love Eve and helps her explore a whole new side of herself.There are great secondary characters in th [...]

    4. InterestingAlthough this story had all the elements of a good erotic romance--attractive main characters, hot sex, and kink--there was also enough back story and a couple of plot twists to make it interesting. I didn't like the continual use of the word "handicap" -- I prefer "disability", but that maybe just a personal viewpoint on my part.

    5. The story between Eve and Nate was beautiful. The way he cared for her was so touching. Her courage was awesome. Eve's friends were so supportive. Holly added the suspense and kept the action going. The ending was perfect. This book kept me wanting more. This book was a good read and did not disappoint.

    6. I really enjoyed this book. Nates persistence with Eve and wanting more in their relationship was amazing. He showed her all the things she could do with her disability was just heart warming.

    7. Beautiful story!I really loved this book so much. It was emotional on every level in a way that was legitimate and real, not just for effect. The writing was fabulous and the storyline was unique. Well worth reading.Eve is a blind woman who was in a terrible accident shortly after high school graduation. She has been blind for a dozen years when the story takes place. Once a year, she fights to forget all that she lost in that accident.Nate is a third generation blue blood in Virginia high socie [...]

    8. Hmm this is book 1. I have never read anything by BJ Wane but it came from a FB recommendation and so far so good!**SPOILERS AHEAD**So Eve is the nice girl at school, the cheerleader who dates the football captain yada yada yada. Bobby is different as he actively encourages Eve to move forward with her life - in so far as helping her with her application and being accepted at Julliard. So the one evening she decides that during parking she will trade in her V-card, its not very enjoyable but hey [...]

    9. The characters and plot are so well developed in this book, it captures the reader’s attention in the first chapter. With a topic that could easily turn reader off, the author made the moment Eve and Nate met not only make sense but gave it validation.Eve Sawyer was a young girl, whose dreams of going to college in New York was the only thing that would keep her and her boyfriend apart. With a future in place, heart filled with passion and desires, she was sure nothing could stop her, until th [...]

    10. This is the second book I have read by Ms. BJ Wane and in actuality I liked this book better than Hannah and the Dom which is also by Ms. Wane and the first book I have read of hers. It’s not really per se the story which is neither complicated or contrived but seems to develop despite the strong erotic content at a steady pace but more the emotional depth of the characters even the minor characters were complex and detailed plus were a delight to read!Nate has one night to forget his sister [...]

    11. It's been twelve years since the accident. Every year since then on the anniversary of the accident Eve immerses herself in a night of anonymous sex to help her forget. What happens though when you meet your fling again?Nate becomes hooked on Eve after spending a night with her. He has a chance encounter with her and knows he'll stop at nothing until she becomes his. Eve finally begins to open up to being in a relationship with Nate when her best friend comes back to town. Can Eve and Nate remai [...]

    12. It was good; mature characters. H is rich, acts out a bit with his parents, but is independent and makes his own way and income. The h is blind, has an evil friend, and good friends. She is a bit TSTL, she really listens to evil friend and ignores good friends advice. It was believable though, as the evil friend had brainwashed her. H helps her expand her boundaries, including with other men. I liked the character development, especially the H.

    13. I knew from my previous reads of B J Wane I would not be disappointed with this one. True to form I was not. :)I LOVED it! HOT, SEXY, EROTIC and full of EMOTIONl!It’s about Eve, who ends up blind after a road accident and a night of passion with her then boyfriend. Years later she’s teaching music to other blind students and has lost none of her natural musical gifts.She chooses to have nights of secret passion arranged thus avoiding becoming involved with a man. On one particular evening sh [...]

    14. 3.0-3.25 RATING- This could have been a better read for me than it ended up being. The potential was there. I liked the premise of the book. No idea why but I love reading about a blind heroine so that was a plus right off the bat. Also, love a dominating hero. The sex was plentiful and may have actually been a bit sexy heavy but for an erotic, I guess it was pretty typical. But a lot in the book was repetitive. From descriptions of people, to reasoning behind why the heroine couldn't be with he [...]

    15. FearlessWell written, compelling love story. Between her blindness and his social elitist parents, you would think this couple would have plenty of challenges but the real danger to their relationship is less obvious. I really respected Eve's independence and courage to abandon her fears and live fully in the moment. It gives a whole new meaning to the trust required to fully submit.

    16. Blindsided is the first book in the Virginia Bluebloods series by the very talented writer BJ Wane. The Virginia Bluebloods are 4 hot, rich, good ole southern boys, who are best friends. They all buck tradition and certainly anything expected of them by their parental units. Nate, Wes, Dec and Finn. Blindsided is about Nate.Nate is a playboy who doesn't do relationships, and once a year, a friend of his, Camille, sets him up with a woman for a night of no-holds barred sex. He's trying to bury th [...]

    17. SEEING CLEARLY THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVEI loved this story and was so engrossed in the plot and the characters. Now and then, you read a book that you become enraptured into the storyline and the characters, and that is exactly what BJ Wane did with this book. What an amazing beginning to a series, I can’t wait for more of the Virginia Bluebloods. I read over 800 books in a year, and so far this year, this one ranks at the very top of my reading list as best book read. It is a book that keeps y [...]

    18. Blindsided is the first book in the Virginia Blueblood series by author BJ Wane. I will say, this is the second book I have read by this author, I preferred the previous book to this one. It is a good read but lacks some of the emotion the other book had. I felt a little let down with this one.This one is about Eve she was an innocent young girl when tragedy happened. She had just lost her virginity when her and her boyfriend are in a horrible car crash. This crash leaves her bitter and blind. S [...]

    19. Blackmailed is the fourth book in the Virginia Bluebloods series but can also be read as a standalone novel. Many characters from previous books take part in Wes and Charlie's story. They met in an unconventional way and continued as they started Wes has been burned in a previous relationship and has trust issues. The lack of trust is compounded by Charlie's secretive nature. While she is being controlled by several people and pulled in different directions, she still tries to live her life and [...]

    20. Blindsided was a fantastic read. This book was so emotional and well written. The story line was completely unique and definitely a must read. This book was romantic and had a great story to back it. I was actually shocked with how it ended as well, which I loved. I definitely recommend this book! Truly beautiful. After a serious accident, Eve lost her sight. After twelve years, she has accepted this and moved forward with her life. She has decided that she wants to do what she used to before he [...]

    21. SNS Rating: 4.0~~~~~~~~~~Shar's ★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~Eve has been blind since an accident in high school. Nate lost his sister to a drug overdose. The two commiserate together one night and things take off from there. Eve is sweet and inexperienced. Nate is dominant and far from inexperienced. Lots of obstacles are thrown their way. Build up between the two is spot on. LOTS of sex in the story. If you aren't into sharing or spankings, then this is not the one for you. Writing is excellen [...]

    22. I think this book was great. This is the first book I have read by this Author and I enjoyed it so much that BJ Wane has become one of my favorite Authors. This story is about a girl, Eve Sawyer who is in a automobile accident which kills her boyfriend and leaves Eve blind. Eve has a girlfriend, Holly that she has known since 3rd grade and the only thing I can say about her is that, you know that saying with friends like that who needs enemies. Eve meets a guy named Nathaniel Radcliff III, who's [...]

    23. This is a book for adult readers only.This is an intensely erotic story that will keep you extremely hot from beginning to end. I first thought that this was a story about the awakening of one woman’s emotions after a tragic accident in her teens. Yet as the things move forward and we learn more about all the characters in this story we learn there is more going on. I love the way the author is able to keep the erotic level so high yet still build so many other interesting facts into a wonderf [...]

    24. Blindsided is a hot book and an interesting one I enjoyed watching the way Eve(who is blind) grew and got more confident after she meet Nate a man she arranged to meet under unusual circumstances to have sex both of them looking to escape from the past for just one night ,except the one night didn't stay as that. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens after but needless to say there are a lot of hot scenes well written and erotic ,alpha males not only Nate but his hot friends as w [...]

    25. This is book one of the Virginia Bluebloods series. We start out meeting Eve and learning her background and how she became blind. Then we fast forward to Nate and Eve meeting as a one night stand. They go their separate ways, but Nate can't stop thinking of her. He sees her at his friend’s gym and that is the start. There are a lot of twists and turns, but there is a HEA. I really enjoyed the start of this series. I couldn't wait for the next one. I'm hoping for books for all four of the frie [...]

    26. I don't know what else I can say except that I loved this book! The premise is unlike anything I've read before & is handled thoughtfully & considerately. The story builds well to the conclusion and includes other characters which are obviously going to go on to become hero's in their own stories. The main players are all flawed in a completely realistic & human way. Can't wait to read more from this series.

    27. Blindsided is a one-night-stand to lovers tale with a compelling story line with in-depth character development. I kept sneaking away from my family reunion to read just to see what would happen next and especially liked the way the author described the heroine’s personality with t-shirt slogans. My favorite, laugh out loud saying was “I’m working on my procrastination issues—just you wait and see.” Still funny.

    28. Blindsided is my first book by BJ Wane and I enjoyed it from cover to cover. Blindsided is a well written book. The characters are fantastic. Eve and Nate's story is fast paced and suspenseful. There's plenty of humor and sizzle worked into the book to keep the pages flipping. I enjoyed Blindsided and look forward to reading more from BJ Wane in the future. Blindsided is book 1 of the Virginia Bluebloods Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

    29. Oh man this was so amazing. The characters caught me and held my attention I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book. The ending though holy crap I couldn't believe who it was. I knew she wasn't good but I never imagined that bad. This was awesome and the writing was superb. I loved it and am so glad I got to review it

    30. First off I have read several books by this author and has yet to disappoint. This is the start of a promising new series. This story is about BDSM with a real story line and life's ups and downs. Highly erotic, sensual, and sexual but deals with loss, love and finding love in unusual situations. I am now reading 2nd book in series and so far reads well.

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