Poppy the deer mouse urges her family to move next to a field of corn big enough to feed them all forever, but Mr Ocax, a terrifying owl, has other ideas.
Poppy Poppy the deer mouse urges her family to move next to a field of corn big enough to feed them all forever but Mr Ocax a terrifying owl has other ideas

  • Title: Poppy
  • Author: Avi Brian Floca
  • ISBN: 9780531087831
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Poppy”

    1. I usually love owls, they are majestic and brave and wiseI can't really say the same for the antagonist in this lovely tale. Mr. Ocax is a great-horned owl that I can't really say I like. He is a marvelous antagonist. Not my favorite, but still one of the best I've encountered in my many years of reading. Poppy is a very brave heroine. She is small, scared and mistaught all her life. She loves deeply and grieves extensively for her boyfriend Ragweed who was sadly eaten by Mr. Ocax on the night h [...]

    2. In the 1st some chapters I did not like the book but then when Poppy when the see New House the story got better because Poppy when on a adventure so the story got better and at the end the story changed a lot.

    3. The book was excellent but, the first chapters were boring. I think that when Poppy met Ereth,the whole entire book, you could not put it down. That was how great it was!

    4. Zach read this in class, liked it so much, checked it out from the library and read it again. A story of being strong even when you are afraid, and not letting the powerful control you when they rule with cruelty.

    5. I read this for 5 years straight as a read aloud to my third grade class and they loved the story. They even checked it out and read it again themselves. Great book with animals and a great story of courage of Poppy.

    6. I read this as part of what our 4th graders are reading for book bowl. I really enjoy Poppy as a female lead and her exploration of leadership. Wish I had realized it was the second book in a series earlier, but fun nonetheless! Also deals with death and other tough subjects in a thoughtful way.

    7. Really, there are too many damn kid's stories about mice. What is the attraction? The Tale of Desperaux, the Ralph Mouse Cleary series, about a billion picture books. And now this series too. I guess mice are cute when they aren't pooing in your silverware drawer or chewing through your favorite sweaters. I don't really get the attraction. I only read this book because it was Avi; I had no interest in yet another mouse story. These books multiply as if they were rodents themselves. That's not re [...]

    8. This is a cute story about a deer mouse who, with a little help from a cranky porcupine, saves her family from the clutches of a great horned owl who has been deceiving and bullying the mouse family for years. The animals in this book are amazing characters, so well-developed and engaging. I want to find a way to use this book with my third graders next year, and I will definitely read this one with my kids one day!

    9. I thought that this book was a realy good book. I liked how the book had all these chalenges that a normal person would think easy like when Poppy crosses the stream. I also liked how Ereth would call Poppy names like Plopy and Flopy and that cracked me up. I liked this book alot and I thought this book would be great for anyone who likes books that you can never put down and are very exciting.

    10. This book is a long book and you probleby think you can not read it but READ IT because it is SUPER interesting and you get more and more into it as you read.

    11. I loved this Book. Poppy (The main character) went with Ragweed to Banuk Hill. Mr.Ocax ( a Great Horned Owl) was the ruler of the territory is what the mice thought but Ragweed did not bealive that and he and Poppy went to Banuk hill but unfortunetly Ragweed is eaten up by Mr.Ocax. She manages to escape but is injured. When she returns home(Gray House) her father(Lungurat) has a emergency meeting that informs everyone in the family that there is not enough food to feed the family and we will hav [...]

    12. Overall, I just found this book to be less satisfying than Ragweed. On the plus side, each character is skillfully drawn with clear personalities. The story, too, is interesting. Poppy (a mouse) and her family want to move from Gray House to New House. Mr. Ocax, an owl who rules over the mice, forbids it, and Poppy goes on an expedition to New House to figure out what Mr. Ocax is hiding. Somehow, though, the book stopped short of endearing itself to me. I did enjoy it, and I will probably read t [...]

    13. The book wasn't that good because 2 animals died and I don't like when animals die they smell disgusting and it's upsetting. My rating was a 1.

    14. I read this out loud to my kids and absolutely loved it for them. They constantly asked me to read them more. Well written, very entertaining.

    15. This book is the first book by Avi that I have read. It caught my eye, because of the owl on the cover. My class recently dissected owl pellets and learned a bit about owls, so I thought this may be a fine read aloud for my third grade class. Poppy, the main character, is actually a mouse. The owl in the story, Mr. Ocax, is the bully and antagonist. Due to disobeying her father's strict rules, Poppy's best friend, Ragweed, is attacked and eaten by Mr.Ocax early in the story and Poppy just misses [...]

    16. I think technically we were supposed to read 'Ragweed' first, but the kids didn't have any problem following along and keeping up with the characters. This is one of the best books we've read together in terms of forcing the kids to really think about why certain characters act and think the way they do. They really made connections about the character's motives and how that plays out in the story. They also loved the map at the beginning and we kept referring back to the map to help us understa [...]

    17. Read on a friend's suggestion, I enjoyed Poppy more than the somewhat comparable Redwall. The worldbuilding, for one, is clearer: it's our world, with talking animals living out their lives. What is best, however, is the naturalism of the story. Thoroughly believable and charming characters are drawn through the plot by exigences of ecology: the mouse population is outgrowing the capacity of their residence to feed them; an owl connives to keep them in place to ensure his future food supply; and [...]

    18. I like this book, I always was a sucker for animal adventures, and this book makes it show why I love it. The characters devolep well and the story is kinda like a prisoner tying to escape the warden or overthrow him, I like those kinda story's. Although this does have some cons, one of the characters die early and I feel like if they gave him more time to develop he could've been a good edition to the book. I also hate the one of the characters, he's to lazy and I keep screaming in my head,"do [...]

    19. My favorite Avi so far? 'The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.' But I'll give this talking mouse tale and the others in the series some credit for striking a spark with some kids with whom I've worked, and for the striking illustrations by Brian Floca (including a map). (I love books--like the 'Guardians of Ga'hoole' where maps are important.) For my money, though, it's not up there with 'Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH,' or 'Stuart Little,' or 'The Cricket in Times Square,' or 'Dragon Rider [...]

    20. I got this book at a book fair when I was in elementary or middle school. At that point I was already a Redwall fanatic, thus the lure of a story about a brave mouse was irresistible. Poppy comes from a family of deer mice led by her father, but he is really nothing more than a puppet for the owl, Mr. Ocax. Poppy’s story is filled with love and loss. She shows great courage as she faces the owl who almost killed her and the dangerous porcupine. She travels far all to protect her family. This i [...]

    21. This was better than I expected. Poppy is very reminiscent of Mrs. Frisby. Recommended for students who like talking animal stories, but aren't quite ready for Redwall or Watership Down.

    22. One of the best read alouds ever! Starts with a bangd ohm the writing is so great! Vivid verbs, great descriptions, always becomes a classroom favorite! I've read every year since 1999!

    23. Jacob listened to the audio. He said it was ok and would like to listen to the next story in this series.b 6/30/16

    24. Poppy by Avi is an amazing book, I fell in love with the story and it's characters ever since my 3rd grade teacher read the series to the class. This book is so emotional and heartwarming, but also heartbreaking. The characters interaction with each other never fails to amaze me. I've read it many times ever since I borrowed it from the library, to my misfortune I do not yet own the book. -------SPOILERS AHEAD-------Poppy is about to mice, Poppy and her boyfriend Ragweed. They venture out into t [...]

    25. I read this one to my children and ended with mixed feelings. I knew nothing about it beforehand and was absolutely shocked at what happens to Ragweed in the very first chapter! I read a few reviews saying the book picked up once Poppy meets Ereth, which is true, so we pressed on, but that doesn't happen until you're almost 100 pages in (it's only 150 pages total). There was a lot of negativity in this book, and the dad comes across as a controlling jerk. The owl was no fun to read about either, [...]

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