The Mage with the Dragon Magic

When Taro, a young orphaned mage, attempts to heal a stranger in the middle of a storm, his life is changed forever when he begins to tamper with foreign magic known only to most fierce and dangerous creatures of all dragons.
The Mage with the Dragon Magic When Taro a young orphaned mage attempts to heal a stranger in the middle of a storm his life is changed forever when he begins to tamper with foreign magic known only to most fierce and dangerous

  • Title: The Mage with the Dragon Magic
  • Author: IrfanMirza
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1 thought on “The Mage with the Dragon Magic”

    1. Off to a great start :) waiting for book 2I loved the female dragon and male human relationship going. Please don't make it human to human one because it just boring and not good. Have it so female dragon sacrifices her human form/side to give that wizard )(I think his name was Taro) the ability to permanently turn into half human and half dragon meaning human shape and body but dragon everything else even outward appearance. This book was to short but really well done. It was sad during a few p [...]

    2. Short and sweetI have to agree with the other reviews. It is short and sweet. It does keep me wondering what will happen next in the story but it has a ending with no cliffhangers.

    3. Good idea bad execution.The story and concept are great but the way it's told is not. The storytelling jumps over details too frequently. I felt like I was reading someone's outline instead of a story.

    4. Short story!This was very well written but short. I would love to read a true book that continues this story! The author has talent. I'm looking forward to reading full length books by Irfan Mirza!

    5. I like the idea and story concept. Just very rushed and flushed out at all. If the author took this and rewrote it adding in a little world building, backstory and character development it could be really good.

    6. In stories there is one motif that continually recurs – the journey in to the woods to find the dark but life-giving secret within. The Mage with the Dragon Magic, a short fiction story, attempts to find what skulks at the heart of the mountain.The story revolves around Taro, the mage, a restless soul, who is always in search of something more powerful and superior. I must give kudos to the author for his art of hooking the reader into his writing as, in the very beginning, one tends to start [...]

    7. The Mage with the Dragon Magic was an exciting good read. i enjoyed the storyline and the narration. it was fun following Taro in this fantasy adventure and nothing really hits it home like the magic and dragon.I must confess the author left me wanting more at the end of the book but the whole journey was worthwhile. I know am not the only one that will cry for a sequel. I can't wait for it.Please keep this story lively and thrilling and i'll always be your fan. I recommend this fictional series [...]

    8. It's a really short readMore a short story than a novella, you enter the world without knowing anything about it, and you hit the ground running towards the end of the story in a sprint. Suddenly the hero is given the overpowering strength and the cliffhanger

    9. This is an ok book, but I found it was a waist of my time. It is so short it only take around an hour to read. If I had know this I wouldn't have bother with this book and series.

    10. OkayNot the best but not the worst. Probably will not read the rest of the series. Not my cup of tea.

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