Don't You Forget About Me

An athlete, a princess, a brain, a criminal, a basket case Cara Dunham is definitely one of them But stuck in her small hometown, with no prospects of escape, she s struggling to find her thing Her life is book club than Breakfast Club and there is no Judd Nelson in sight So when Cara is invited to a school reunion she knows this is her chance to channel her inner MAn athlete, a princess, a brain, a criminal, a basket case Cara Dunham is definitely one of them But stuck in her small hometown, with no prospects of escape, she s struggling to find her thing Her life is book club than Breakfast Club and there is no Judd Nelson in sight So when Cara is invited to a school reunion she knows this is her chance to channel her inner Molly Ringwald and grab her John Hughes moment, once and for all Because her teenage love, Daniel Rose will be there, the coolest boy at school and the one that got away.But transforming into an 80 s icon isn t easy and Cara enlists the help of her oldest friend, Stubbs, to teach her all she needs to know about being cool and quirky a la Ringwald.Except Stubbs thinks she s perfect, just as she is and takes it upon himself to show Cara that her life might not be movie perfect , but there is always another take to get things right And maybe the hero she s dreamed of has been under her nose the whole time From the author of the hilarious Five Go Glamping comes your perfect summer read
Don t You Forget About Me An athlete a princess a brain a criminal a basket case Cara Dunham is definitely one of them But stuck in her small hometown with no prospects of escape she s struggling to find her thing Her li

  • Title: Don't You Forget About Me
  • Author: Liz Tipping
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Cara works in a dvd rental shop that is due to close. As she considers what her future should hold she receives an invitation to a school reunion. School wasn't the happiest time of her life and although she had a small group of like minded friends, she was very intimidated by the other students. She wants to be a succcess by the time she attends- but is 2 weeks going to long enough to turn her life around?It's a lovely book of friendships, romance and 80's film references. Cara needs to learn t [...]

    2. Firstly a thank you to NetGalley and Carina for a ARC in exchange for an honest review which I am more then happy to give.This is the first book that I have ready by Liz Tippling and I must admit that I was a little disappointed. Don't forget about me had a lovely cover but the story Itself was just lacking what I typically expect from a book of this genre.The main Character was relatable but I didn't warn to her as much as I would have liked to.An enjoyable, predictable read.

    3. I spent my teenage years in the 1980s, so when I heard there were going to be a lot of John Hughes references in this book, I was sold.Liz Tipping has written a book that is nothing more than light, funny, fluffy chick-lit. That is all it pretends to be and it does it well. And it's basically the plot of every 1980s/John Hughes film: Girl doesn't feel good enough, Girl pines for big shot Guy, little shot Best Friend pines for Girl, Girl gets makeover and all the right stuff happens in a big swee [...]

    4. An enjoyable tale of Cara, who wishes her life was set in an 80s movie.I particularly enjoyed the references to Pretty in Pink and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, two of my all-time classics! A fun beach read or perfect for a comfort-read.Thriller readers are best to avoid this one unless they're after 80s nostalgia.MetLineReader rating 3.75*My thanks to Carina for an advance readers copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    5. Now I'm not an 80s girl but this was still cute. I liked Cara and found her quite relatable. The best friend was predictable, let's be real this is chick lit so it's usually predictable. But it was still a fun, light read.**I received a copy from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for a review**

    6. I loved Liz Tipping's debut novel, "Five Go Glamping" - it was full of humour, brilliant read with brilliantly drawn characters, a read that kept me entertained and that I couldn't stop to talk about. Keeping this in mind, I was more than excited when I've heard news that Liz's new novel "Don't You Forget About Me" is about to be released soon, and I kept stalking NetGalley in anticipation of this story. Full of expectations I started reading it. However, very soon I started to ask myself, what [...]

    7. 3.5 StarsI found Don't You Forget About Me to be an enjoyably predictable book, by that I mean I guessed who would end up with who, and vaguely what the overall outcomes would be, but due to a couple of unexpected moments, I did really enjoy the story too. However I found that main character, Cara just grated on my nerves a lot, with her perception of how she was at high school, and her continued attempts to find her "thing". She is a big Molly Ringwald fan, and wants to be just like her, includ [...]

    8. About the book:Cara Dunham feels trapped in her hometown, she really needs to escape. So when Cara is invited to her school reunion she decides it is the perfect opportunity to start afresh and get her happy ending. Her school crush Daniel will be there but Cara needs help so she enlists her friend Stubbs to teach how to be just like Molly Ringwald. Will Cara get her dream man and what happens if she realises he might be closer than she ever imagined?My thoughts:I loved the premise for this book [...]

    9. This book left me feeling loved up and good about myself. I read this book as part of the romance theme for my online book club and I raced through it, enjoying every single page. Cara, the main character is obsessed with the 80's, Molly Ringwald and John Hughes movies, which I loved. This was an easy read with a theme of loving and accepting one's own self, as well as a warm, fuzzy romantic ending. I mainly read horror and I was surprised at how much I liked this. I look forward to reading more [...]

    10. Don’t You Forget About Me is Liz Tipping’s second novel, and having thoroughly enjoyed her first, Five Go Glamping, I was naturally very excited to read this one.I wasn’t disappointed. In fact I can honestly say I loved this book. It kept me reading right into the night – under the covers with a torch, like a naughty child – because I couldn’t bear to put it down.The main character, Cara, is so easy to identify with and I love that in a heroine. She is a totally normal girl, unsettle [...]

    11. Cara Dunham has a job she loves - she works in a video shop. Probably not the ideal job to have in 2016, as she soon finds out when the shop is due to close down due to dwindling sales. Cara loves all things John Hughes and aches to have a perfect movie moment of her own - could that perfect moment come when High School nemesis April Webster decides to throw a School Reunion ball? Cara might be able to catch the eye of her very own Judd Nelson, classmate Daniel Rose. With the help of her friends [...]

    12. Funny, touching, quirky, and romantic!This is a classic friends-to-more romance that pays homage to all those 80s movies we love and can’t get enough of.The writing is well done. The characters are lovable, cute, and genuine. And the plot flows nicely, has just the right amount of drama, with a side of movie trivia, that will keep you engaged until the last page.I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.And between you-and-I, I always secretly hoped that one day I would be sitting o [...]

    13. Actual rating 3.5 starI love books like this which are usually easy to read with a decent storyline. This one did have a good storyline but it took me so long to get into.The characters are all written well, and the story is quite a familiar one as I was a fan of the film mentioned by the main character. But for some reason I wasn't really drawn into the story, and I honestly wanted to get to the end as quickly as I could to find out if the characters I wanted to get together actually did.This i [...]

    14. Cara has always dreamed of a movie lifestyle but life just isn't like that, so when a school reunion ball is being organised she decides it is her chance to get what she has always wanted - the one that got away - Daniel Rose the school heartthrobShe needs to re-invent herself to succeed and so she enlists the help of her old friend Stubbs - but he thinks Cara is perfect as she as and goes all out to try and make her realise thisAn enjoyable lighthearted read - totally predicable but still fun a [...]

    15. Sprightly writing and a potentially fun plot line that sagged in the middle ultimately made this a meh read for me. It helps, I think, if you are familiar with (and like) John Hughes movies but the references aren't overwhelming. Some of the scenes such as Liv making Cara into a goth and Pat "giving" her the dress buoyed this along. There's a better book in here but this is not a bad way to spend an afternoon. THanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

    16. I didn't love it. I found it to be overly predictable, repetitive, and a bit corny. The main character being down on herself was also quite annoying. It was fine for a mindless read, but this book doesn't really offer anything more than that. I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

    17. Absolutely delightful read that definitely itched the scratch (or scratched the itch -- I never know which) left when John Hughes passed away. Perfect those of us who can more or less recite the lines to multiple Hughes films!Full ramble at The Well-Read Pirate Queen

    18. I loved this fabulously funny book! It's a wonderful feel-good story. I read it on a lovely sunny day which helped! Cara is a great character. The character development was interesting. I liked her much more towards the end of the book. I'd definitely recommend this read.

    19. loved it!I loved all of the references to John Hughes films throughout this lovely story. I feel quite sad now that I've finished and have to leave Cara and Stubbs behind! A lovely, warm-hearted story that made me laugh lots.

    20. WowAnother great book. Read it in a day, couldn't put it down. Cannot wait for the next one thanks Liz

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