Safe In His Arms (Life Unexpected #1)

When a beautiful woman walks into his diner asking for a job, Joel Ash can t bring himself to say no The he gets to know Anna, the he s convinced she s hiding something Intrigued and drawn to protect her, he prays he can ensure her safety and guard her heart Even if it means risking his own in the process Anna Henderson is on the run In a new town, she wantWhen a beautiful woman walks into his diner asking for a job, Joel Ash can t bring himself to say no The he gets to know Anna, the he s convinced she s hiding something Intrigued and drawn to protect her, he prays he can ensure her safety and guard her heart Even if it means risking his own in the process Anna Henderson is on the run In a new town, she wants nothing than to trust Joel and the family offering her a fresh beginning She s secured vital evidence that could put her obsessive ex behind bars and out of her life But without the ability to access it, she ll always be looking over her shoulder Worried her past will catch up with her, can Anna ever feel safe in Joel s arms
Safe In His Arms Life Unexpected When a beautiful woman walks into his diner asking for a job Joel Ash can t bring himself to say no The he gets to know Anna the he s convinced she s hiding something Intrigued and drawn to protect

  • Title: Safe In His Arms (Life Unexpected #1)
  • Author: Melanie D. Snitker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 thought on “Safe In His Arms (Life Unexpected #1)”

    1. I LOVED this story. Girl runs from abusive ex-boyfriend who wants her dead, meets gorgeous guy who wants her safe, and has a big crazy dog!!! This was a page turner. One of my friends shared this book on Facebook and it's another of those awesome ways to find new authors. I'll be looking to read more from this author. Great story that I would recommend to anyone who loves good, clean entertainment. Had a great suspense theme to it too.

    2. This is a quick read that has a little depth to it. It's Christian romance but not preachy. I was working on a puzzle and wanted to listen to something but it needed to be a book I wouldn't worry about my kids hearing anything objectionable, this fit the bill.Content: Clean

    3. Good, but the relationship blossomed rather quickly. Inside of a week they were more than co workers and why do they have to be "dating an employee" when they specifically say they weren't going to do that. Why can't they meet in a different situation where they don't have to sacrifice their morals or standards?

    4. After an abusive boyfriend turns even more dangerous, Anna Henderson has to go into hiding. She stops in a small town in Texas and lives out of her car with her dog while she tries to make a new life for herself. But she’s always looking over her shoulder, wondering if her ex will come for her.When Anna walks into Joel’s diner and asks for a job, he can’t turn her away. He finds himself drawn to the mysterious woman, wondering who she is and what she’s hiding. Will he be able to unravel [...]

    5. Anna's story has you on the edge of your seat the entire read. Strength, deep faith, and a desire to be truly story has it all. This story covers takes you through the difficult childhoods each has had to face. Their ability to overcome great odds, and an adorable pet named Epic. All things come together to make an incredible, intriguing story. You can't go wrong with Joel and Anna's story.

    6. Such an adorable book!!I really liked this book and the combination of a sweet romance with a little action is always a favorite. Both protagonists come from difficult backgrounds and I loved seeing how each handled what was dealt to them. Their romance was so gentle and sweet and I also liked the Christian elements. A very cute book!

    7. Loved itWhat a wonderful story, I literally could not put it down. This is my first book by this author but it will not be my last.

    8. Safe In His Arms was an enjoyable read. It took me a little bit to get into the story and the characters, but once I did, I enjoyed the book. Anna has been through some rough events in her life and she struggles to trust others and to accept help from them. At first, she rejects Joel’s attempts to help her which was a little frustrating, but after learning more about her backstory, I understood better her difficulty in accepting help from others. Still, I was very glad to see her finally recog [...]

    9. It was great to see Melanie spin together a fresh new set of characters in this opening to a new series. True to her style, she paints a family-centered atmosphere where the characters' camaraderie and support draw you into their circle as one of their own. SIHA also weaves in a hint of suspense that leaves you rooting for the characters from the first scene. Add a lovable and protective dog to the mix, and you've got a fun story of friendship, faith, and love. If you've enjoyed Melanie's Love's [...]

    10. I'm calling it. It took me almost two weeks to get 50% through this book. When I have no interest in picking up my Kindle because I don't want to read anymore, then I know it's time to give up. This isn't a bad book. Just bland. The story tries to make up for the characters' blandness by throwing in an abusive ex-boyfriend, but even the looming threat of death is enough to keep my interest. The characters are so good that they're boring. They're these perfect little characters with a sad backsto [...]

    11. This was an easy read that I got for free on my kindle. This is not the first girl in danger from an ex-boyfriend who finds a new love interest while on the run of some sort that I have read. Safe in His Arms had the potential to be pretty good.For me this book just didn't quite get to where I wanted it to. The story developed too fast with out feeling like we really got to know the characters. I wanted more of being shown why the characters liked each other. And I definitely wanted more of the [...]

    12. I loved everything about this book. From the characters, to the setting; more than once I wanted to pack up my things and move to Quintin.Joel was sweet and protective, and I loved how he looked out for his chosen family to the best of his ability. Anastasia, I wanted to hug her so many times and tell her that she wasn't alone or that she didn't have to carry her secret to the grave like she'd planned, but I think she figured that out for herself in the end. Brooke and Chess were great secondary [...]

    13. Safe in His Arms is a great romantic suspense story. Anastasia is running from a controlling and abusive ex-boyfriend (there are no details – this is not a violent story). Thinking she covered her tracks, she ends up in a small town looking for work in Joel’s diner. Joel is an orphan who lived in foster homes a good portion of his life.The balance between romance and suspense was very well done. The pace of the story was steady and appropriate. And the characters were endearing, especially E [...]

    14. This was a sweet, clean Christian romance mixed with just the right amount of suspense. The characters were likable and the writing was engaging. Anna and Joel's attraction to one another was described well and their relationship progressed in a timely manner. It was a surprise and also interesting to read snippets from the antagonist's point of view; it definitely added to the suspense of the story. I was invested in finding out what would happen and found it difficult to put this novel down. I [...]

    15. While I didn't like the physical side of this book (how someone smelled, how their skin felt when it brushed the other person's hand, etc) I did like the characters. I was pulled into the story of Anna and wanted her safe. And her dog was a fun "character." There was some prayer and mention of God, but there were a few places I wished it was stronger. I was glad that they characters weren't "stupid" about the bad guy and actually handled things the right way.Overall, though I did enjoy the story [...]

    16. Sweet RomanceAnna is a young woman running away from a criminal boyfriend. She has her large dog , Epic with her and is living in her van until she finds a town to settle down in. In Quintin, TX she finds a job and much more. Lovely story. The Christian element is quite light. There is a nice simplicity in style here. Joel, Chess and Brooke (former foster kids who have built their own strong family) are the other main characters. Bad guy is Liam.

    17. Safe In His Arms was my first book by Melanie D. Snitker and it was a wonderful read, I could not put it down once I started! She did an amazing job of making the story of Anna and Joel come to life. The story had in itself a great christian viewpoint/plot with a level of suspense, romance, and mystery. This will not be my last read by Melanie! I can't wait to find out what happens in the rest of the series and also with her other books! I definitely recommend this book !

    18. ReviewsIt was a sweet story. Anna ran away from her exboss and boyfriend when he tried to burn his business when she was in the building. Anna takes Herr dog trade vichile and move from Utah to Texas running away to hide. She meets Joel and works in a diner for him. They fall in love , he finds her. She gets hit in the had, Joel gets shot in the shoulder to save her. The dog jumps over the fence to save Anna and attacks Iiam the exboss.

    19. Fast moving, this book moved along with the relationship a bit too quickly for me, but overall was very enjoyable. Running from her abusive boyfriend, things quickly fall into place for Ana as she recovers from the past. I found the dog a very cute addition as well to the story, but wished it was just a tad bit longer.

    20. Really enjoyed this book. A sweet clean romance with a christian emphasis. Joel owns a diner and is smitten when Anna walks in and asks for a job. She is a strong but stubborn woman and a little sassy (which I found endearing). He is a kind man who wants to protect people especially Anna. She is on the run from an abusive ex who is involved in something illegal. Can Joel break down Anna's barriers? Will he be able to really protect her if the ex finds her? Gotta read to find out. I am hoping boo [...]

    21. Very nice.Very sweet story with a bit of intrigue. Only thing I didn't like about it was the "I don't want to wake up all alone at fifty." line. Some of us fifty somethings don't mind being alone.

    22. OMG What a Good BookIt's really nice once in a while to read a book that considers Christian values important. This is a good example of no matter how bad things get putting your faith in God can always keep you moving forward.

    23. Good suspense Great story. I liked the romance though I didn't feel the chemistry as much as I'd like. The suspense element was great, though a few things tied up a little too easily. Great ending.

    24. Another good book by Melanie SnitkerThis is the second book I read by this author. Again Her words spoke to my heart. My only recommendation would be I'd like a longer story. Looking forward to finding next book . I highly recommend this book.

    25. Abusive RelationshipEveryone whose ever been in an abusive relationship can identify with this character. Even being homeless is better than staying with evil especially if you have an angel with fur for protection!

    26. What I truly adored about this novel was the characters. Anna portrayed an independent woman, but when she let go for Joel to come in, it was endearing. And Joel was the perfect gentleman to save Anna. While not a unique story line, the characters made it wonderful.

    27. The story of Joel and Anna shows unconditional love. This is a good story of safety, forgiveness, friendship, and love. It was not a quick romance so very believable. The unexpected hero was a nice touch and the ending was good, but certainly left room to be continued in the next book.

    28. Great storyMelanie wrote a truly wonderful story that touches your heart and also shows the ugly side of humans. To treat a beautiful and sweet woman bad is low. Friendship and love is throughout the book. A MUST read.

    29. Could Not Put It Down!What a wonderful romantic suspense story! This has the feel of real life put in story format. Conversation flows easily. Well written. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!

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