The long awaited prequel to a love story for the ages She was the only woman he wanted but the only one he couldn t haveIan Gregson had been born into wealth and power one of the privileged heirs of the top luxury hotel chain in the world To the outside world, he was seemingly the man who had everything money, prestige, good looks, charisma a man who could have anyThe long awaited prequel to a love story for the ages She was the only woman he wanted but the only one he couldn t haveIan Gregson had been born into wealth and power one of the privileged heirs of the top luxury hotel chain in the world To the outside world, he was seemingly the man who had everything money, prestige, good looks, charisma a man who could have any woman he desired But the only woman he d ever truly coveted was forbidden to him for far too many reasons to count her youth, her employment within his company, and especially her commitment to another man Tessa Lockwood s young life has been one of deprivation, misfortune, and heartbreaking loss Working for the Gregson Hotel Group offers up a glimpse into a world she had never before imagined one of affluence, sophistication, and splendor And meeting the suave, elegant Ian Gregson for the very first time awakens feelings in her that she struggles to repress, never imagining that a man like him could find a nobody like her attractive Ian and Tessa fight their feelings for the other, knowing that a relationship between them can never exist But when matters of the heart are involved, things are never quite that simple How long will both of them be able to hold on before betraying their forbidden attraction to each other Or will they be destined to remain forever apart
Covet The long awaited prequel to a love story for the ages She was the only woman he wanted but the only one he couldn t haveIan Gregson had been born into wealth and power one of the privileged heirs of t

  • Title: Covet
  • Author: Janet Nissenson
  • ISBN: 9781483569673
  • Page: 130
  • Format: ebook
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    1. ***I received a complimentary ARC of this book from the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for honest feedback.***This has got to be the longest tease I've ever received! I love a slow burn, but this book takes it to a whole new level. I am absolutely hooked on this story, despite suffering from some pretty severe sexual frustration. Tessa Lockwood has had an incredibly rough life. Living with a mother that suffers from bipolar disorder, she had to grow up early. When we meet Tessa as a h [...]

    2. A few months after my undergraduate studies I got my first professional job, it was also the year that I met my first love. Johan. We worked for different companies but shared office space. I had perfected my blank face which meant I could ogle him (Tall, blond and Dutch; you do the math) while pretending he did not exist. Those first four months were the most intense foreplay that I've ever participated in. While he hovered, I skittered. It all came to a head one evening, after a rather rowdy d [...]

    3. For those who have already read the original book Splendor (book # 2 in the Inevitable series) and are major fans of Tessa and Ian’s beautiful love story, you will thoroughly enjoy this new addition. Personally I did.The storyline is still the same (thank you for this, Mrs Nissenson!), there’s no new developments or surprises, but Covet gives more of both character’s backstories. Especially Tessa’s and her relationship with Peter. We learn what went down when she was just a teen and what [...]

    4. Wow intense, erotic and one of the most sexually frustrating reads I've read in a long time. But good, holy snaps was Covet good! Yeah you'll want to have a hot stud, battery operated toy on hand for this one. Tessa hasn't had it easy in life, if anything her problems started at a young age. If it wasn't for Peter her life would have been in worse shape. But he's not the one who fills her dreams, and when I mean dreams. yeah that's when your toys will come in handy. Love Janet Nissenson and the [...]

    5. Covert is the stunningly beautiful prequel to Splendor. It is a story of strength, honor & courage, following the early life of Tessa Lockwood who will undoubtedly win your heart at every turn of the page.Tessa's story is full of tragedy & despair & what she has to endure is emotionally staggering. She is so strong & courageous, facing life head on, fighting her insecurities & fears while trying her hardest to make it in a world that she so clearly doesn't feel she belongs in [...]

    6. Covet is a beautifully written story of heartbreak, tragedy, and hidden desires.Tessa has had a hard life full of heartache and tragedy yet she is strong and determined with a beauty that lies deep within sometimes so deep it's only others that see it. Ian, alpha male, heir to the gregson group A man that lives by rules with principles that he will not deviate from. Tessa rocks his world and he wants everything he can't have.The story delves deep into tessa's past and keeps you engrossed allowin [...]

    7. 4.5 StarsTessa’s young life has never been easy. After her mother’s death, she has no one anymore and is placed in foster care, but her life is miserable and she has lost her illusions.When she ends up homeless at 17, Peter Lockwood, a colleague, offers to marry her to avoid the foster care. Peter and Tessa understand each other, they both have had less than ideal childhoods. For Tessa, it’s a relief to have a good friend she can rely on. But their relationship is anything but romantic. Ho [...]

    8. ARC provided for an honest review by ARC Group and Debra from I was not expecting this sort of love and honor towards this book after reading the synopsis, but once again Janet Nissenson has convinced me otherwise and has made me author this story, this series even more than what I would usually have adoration towards a book! What a book full of restrictions, forbidden desires, and most of all, broken emotions that should be expressed to those who deserve happiness. Ian and Tessa have to be t [...]

    9. Covet is the first in the long awaited prequel (& beyond trilogy) to the amazing book Splendor from the Inevitable series. I could hardly contain myself when I heard the author had decided to go back and reveal more of Ian and Tessa’s story.Tessa Lockwood has endured more in her life than one person should ever face. Yet, she still has a sweetness of spirit unrivalled by her fellow man. Her story is not for the faint of heart and I warn you now, dear reader, that I shed a few tears as her [...]

    10. I received an early copy through NetGalley for review.Looking for a steamy, dreamy, heartfelt read? Covet is it! This was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed every part of this. I loved how intense it was without there really being an sex. The integrity of the characters in this book is just phenomenal.Tessa was just an angel in every way possible. She had a hard life from losing her mother to being homeless and more. She had to make hard decisions in her life and sacrifice her own happiness to surviv [...]

    11. I got this book from net gallery for an honest review.Wow this was a beautiful, heartfelt story which truly touches your heart. Poor Tessa has had to endure so much in her life short life. This book shows Tessa's courage, determination and strength to battle the bad cards she's been dealt with. Ian is heir to the Gregson Group and he's drawn to Tessa from the moment he sees her. However, finding out she's married and the fact that she's his employee prevents him from pursuing her. Tessa is attra [...]

    12. To covet is to yearn to possess or have. That is exactly what Ian does when he first meets Tessa. He yearns to give her the life that she deserves and wants to spend every minute taking care of her but there are issues that keep him from her. Tessa has issues of her own that keep her doubting her place in Ian’s world and questioning her own self-worth. The struggle is real for her but it does not keep her from wishing and dreaming. This story was incredibly moving and emotional. I feel like it [...]

    13. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.If I was forced to read one author over and over, it would be this one. No one writes romance like her. She writes on a level that many can’t even begin to compare. She makes me feels things that only her writing can. I wasn’t sure why she was writing Covet. But now? I can’t imagine her not writing this book! Whether you’ve read and loved Splendor, or this is your first time meeting Ian and Tessa you are in for a real treat. This is more [...]

    14. Reviewed on behalf of 2 girls who love books blog.I really, really enjoyed this book which I believe is book 1 in the Splendor trilogy but a prequel to a previous release by Janet called Splendor. Covet is book 1, Crave will be book 2 (the bulk of this being from splendor) and book 3 Claim, a continuation of Tessa and Ian's story.I have not previously read splendor so the characters of Tessa and Ian are new to me. Tessa, a sweet, naive young vulnerable woman and Ian, a hot British regional direc [...]

    15. ***** 3.5 Stars *****If you love Splendor (Book 2 in the Inevitable series), you'll probably really enjoy Covet. This is a prequel about Tessa and Ian. It goes into detail about Tessa's past and what she had to overcome.The author goes into a lot of detail about the situation, and I felt like some areas could of been condensed. But overall I liked this book and I'm interested in the next book in the series.

    16. Covet is the extremely well written, heartfelt and sometimes intense story of forbidden love between Ian Gregson (gorgeous, insanely charismatic, sexy-as-sin British heir to a world-wide hotel chain) and Tessa Lockwood (beautiful, shy, introverted, marriedrt of and new employee of said hotel chain) Tessa Pedersen has had a very difficult life and when she is orphaned at age 16, being kicked out of the foster home she was living in and ending up living in her car, she is "saved" by her friend and [...]

    17. **melenasreviews.wordpress**When I first read Tessa and Ian`s story of the Splendor series Book 2 I was amazed and blown away by their passion. Yet Janet Nissenson has once again blown me away with their courtship in a way. I loved that we saw how Tessa was before she met Ian and his feelings in the beginning. This is not the usual secretary and boss romance but of a story about a woman finally getting the happiness that has been denied her forever. I loved that we see how Tessa became how she i [...]

    18. Splendor is one of my all time favorite books, so I was really excited when I heard that it was going to be spun off into a trilogy of its own. Covet is the "prequel" and a lot of the book details events that happened in both Tessa's and Ian's life years before they ever met each other. Tessa is first introduced as a teenager, taking care of her mentally ill mother, trying to keep up with her schoolwork, working two part time jobs, etc. It's not an easy life but she does it all so that she can s [...]

    19. Covet is the prequel to Splendor. Though I already read Splendor I was very excited to read Covet since Splendor is my favorite book in the Inevitable series. A lot of readers have requested more of Tessa's backstory and details about Peter and the author delivered with this trilogy. I have to say all of the men in the Inevitable series are swoon worthy book boyfriends, but Ian is my favorite. He is alpha and protective, but also classy, cultured and well mannered.Tessa Lockwood has had an extre [...]

    20. I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. 'Covert' by Janet Nissenson is a Prequel of sorts for the "Splendor" book which is book two in the "Inevitable" series. Meaning this book goes more into the story of Tessa Lockwood before Ian Gregson meets her. We see more of behind what Tessa life was like. Ms. Nissenson has chosen to expand/ write more of Tessa and Ian story that was covered in the "Splendor' Book 2 of "Inevitable" series. Covet does in a c [...]

    21. I was given a copy of this book for an honest review. I had never read any book by Janet Nissenson prior to Covet, but I have already been to to see what else is available. I knew this was a prequel, however I had no idea that there was already a book written about Ian and Tessa. I am glad that I have read this book first as now I have the backstory for the next book. Tessa's life has been so difficult, but she never gives up and always seems to have hope. I was worried when Peter showed up tha [...]

    22. So happy to have won this Kindle copy from a giveaway and before the release date! I loved the original book Splendor and was so excited to read more about what happened before that book. I really felt for Tessa and all the awful things she had to go through. I didn't think I could love Ian more than I already did, he is such a great, great hero, but after reading how much he really cared for Tessa without being able to let her know I am more in love with him than ever! Can't wait for the next b [...]

    23. Is it possible to love and hate a book at the same time? This book left me very frustrated. (view spoiler)[It starts out with Tessa at 16 and took us all the way up til she's 24. It was good to see what her past was like but because it was done this way, the MC's didn't even meet until literally half way through the the book. Then we spend the whole second half of the book reading about them working together and being politely distant with each other. They never get to progress in a relationship [...]

    24. this is the prequel to splender. this story will capture your heart and mind with the emotional roller coaster you will go on. the characters are perfectly written and the author writes so that you see and understands there struggles in life. this book will keep you reading till the last page then your left wanting more.highly recommendedobsessedbookreviews.wordpressfacebook/obsessedbook

    25. This is my first read by Janet Nissenson - I must say I am enthralled by this book. It's hot and steamy without the sex. It's wonderful to see characters that have wants and needs but choose to not act on them because it just isn't right.The Heroine, Tessa's life is horrid in every way - her Mother is mentally ill and dies when she is 18 years old. Tessa ends up homeless and then finds a way to pull herself up and move on. She marries a friend Peter - who has his own bag of crap to deal with wit [...]

    26. If you read my review for Ian and Tessa's first story, you know that that I enjoyed it immensely. Same here. I love that their story is a LOVE story. Yes bad things have happened to Tessa, things that make you cringe and feel for her, but it's ultimately about two people who love one another unconditionally. I enjoy all kinds of fiction, I'm not going to limit my enjoyment, but sometimes you just want a feel good story and Covet and Splendor fill that need. Ms. Nissenson is technically a very go [...]

    27. I adored this prequel to Ian and Tessa's story. It was great to read more about Tessa's backstory and her time working for Ian when they were still pining for each other. I am so excited to read the next book, and even more so for the third!! The only problem was I just want to read even more about them. Ian is and always will be my favourite romance hero ever. If only men could be like him in real life. *sigh*. I would also love to read more about some of the other characters, such as Ian's bro [...]

    28. **Covet generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**4 " will never be enough." StarsMy first Janet Nissenson story and certainly not my last. Covet is the prequel to the much anticipated love story between Ian Gregson and Tessa Lockwood. Told from the excellently written third person POV and the balanced story-telling of Janet Nissenson, Covet is just a little bit different from any other romance I've ever read. It's a re-telling in trilogy format of a previous work of N [...]

    29. With only two days remaining until the official release of Covet, this is typically when I share with all of you a bit about the process that went into writing this book. It's not a review, and as I've stated before, I don't rate my own books, so this is just a little background info.Splendor continues to be my favorite of the books I've written, with Tessa and Ian my absolutely favorite characters. I've always wanted them to have this big, epic love story, and while it might get a little mushy [...]

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