Rocked & Twisted

Get this special first time ever boxed set before it disappears This set would cost than 13.00 if the books were bought individually The first 4 books in the USA Today bestselling rockstar series, Lost in Oblivion The five members of the rock band Oblivion Deacon, Gray, Jazz, Simon and Nick started from nothing and rose to heights higher than they ever dreamed B Get this special first time ever boxed set before it disappears This set would cost than 13.00 if the books were bought individually.The first 4 books in the USA Today bestselling rockstar series, Lost in Oblivion The five members of the rock band Oblivion Deacon, Gray, Jazz, Simon and Nick started from nothing and rose to heights higher than they ever dreamed But who said having it all was easy Rocked and Rock, Rattle and Roll On the band s first tour, bassist Deacon discovers a desire for a lot than tour chef Harper s chocolate coconut popovers But is the woman he craves a momentary way to satisfy his hunger or are they on their way to a lifetime love Twisted and Untwisted Jazz, Oblivion s drummer, and Gray, their rhythm guitarist, fell for each other hard and fast as teenagers But the path to true love never runs smooth, when making love and making music collide What s included in the Rocked Twisted boxed set Rocked, book 1 Rock, Rattle and Roll, book 1.5 Twisted, book 2 Untwisted, book 2.5
Rocked Twisted Get this special first time ever boxed set before it disappears This set would cost than if the books were bought individually The first books in the USA Today bestselling rockstar series Los

  • Title: Rocked & Twisted
  • Author: Cari Quinn Taryn Elliott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. The first books in a rock series that made my swoon, smile and fan myself silly are FREE! (5/22/2016)amzn/1TQrn8n

    2. Book 1-1.5 Rocked, Rock, Rattle & Roll - Deacon & Harper. I loved Deacon!Deacon is part of the upcoming rock band Oblivion. Harper is a Roadie chef and they met on the road.Deacon is only 24 years old but he is very mature and the most stable and no nonsense member of the group. Even though he came from a unstable childhood with a mother who choose her boyfriends over him time and time again. He is strong willed and he knew Harper was it for him right away. Harper is 22 who was raised on [...]

    3. First booksI liked the first 3 books best. Books 2 and 2.5 was a little long and I didn't feel Gray was the same character that he was developed and portrayed as in the first books.

    4. Rock Stars are Gods.Not my usual type of book to read. Thought I would give this one a try glad I did. Greatly enjoyed the different personality of each rock star☺ . Deacon by far my favorite. Love this guy. Jazz a close second. I will continue this series.

    5. Jazz and Gray all the way!!!I loved the couples Harper & Deacon and Jazz & Gray! These hot, strong, supportive and head over heels in love men are my forever Book boyfriend material for sure.

    6. I've read most of the books in this series except for these. I've been saving them and this was the weekend I treated myself to this series I really enjoy. It's fun. Rocked (Book 1)When Deacon McCoy sets his eyes on Chef Harper Pruitt, he is immediately interested in not only the awesome chicken salad she’s put together, but in finding out more about the beautiful chef that’s part of the road crew traveling with them on their first tour.Chef Harper is no stranger to the roadie life having gr [...]

    7. Review to follow What’s included in the Rocked & Twisted boxed set: - Rocked, book 1 - Rock, Rattle and Roll, book 1.5 - Twisted, book 2 - Untwisted, book 2.5

    8. The Lost In Oblivion series by authors Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott is perfect for fans of the hot rocker genre. Plenty of rockstar antics, love connections, and, oh, yes, steamy times abound. This post shows reviews for two of the four books in the bundleISTED:As the cast-off kid of a mom more interested in her boyfriends than her daughter, Jasmine Edwards has never known the security of a real family. Being fostered by the Duffy family shows Jazz just what it means for someone to have her back [...]

    9. This is a review for Rocked and Twisted, the two main stories in this collection about the rock band Oblivion. Though these two stories are complete with happy endings, it also comes with two sequel novellas for the couples, a snapshot of their lives after they've gotten together.RockedI really enjoyed all aspects of this book - the descriptions of what goes on behind the scenes of a new band as it finds its groove; the banter and conflicts between the band members; the sexual chemistry between [...]

    10. I'm a huge fan of Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott so was excited to get this book. Then I found out there is a prequel to it entitled 'Seduced' and got the kindle 3 box set of 'Seduced', 'Rocked', and 'Rock, Rattle and Roll' and read the entire set.Cari & Taryn are amazing at developing dynamics between characters. This series involves the lives of band members Oblivion. And not all of them get along. This series takes you on a whirlwind of life as a rock star from the time when they are litt [...]

    11. I just love Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott's work! This box set sets you up for with the first books in what will become your new favorite series.Thoughts on Rocked:Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn have done is again (per usual style). Rocked, well, quite literally, rocked. I loved Harper and Deacon, and Rocked brought all the magic I was hoping for with the prequel that didn't quite hook me. These two together are a duo clearly just work. While I love their writing separately, together they are a for [...]

    12. OMG! I love this series! The development of the characters in each book makes you feel like you're a part of the group. They are just a fun group of rockers with plenty of sex! I had to get the rest of the books in this series that I was missing!Rocked (Book #1) This is where you get to meet the rock group Oblivion and how they start to burst onto the rock scene. This is also Deacon and Harper's book. Deacon is in the band and Harper works in food service. She's adamant that she won't get involv [...]

    13. This review contains reviews for the two main stories in this Lost in Oblivion collection. RockedI totally devoured this book. I absolutely love the dynamic created among the band, and the way Harper fit right in was perfect. It was an easy read, in that it kept my attention the whole way through, and I. Simply. Adore. Deacon. :)The sexual tension at the start between Deacon and Harper was outdone only by the HOT culmination of their attraction. The intra-band angsty stuff was very well written [...]

    14. Having 4 of the books in the Lost in Oblivion series in one bundle is like a dream come true! This is one of my all-time favorite series and is a must-read. Every single book in this series is amazing. Taryn and Cari brilliantly draw their readers into the LIO world, giving them a front row seat to so much rock and roll goodness! I was introduced to this series with Seduced and with each book, I fell more and more in love with these guys. And let me just say, the stories are smokin' hot and supe [...]

    15. I got introduced to the band in SEDUCED, the prequel to the Lost in Oblivion rockstar series. In Rocked, I fell in love with them. And in Rock Rattle & Roll, Twisted, and Untwisted that love deepened and grew. All of the books feature the entire band and the struggles and triumphs they encounter on their journey towards fame. Each book and its accompanying novella also focus on one member as he/she finds love. We learn so much more about what makes them tick. In Rocked & RRR we get to kn [...]

    16. If you haven't read the beginning of the Lost in Oblivion series, this is a great start, the first 4 books of the Oblivion story in one place and for a great savings so you can binge read the beginning of the band. Rocked is the first book in the series and tells about Deacon's struggle and the introduction of Harper as the chef for the band on their first tour. Deacon discovers that Harper is hot not only in the kitchen but in the bedroom as well. Rock, Rattle & Roll (Oblivion 1.5) is the c [...]

    17. The most bookmarks!Absolutely loved these! Was completely smitten with Harper and Deacon, made more bookmarks on the long steamy scenes than ever before. And I have absolutely revisited those! Jazz and Gray's story was frustrating. But it was a lesson to hang tightterally. Looking forward to reading Simon and Nick.Enjoyed the writing for the way I easily identified with the characters and the progression of the story. Weren't too many spaces that I was in my head thinking "like that would happen [...]

    18. 4.5This series of rock star romances introduces you to the present and past members of Oblivion. The character development by these two girls is OFF THE CHARTS! If you have a chance to read ANYTHING of theirs I recommend you take it. I definitely recommend picking up this lil bundle of rock N roll goodnesslol still making rock star romance puns sorry, but these are such good books they will leave you in a good enough mood you just might want to write a few puns into your reviews too ;)

    19. I loved the story behind the band members finding love and the journey they had to take to get to their happy ending. The struggles were 'real', I was however put off a bit by some of the over exaggerated amount of sex that takes place, it happened so much that it became too repetitive and took away some of the magic, anticipation and excitement. All in all a good story which allows you to get to know the characters.

    20. Perfect!I am already hooked. From the first characters of the first book. Then you get submerged into a fabulous story line and can't wait for the next book and characters. So addicting! Sexy! Funny!

    21. 5 StarsRocked and Rock, Rattle & Roll are Deacon and Harper's stories. Twisted & Untwisted are Jazz and Gray's stories. These books are part of The LiO Series awesomeness by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott.The Very Best Rocker Series!

    22. FanfreakingtasticI adored this bundle. I loved the characters then I hated them then loved them again. I laughed and yelled in frustration. The book had angst and very tingle worthy. I enjoyed the back stories. Well written by two of my favorite authors. The saga continues.

    23. A bundle by some of my favorite authors. I absolutely loved the members of LIO! Amazing characters and amazing storylines. There are two stories about Harper and Deacon and two stories about Jazz and Gray.These books are amazing and will leave you wanting more.

    24. Good storyLoved the story line. Well thought out. Great read to the very end. Want to read more about the caricatures.

    25. Captivating SeriesI loved the way the stories were interconnected. The characters were people who could be a friend. Keep up the good writing!

    26. Very entertaining. Clever sense of humor.Definitely deserves 5 stars. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book. I definitely will add this chain to my list.

    27. God I have finally finished, loved it they rocked it, well you rocked it great read for me thx I will continue to read series when I can thx again

    28. Great creative writing keeps you reading not wanting to put the book down. Can't wait to read the rest of the Series.

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