King of Rock

King of the world, top of the food chain, ready to rock her heart Rock star Beau Hunt is an icon A walking sex symbol adored by women all over the world for his gorgeous body and rough, sensual voice But secretly, he s also a leader of lion shifters, a prince of his people, and his decisions in life affect the entire world He has always known that his mate would be cKing of the world, top of the food chain, ready to rock her heart Rock star Beau Hunt is an icon A walking sex symbol adored by women all over the world for his gorgeous body and rough, sensual voice But secretly, he s also a leader of lion shifters, a prince of his people, and his decisions in life affect the entire world He has always known that his mate would be chosen for him, and he d have to accept in order for his family to stay in power and protect those closest to him So when the mate picked for him is a woman he knew as a kid, and one he is instantly smitten with, he s relieved Until she turns out to be the one woman on earth who seems to hate him Charity organizer Stacy Anderson gets why other women go crazy over Beau Hunt That face, that hair, that body The blond haired, blue eyed rock star is gorgeous and everyone knows it But Stacy knows about him than most They come from the same island, and his royal family is responsible for a tragedy in her past So despite his husky voice striking straight to her core, she wants nothing to do with him Until he makes her an offer she can t refuse one million dollars to her favorite charity if she gives him seven days to win her over What could happen in seven days But as Beau turns out to be kinder, sexier and funnier than she d ever imagined, Stacy is finding it hard to stick to her resolve Now she doesn t know how to choose between a past that haunts her, and a future that might just be better than anything she could imagine And Beau isn t the only man desperate to make her his
King of Rock King of the world top of the food chain ready to rock her heart Rock star Beau Hunt is an icon A walking sex symbol adored by women all over the world for his gorgeous body and rough sensual voice

  • Title: King of Rock
  • Author: Terry Bolryder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Nothing you've never read beforeThis story was like many others. I think the only difference would've been that the female lead is curvy. Be prepared to read that word over and over again. Along with "luscious body" and other such descriptions of curviness. I did not like Stacey. At all. She was so wishy, washy. Beau was a sweetheart but so soft. I don't see how he'd be considered an alpha male. I won't continue the series. I found the writing to be stilted and oh so mushy. Too too sweet for me. [...]

    2. Cute storyRock star who is a lion shifter going after his mate. Enjoyed this story. Story kept my attention. Would recommend.

    3. A great first book to a new and exciting series!!! Beau is a lion prince and a rock star, his older brother is the heir and rules their island of lion shifters while Beau tours on the mainland bringing in money from his stardom. Beau gets called home because the oracles have chosen him out of his brothers to mate next. The oracles revel the true mates of the royal family to them one at a time and they must convince that person to mate with them in order for their family to remain in power. Stacy [...]

    4. 2.5 stars. I liked this book for the majority of the book but simple things stopped me from fully enjoying it. I got peeved that somehow the shifters in this book can speak to each other with human English (to other lion forms or ones in human form so it must be English right?). Really speaking, and it happened more than once so it wasn't some mess up and it just left me sitting there like, really? Talking? Anyway, other things were the dragons and most of all magical scarves that won't come und [...]

    5. The Lion's Reluctant MateOne sexy lion will meet his match in this yummy shifter romance. Beau Hunt is a lion shifter, rock star, and prince, but all he wants is his matched mate to accept him. Charity Organizer, Stacy, blames Beau's family for something bad that happened to her family years ago, and when she finds out she is matched to him, she adamantly refuses the mating. But he has something that she needs, money, money to help kids with cancer. When he makes an offer too good to be true, wi [...]

    6. 3 Stars.I struggled with Stacy Anderson and Beau Hunt's romance. The boundaries set for the primary characters seemed to contradict itself. Towards the end I found the depth needed to form a solid bond between the two but it was a little late for me.The world building is ok. It still needs work, especially with the whole Oracle, Dragon Shifters and political agendas that are playing in the background. But maybe there's a series that I need to read as an intro.Despite my misgivings I will go onto [...]

    7. Rock it HardBeau Hunt, Prince of the Pride Island Kingdom of Lion Shifters, is also a Rock n Roll Star. He uses his fame and notoriety to help keep humans and shifters safe. As part of his responsibilities to his family and kingdom he must win the mate chosen by their infamous Oracle. Now Beau is on a mission to prove to his chosen that he is her fated mate. Stacy Anderson's job is to convince celebrities to help with fundraising for charities. When Beau sends Stacy backstage passes for his conc [...]

    8. Enjoyable but I do wish people would just talk to each other.This was a good read and I liked the story and all the background we are given. I loved that Stacey did not fall to her knees for Beau, but I just think she should have told him her concerns from the start, not led him on by agreeing to spend a week with him.Beau was a bit of a big head due to being a rock star and getting his way all the time at first but by the end I liked him and felt sorry that he had to live such a false lifestyle [...]

    9. Lions, oh my!I liked this story, but not quite as much as I did Rent-a-Dragon stories and Date-a-Dragon stories. What I really liked was the glimpse at the man behind the rock star. Beau is a very cool character. Stacy is good, too, but seems so very indecisive. I guess I just wanted her to see what I saw and forget about her past, which is not very reasonable of me.The lion storyline was new to me. I have only heard it mentioned in other stories. It was nice to get more detail about that. I can [...]

    10. King of RockBeau is a rockstar with a huge following. Stacy works for a non-profit. The oracle has mated them. They are each hiding a part of their past. It will not be easy for them to get beyond it. Loved this book

    11. This was a good beginning to a new series. I liked that it was fast paced, sweet, and had a little bit of action. I really liked Beau, but wasn't liking Stacy. She ended up just getting on my nerves. Anyway, I'll continue the series, because now I want to see what happens with the brothers.

    12. King of RockThis book was not what I expected. ( in a good way), I loved how it was more about the couple and not about him being rich and a sex symbol. It's more on their past and what might be in the future So it makes for a great story.

    13. Lions of pride islandThis was different but I did enjoy reading this series of books currently reading Book two right now and it's interesting

    14. King of RockGave it a five star rating. Loved the story. Can't wait to read the next book and read what happens with Cain.

    15. 4 STARSI really enjoyed this book. I felt happy as a reader. (view spoiler)[Herc is even included in the epilogue! (hide spoiler)]. Crossing my fingers as I continue.

    16. 2 1/2 stars. I didn't enjoy this story as well as some of the bear heaven and dragon books by the author. The story lagged and felt forced. Not sure if I'll read the brother's Cain and Ace's stories.

    17. heroine was a bit unlikable towards the hero and tends to harm 40% of the stories romance. communication in relationships works.

    18. Great readI love shifter romance. Was frustrated with Stacy judging Beau without really allowing herself to truly get to know him.

    19. That's crazyI thought that something bad happened when they were kids and that somehow she blamed the whole royal family but its jacked up that she didn't remember until she shot her mouth off. However, the ending was cute. I can't wait to read Cain's story.

    20. Reviewed at Shifter HavenThe start of a new series by Terry Bolryder is always cause to celebrate. Since the story blurb gives you a very good idea of what this story has to offer, I’m going to dive right in to my reactions to Beau and Stacy’s romance.An Oracle does the picking of mates for the royal lion shifter family in power on Pride Island – and the mate she has picked out for Beau is no stranger to him. Of course, he hasn’t seen her since that night of the windless summer when they [...]

    21. Did a little happy dance when I saw a new Terry Bolryder book--an encore when I realized it was a new series. And a good one it is. Lion shifters! Royalty, how perfect, and a rock star--even better. Yep, everyone seems to be in love with Beau except the woman he loves instantly and is his chosen one as a prince of the rulers. Stacy doesn't have fond memories of Lion Island, or the ruling class. Now she's supposed to mate with one. I don't think so. However, her life is working to fund worthy cha [...]

    22. Absoulty loved the king of rock. It was amazing it was different it was just mind blowing awsome. I love Terry Bolryders writting style and how each shifter book links together but at the same time they are all unquie and different.Following the lion shifters they are very different and do with more politics then any other shifter species. Not only that but their is a darker side to them and those who rule. Meeting Beau a princes of lions. He is different then other shifters. He hates the violen [...]

    23. Who wouldn't want to be matched to a rock star and a prince? Stacy that's who. Beau is a pure lion shifter prince who spends his time as a rock star to gain influence in the human world. As a member of the royal family, he knows the oracle will pick his mate. He was happy when the oracle showed him his mate was Stacy, a part lion shift he knew from childhood. Beau thinks it will be easy to convince Stacy to mate with him and sends her tickets to his next concert. Stacy is a much tougher match th [...]

    24. Beau Hunt and Stacey Anderson's story was a great start to the Lions of Pride Island. Beau is that sexy good looking panty-melting Rock Star. He has been selected by the Oracle to be the first to be mated. When he is presented to her in his vision he recognizes her. He feels it should be easy to find and sweep her off her feetor will it truly be easy?Oh, heck no! Stacy does not want to accept that obnoxious rocket's invitation to his concert. He is at fault for her pain. Her boss convinced her t [...]

    25. Stacey had a harsh childhood on pride island. So she left never looking back and hating the royal lion family. Beau is a prince. Also a famous rock star. So when the Oracle comes to him and tells him Stacey is his mate, he is proud. He wonders if she remembers him from their childhood. So when they meet Beau is upset that Stacey is appalled by him. When she asks him to help with a children's charity he jumps at it on one condition. She has to live with him for a week. Can these two survive a wee [...]

    26. Beau is a rock star and a lion shifter. The oracle has found his mate and he is excited to be with her. Stacy is not so excited by the selection. She has serious concerns about his family and making a relationship work.It is a pretty quick read and the story moves fast. Beau tries hard to show Stacy there is more to him than his family and his career. He really wants to have a family with her. She is not very confident and it takes a lot to convince her to even give him a try. I really liked Bea [...]

    27. This was a good read and entertaining. For me, it just lacked that extra something special to make it a really great book. At times, it was just a little too clumsy and the heroine did annoy me a little. It could use a little more polishing.One thing that really bothered me was where the lions could talk. Now, I know that I'm reading books about people turning into animals, so I have a healthy imagination, but apparently the line where it gets too incredulous is when lions start speaking perfect [...]

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