Be My Wolff

Widely heralded for her bestselling first novel Feed My Dear Dogs and award winning stories Sister Crazy, also nominated for the Orange Prize , Emma Richler finally returns with a dazzling major novel with the power of A.S Byatt s Possession, the wit and wonder of Peter Carey s Oscar and Lucinda and Kate Atkinson s Life After Life about a sister and her adopted brotheWidely heralded for her bestselling first novel Feed My Dear Dogs and award winning stories Sister Crazy, also nominated for the Orange Prize , Emma Richler finally returns with a dazzling major novel with the power of A.S Byatt s Possession, the wit and wonder of Peter Carey s Oscar and Lucinda and Kate Atkinson s Life After Life about a sister and her adopted brother with a one of a kind connection a profoundly moving, original love story about the unbreakable ties that bind, and the choices we make or create for ourselves Zachariah and Rachel are brother and sister Well, not exactly They are star crossed lovers Well, not exactly Rachel is the cherished daughter of a Russian family living in London the richly imagined, mysterious Wolffs Zach is her parents adopted son who arrived from the orphanage with one sweater, a head of curls and a dexterous set of fists As children, they became as close as two people can be But when they crossed a forbidden line, there was no going back Now, as an adult, coping with their father s furious rebuttal of Zach, Rachel sets herself the task of inventing a family history for her beloved And so she brings to life his imagined ancestry from a tavern educated boxer in Dickensian times, to a Hussar at the Battle of Borodino during the Napoleonic Wars even as their troubles in present day Camden Town build to yet another point of no return Cartwheeling through history, filled with art and science, fairy tales and folk songs, tsars and foundlings, epic battles in the prize ring and on the Eastern Front, and characters that take over our hearts, Be My Wolff is riveting wondrous, funny and tragic and of astonishing imagination and beauty.
Be My Wolff Widely heralded for her bestselling first novel Feed My Dear Dogs and award winning stories Sister Crazy also nominated for the Orange Prize Emma Richler finally returns with a dazzling major novel

  • Title: Be My Wolff
  • Author: Emma Richler
  • ISBN: 9780345810724
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Nope. I tried. The summary sounded SO wonderful that I was excited to enter a Giveaway contest. However, it didn't take me long to wonder, "What the heck have I got myself into?". Plopped into the middle of somewhere, (eventually Camden Town, England is denoted) these two chattering magpie characters Rachel and Zachariah converse in depth about little except boxing and how much they adore one another, rambling dialogue studded with Dickens era slang, Russian folktales, inanity. Add an "erudite" [...]

    2. Wow! What a read! I loved Emma Richler's Be My Wolff! I'm so glad I purchased this book after reading a free sample online. This exciting tapestry of a novel is well-worth buying. If you love reading, and want to delve into something truly fresh and original, this is the book for you. Richler is a virtuoso of storytelling. This is a story about stories, and its many skeins are artfully intertwined. It's a complex work, and I can't praise it enough!Be My Wolff begins with Rachel and Zachariah Wol [...]

    3. It took me some time to read this book. Not because I didn't like it. Not because I was confused. Instead, I chose to reread passages multiple times. That's how striking the prose is. How imaginative. How poetic. How unsettling. Richler doesn't just create a world (as I expect of every good novel), she brings to life many worlds and juggles them all with skill. If you're looking for a quick, easy beach read, this isn't the book for you. If you love language and don't mind a narrative that leaps [...]

    4. This is the stupidest book I have ever read - or it's in the top five. ;) I saw the low ratings and thought that I would give this book a chance. To heck with what other people thought! I wanted to rate it highly! I wanted to fully appreciate this book's quirky writing style, integration of historical facts/fascination with pugilism, and give the odd, practically incestuous, relationship of the main characters a fighting chance! The tempestuous, dynamic relationship between Heathcliffe and Cathe [...]

    5. Okaygoing to get shallow here first. I adored the covers to these books. There are two I believed the very two I fell in love with. Unfortunately when I received my copy, it was an ARC so I was not graced with any of the covers I loved. No worries. I am on a mission to eventually buy myself the copy that I want. And I am not complaining as I was graced with a copy at allI wanted to read this book and I am fortunate to have been able to. Now I received this book way back in December. Unfortunatel [...]

    6. When Rachel Wolff was eight, her family adopted Zachary, who was about her age. They loved each other and were very close. Rachel's mother loved Zachariah, but her father, Lev, hated that Lev was uninterested in science and wanted to box.As Rachel and Zach got older they realized they were in love and eventually moved in together. This caused her father great unhappiness.There are old stories which would give Zachary a background, but I found them uninteresting.

    7. I received a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Beautiful. Be warned, the novel can feel pretentious, but I loved all the intricate, interweaved stories and the references to Russian history and literature.

    8. I was excited about this novel, but was deceived. I wasn't able to stick with it long enough to find out if Zachary and Rachel ever got out of bed and something actually happens.

    9. I wanted to love this book so much! Great cover, fantastic jacket copy. Emma Richler is a very talented author and I will purchase and read all the books she publishes but, unfortunately, Be My Wolff didn't work for me.

    10. "They painted over and over!" He scoffs. "Look at all these layers! That is how I think about this book. I felt as though it was just too much work in following the banter between Zach and Rachel. It is with no doubt that the author was incredibly creative with the flamboyant writing as well as the character development but unfortunately I kept getting lost and felt as if I was doing math equations in my head. I really tried to fight my frustrations but in the end I had to throw in the towel and [...]

    11. Typically, I am the type of reader who plods through till the end of a novel no matter what. But, each year, there are a handful of books that I just can't find enough redeeming in to finish and this one marks the first such book of 2017 for me. My initial attraction to the title and some joking comments made by the family themselves as "pack" initially gave me hope. But the "romance" here is between a girl and her adopted brotherHer family did not adopt him until he was ten, but they still grew [...]

    12. Wowzers! This book takes you on a great journey, and I love the non-linear narative is not linear, but it doesn't leave you feeling confused (best of both worlds). The main characters are a woman and her adopted brother, who are super close as children, and who end up crossing over the line from brother and sister. It's a epic book, one that has elements that I love (Russian Fairy tales, history, family, boxing, artlots of stuff in here, but it never feels cramped). I think it's a wonderful saga [...]

    13. Be My Wolff is a rambling, eternal dialog between a sister and an adopted brother who adore and love each other. The dialog, which takes up most of the novel and does not seem to let up at times, is a bit of a sinking, hold you breath, keep holding, and pray for resurfacing. There is a lot packed in, from fun facts about wolves to Russian folklore to boxing, which I enjoyed; however, after a while some of it seemed repetitive for not real purpose. None of it seemed to really move the story along [...]

    14. Strange to compare Emma's characters with those of her father. He wrote about people who seemed real enough and certainly down to earth. Emma's characters have thoughts that float above the masses, fanciful, removed and intellectual, and so archly intelligent and also so silly, that I couldn't stand it.

    15. I really loved the female character Rachel in this book. Beautiful and poetic. Not such a big fan of the boxing, it was interesting at times and horrifying at others. Liked the glimpses through times past.

    16. Did Not Finish. Unfortunately, this book just didn't click with me. I didn't enjoy reading the story or how it was phrased. I kept having to go back and read sentences twice if not three times.I received this book in a giveaway.

    17. I loved it! The language, the characters, the fairy tales, the fights, the scenery and the drawings. I couldn't put it down and didn't want it to end. Thank you Emma Richler for giving us this "ruddy book."

    18. I'm on page 80 of 410 of Be My Wolff: On page 80 I felt I could not read any further and was surprised I got that far. Not my style at all

    19. I still can't condense a description of this novel into a sentence or two--there is so much happening throughout. Combining themes of family, love, loss, boxing, Russia, history, orphans and orphanages, and music, the book is a complex series of echoes and resonances that weave together an engrossing story. At the centre of its orbit is the love of Rachel and Zach Wolff.

    20. Library Request. It was very beautiful in written form, about love and family, yet so devastating to read to the end, it was a very sad ending, I wanted a better ending for Zachary and Rachel, but it never comes to reality for them. It was lovely and sad all in one.

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