Davin's Quest

Which man will Callie choose, the alien or the warrior Or can she have both For each Alvian, there is one perfect match a Resonance Mate whose soul blends in perfect harmony Unlike the rest of his race, Davin has emotions and suffers for it Without a mate, he is doomed to go mad Searching for answers and understanding, he seeks out Callie O Hara, a human woman with stWhich man will Callie choose, the alien or the warrior Or can she have both For each Alvian, there is one perfect match a Resonance Mate whose soul blends in perfect harmony Unlike the rest of his race, Davin has emotions and suffers for it Without a mate, he is doomed to go mad Searching for answers and understanding, he seeks out Callie O Hara, a human woman with strong empathic gifts Could this fragile human be his Resonance Mate Rick St John is a tough as nails survivor of the Alvian occupation of Earth He doesn t believe in much, but when he sees Callie for the first time, he starts to believe in love at first sight The Governing Council is gunning for Davin, the upstart who dares to defy them And they ll kill anyone who gets in their way Davin and Rick must come to terms with their feelings for Callie in order to keep her safe, while she has to find a way to save them both with her love Contains hot alien love, explicit sex, graphic language, and m nage a trois.
Davin s Quest Which man will Callie choose the alien or the warrior Or can she have both For each Alvian there is one perfect match a Resonance Mate whose soul blends in perfect harmony Unlike the rest of his rac

  • Title: Davin's Quest
  • Author: Bianca D'Arc
  • ISBN: 9781605040110
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Davin's Quest”

    1. Bianca D'Arc continues the 'Resonance Mates' series with "Davin's Quest". This series is futuristic erotica about Earth after an attack by aliens who have genetically bred out their emotions. The first book was told from the point of view of some of the surviving humans and now we get a closer look at one of the aliens themselves.Davin is an Alvian throwbackhe can still feel emotion. If it wasn't for his incredible skill working with crystals, he would have been put to death by the unfeeling Alv [...]

    2. I wasn't sure what to expect from a book that took place so long after the first in the series but it was great! Callie is young but not immature. Davin, being a throwback, was an intense personality for an Alvian. Rick, a human healer, was troubled and intense. Mixing the three together was fascinating and complex as their emotions and relationships ebbed and flowed. I liked the glimpses we had of characters from the first book and really look forward to reading the rest of the books in the ser [...]

    3. This is the second book in the Resonance Mates stories. Fifteen years have passed since the last book. Callie and Harry are both teenagers and older than their years would suggest, especially Harry. The Alvians have left the family alone for the most part but that is about to change. Mara 12 wants to study each of the O’Hara brothers for ten years. In order for this to happen she agrees to deactivate the human aging gene for the whole family. None of the men are happy about it Caleb knows that [...]

    4. This book is erotica, so if that's not your thing, stop reading.This is book 2 in an erotica series that actually has an interesting story line. All through book 1, I was skimming through the sex scenes to get back to the plot. I don't usually read alien invasion sci-fi, so I've never read anything like this series, and it really sparked my imagination. Ms. D'Arc could be ripping off a dozen authors for all I know, but if so, she ripped off a sci-fi subgenre I think I might like. The premise is [...]

    5. Review: I loved this book. This book was terrific and I didn’t want the story to end. This book is the second in the Resonance Mates Series.Miss D’Arc creates a world where human beings have been wiped out by a castrophe caused by the Alvians and there are a few human beings left and they hide. I like that the O’Hara’s are back from the first book. (Hara’s Legacy). I love how the family dynamic remains intact and that the O’Hara’s are a loving family and I think that is the reason [...]

    6. I devoured this book in record time. I couldn't put it down I just had to find out what was going to happen next. There is a lot of intrigue in this book. You get a bigger look at the aliens and how they think and work. You also get a glimpse into how this story may end. It is too early to say for sure though. This is such a well written series, the main characters are all likeable and even some of the aliens are nice. I can't wait to start the next book to see what is going to happen. There is [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book more than the first in the series. While it was still a bit sticky sweet within the romantic relationship, the back story became more interesting. It may be more realistic, but I also found the hand wringing by Rick, as to whether the menage was "right for Callie", rather tiresome. As with Mick in the first book, it just went on for too long.The writing was solid, and as I said earlier, the back story is becoming pretty interesting. I'll probably continue the series to see ho [...]

    8. Book intended for adults only. Bianca D'Arc continues her story about resonance mates, people (or aliens in some cases) meant to live and love each other for as long as they leave. We get a glimpse as to what has happened to the O'Hara family after Harry is left with them. Here we see Callie and Davin, an Alvian alien who is a "throwback," an alien with feelings, something they are not supposed to have. It has very graphic scences as well as having drama, romance, and fantasy.

    9. Hot alien that's looking for break from his own cold emotionless people. A human male that's an experiment. And a human woman who is mate to them both. Who is an O'Hara. There is hot sex between Davin and Caloie. They meet and bond immediately first. Even thought they wait for when she turns eitghteen. Then Rick the human meet and he falls for Callie at firt sight. Like the scifi and the paranormal aspect of the story. Very well written.

    10. The concept of the series is really interesting but some of the writing was weak. The dialogue especially at some instances was very trite as were the images of the world. The world imaged did however make for interesting reading. The erotic elements were well crafted. A satisfactory read.

    11. I really liked this book. Some might say there is more story than sex, but that's fine with me. The sex is good, too. Love the story. Its science fiction romance. Can't wait for the next in the series, this month!

    12. It is book 2 in a futuristic erotica series. I normally don't read eroctica books but I enjoy the plot/storyline of this series. I skim through the sex to get back to the plot. Outside of the erotica factor, this is a great series so far. I look forward to reading hte next 2 books in the series

    13. Yes, you see it right A 5 star from the very stingy miss Olson. :-)Great storyline, not just the hot & steamy stuff we come to love & expect from Bianca D'Arc (though there was certainly enough of that!)

    14. It was much better than the first book. Strong and well developed characters. Great plot and excellent execution of idea. I would say it was a great improvement.

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