One Silver Summer

The thinking girl s summer romance a gorgeously written story of love and loss with a thrilling royal twist After a car accident claims her mother s life, Sass is sent to Cornwall to live with the uncle she s never met All she wants is to be alone, to come to terms with the new Sass the girl who can t forget the screech of tires, the crunch of metal.With its rocky beaThe thinking girl s summer romance a gorgeously written story of love and loss with a thrilling royal twist After a car accident claims her mother s life, Sass is sent to Cornwall to live with the uncle she s never met All she wants is to be alone, to come to terms with the new Sass the girl who can t forget the screech of tires, the crunch of metal.With its rocky beaches and secluded fields, Cornwall is the perfect place to hide It gets even better when Sass glimpses a silver horse and starts sneaking off to spend time with the one creature who makes her grief feel manageable.During one of her visits, Sass runs into Alex, the horse s owner At first, he shows nothing but disdain for the trespassing American But despite his brusque manner, he feels an affinity for the curious girl with the sad eyes, and offers to teach her to ride.Sass never expected to feel anything again, yet soon she finds herself falling for Alex But Alex has a secret a bombshell that could shatter Sass s fragile trust and force him to abandon the only girl who made him believe in true love.
One Silver Summer The thinking girl s summer romance a gorgeously written story of love and loss with a thrilling royal twist After a car accident claims her mother s life Sass is sent to Cornwall to live with the unc

  • Title: One Silver Summer
  • Author: Rachel Hickman
  • ISBN: 9780545808934
  • Page: 258
  • Format: ebook
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    1. DISCLAIMER- Before I read this book, I was informed by the publisher that the copy of the ARC I received for being part of a book club was the wrong version. My thoughts are off this version since I decided to go ahead and read it.The setting is in Cornwall and Sass, a girl from Brooklyn, USA is sent to live with her Uncle after her mother dies in a car accident. Forced to start afresh, her travels lead her to a silver horse and visits just to watch the horse end up being revealed when she meets [...]

    2. What a sapfest! Don't get me wrong, I adore a bit of well timed angst, but this took it to the next level and beyond. Everything was FEELINGS and EMOTIONS and justblugh. I also generally like romance and like Horse books, and although this is both of these it disappoints on all fronts. The romance happens far too quickly and for no discernible reason; even rich haughty Grandma thinks about it and realizes they have horses in common.d that's it? But Sass the Mary Sue is 'like no other girl before [...]

    3. Despite knowing full well that I was reading-for-review, I became so caught up in the very love story that little-girl-me always dreamed of, that I devoured this book like a starved Cookie Monster demolishes cookies. Even at this frantic pace, I was aware of the ‘something more’ to the story---hints were subtle, yet almost undeniable---perhaps somewhat subliminal.One Silver Summer is more than the whole-hearted-head-over-heels love story of a shattered girl and a stunning, spirited mare. The [...]

    4. See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten! My copy was an ARC I got for review from YA Books Central.Diversity Rating: 0 – What Diversity?Racial-Ethnic: 0QUILTBAG:0Disability: 0Intersectionality: 0Warning: animal death in this book. Specifically, a horse dies.Let’s be real, we’re all here for a romance between a royal and a commoner at some point in our lives. Maybe it’s when we’re kids and we refuse to turn off Cinderella or we’re adults and the once-a-generation royal wedding is happ [...]

    5. A sweet YA. I struggled to get through this one, and did not finish at 39%. The premise sounded read worthy, yet the one dimensional characters fell flat for me. Their story had everything the blurb promised, but nothing more. (view spoiler)[ There is an ornery prince who stumbles upon a down to earth commoner. He hides who he is, she finds out and becomes angry before confronting him. He reveals the truth, everything becomes right in the world as they continue to fall madly in love.(hide spoile [...]

    6. Did not finish reading this, got half way and tried my hardest to get into it more, I just couldnt, I found the romance kinda cliche and a bit too young for me, it wasnt a bad book at all, I just didnt find it interesting enough to continue reading, however others might find it really good.

    7. I've had fictional crushes before, but I've never fallen head-over-heels in love with a character like I did with Alex! This gorgeously-written book swept me away to the English seacoast, taking me on a romantic adventure like no other.

    8. The book One Silver Summer by Rachel Hickman would be named as a realistic fiction book and is not part of a series. One Silver Summer is about a girl name Sass which is short for Saskia Chapel. She had a rough life so far and has recently moved to a place in Cornwall. When she was here she got amazed by a horse which led Sass on a private property estate. The boy from the estate is named Alex. She got caught by him and he asked her if she would want to learn how to ride. She of course said yes. [...]

    9. Synopsis:Alex runs home to Cornwall – his parents’ divorce has hit the tabloids, and his Grandmother’s Cornish estate is the only place Alex feels able to hide. There he meets Sass. Sass’s mother was killed in a car crash. Sass has moved from her native Brooklyn, to live with the uncle she never knew. Like Alex, she heads outdoors to take refuge from her feelings. The young couple bond over shared admiration of the silver mare, Bo. Initially wary, Alex allows his feelings for Sass to dev [...]

    10. I was very excited when the publishing house let me receive an ARC of this book and I wanted to like it, even love it SO badly but I just couldn't. Let give explain why I didn't like it and give you a synopsis of this book. A girl is living in Cornwall with her uncle because her mother has just died. She sees this beautiful horse and starts to secretly go see it even though she has no clue who it belongs too. Then a boy comes and he gets in a fight with this girl because he doesn't want her mess [...]

    11. This book is about a girl from Brooklyn. And a boy from England. The boy's name is Alexander. But in the book people call him Alexe girl's name is sass. They haven't said much about her real name. So sass goes to college up in England. Alexander is the prince of England. And sass doesn't know he is. So she treats him like a normal person. Until she is at a hair salon and she is looking in the mirror and sees a picture of Alexander on a magazine. So she runs out of the saloon and heads home. I am [...]

    12. Fifteen-year-old Saskia Emerson has recently moved from Brooklyn to Cornwall to live with her uncle, her mother's younger brother. Sass is still dealing with her mother's death and the guilt she feels over that death, and she is completely lost in her new home. When she wanders through the fields and sees a beautiful horse and meets a gruff young man named Alex, she is intimidated. But her fondness for the horse touches his heart, and the two become closer each day, riding together, and even sha [...]

    13. One Silver Summer is the second book I've won from a giveaway! I love the idea, and it was a pretty good execution of the idea, but this book just didn't keep my attention as much as I would have liked. I had a bit of a hard time getting into it at first, and there were definitely times where I just wasn't really interested in reading it. Some points the story was confusing, like I felt there were transitional or describing sentences missing. Another thing is, I wasn't sure about their age. I d [...]

    14. Saskia Emerson has been sent to the English coast to live with her uncle after the tragic death of her mother. Trying to deal with her grief, she decides to explore the countryside of Cornwall and stumbles across a silver horse in the meadow. She is drawn to the horse as it gives her a sense of peace but the horse's trainer, Alex, discovers her and doesn't approve of her trespassing. Alex has his own secrets for wanting her gone but he feels a connection to the curious girl and a friendship deve [...]

    15. After her mother dies, American teenager Sass is sent to live with her artist uncle in England. As she is out walking one day, she finds a beautiful horse behind a locked gate. Sass makes it a habit of climbing over the gate to visit with the horse daily. One day, she meets a young man there who later turns out to be the Prince of Wales. They fall for each other and overcome a number of obstacles to be together. This is a fun and fluffy story, perfect for middle grade and up readers who want to [...]

    16. One Silver Summer is a perfect escapist read. Set on the gorgeous Cornish coast, full of rocky beaches and crumbling castles, the story follows Sass as she battles her grief over her mother’s death and learns to live all over again. The central relationships between Sass and the boy she grows to love, Alex – and the beautiful silver horse who brings them together – are sensitively drawn, and the writing has a lovely wistful quality. A satisfying contemporary story of love, loss, and findin [...]

    17. The character developments of Sass and Alex were done well. The pacing seemed a bit slow in places and some subplot endings not tied up tightly enough, but that's just my personal reading preference. Overall, it was a sweet story, and I enjoyed seeing all of the pieces come together throughout.

    18. This book was written so well you forget the actual ages of the characters involved and enjoy the beautiful love story with its challenging obstacles. The lesson of nothing is impossible when you care about someone is portrayed nicely.

    19. This was such an entertaining, teen beach read. Not that I read it on the beach, but that's what it falls into. England, horses, a prince, summer love, what's not to enjoy? If you like all those things, you'll enjoy this.

    20. I LOVED this book. Of course, it has all my favorite elements: romance, foreign love, and all around awesomeness!!!!! And, I like horses, and want to ride one really badly!

    21. Really delightful. A great book to read on a summer afternoon. Full of swoon-y romance and horses; what else could you want?

    22. I was VERY disappointed with this book. I was constantly trying to find time to get to read this because it has sounded SO amazing. But I ended up hating this book. Maybe I would've liked it better if it took place in older times. I would've also liked it if it went a little slower. One second Alex was the guy who yelled at Sass and next they were all friendly with each other. I didn't like that.I made some connections between this book and other books. I thought that Cressida or whatever her na [...]

    23. I really wasn't sure a teen romance was going to be my thing at all - but within the first few pages I was so caught up with the characters and the secrets and the setting OH BOY - well I was entirely swept away with Rachel Hickman's lovely writing and her gorgeous world building that just whisked me back to Cornwall. By the end I was ready to run away with a horse. A perfect summer book or a book to make it feel like summer when it isn't. Fab world building, memorable characters and a gentle st [...]

    24. Bearing in mind this book isn't aimed at me, it was enjoyable and unbelievable. Young American girl comes to Cornwall to live with an uncle she didn't know existed until her mother died in an accident. She meets a handsome young prince by chance. She doesn't know who he is, which he finds refreshing. Guess what happens next? Bit of jeopardy and misunderstanding, of course. Fluffy escapism which might appeal as a light holiday read.

    25. During a recent holiday in Cornwall, I stayed in the tiny little port hamlet where Hickman wrote this book - in an article in a local magazine Hickman wrote about how the place inspired her story so I felt compelled to read it. Great, realistic portrayals of the Cornwall countryside, but quite awkward writing and unconvincing romantic language. Read a bit like young adult fiction. But then this isn't really the genre of book I usually choose to read.

    26. A beautiful story set in Cornwall. Boy meets girl, both fall in love. Horses, beaches, royalty. I enjoyed the read a lot of it went over my daughters head but she seemed to like it too.With thanks to love reading 4 kids and the author for sending the book to my daughter for us to read and review.

    27. This novel was about a girl named Saskia who's mother died in a car accident and she was forced to move to Britain with her uncle. She went adventuring one day and saw a silver horse, she went over to look at it and got scolded by a boy about her age named Alex. Sass and Alex started talking more and more and became something but Alex was holding a secret from Sass and she finally found out an it ruined their relationship. I gave my book at three star rating because I didn't really like this dra [...]

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