Prisoner of Birth

Danny and Beth travel up to the West End to celebrate their engagement They end the evening in a wine bar where criminal barrister Spencer Craig is celebrating his birthday Although the two men don t meet, their lives will never be the same For, an hour later, one of them is arrested for murder, while the other ends up as chief witness.
Prisoner of Birth Danny and Beth travel up to the West End to celebrate their engagement They end the evening in a wine bar where criminal barrister Spencer Craig is celebrating his birthday Although the two men don t

  • Title: Prisoner of Birth
  • Author: Jeffrey Archer Roger Allam
  • ISBN: 9780230701397
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Audiobook
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    1. Wow! I felt like a 13 year old reading the final installment of Harry Potter. Other than bathroom breaks and a quick dinner, I did not put this book down. Jeffrey Archer is a master with characters, twists and storys within storys. I am going to write a novel like this as soon as I can!

    2. In an interview included in my edition of this book, James Archer (born 1940) said that this novel is a contemporary retelling of Alexander Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo. Since I have not read yet the said classic book, I checked its synopsis in . It seems that Archer did a good job by using the plot but making it current by putting his personal touch on it.Among the different literary genres, I must admit that suspense thriller and romance are my least favorites. I love reading read fiction, [...]

    3. As a friend very rightly put it…’A Prisoner of Birth’ has all the makings of a Bollywood Masala Movie.Danny Cartwright, a humble East-End mechanic has just proposed to his childhood sweet heart Beth. He decides to celebrate by treating his fiancée and best-friend Bernie Wilson (who also happens to be Beth’s brother) at an upmarket bar ‘The Dunlop Arms’. Also present at the bar, are a drunken party of four men, who started passing lewd comments at Beth and raise Bernie’s ire. Despi [...]

    4. This is the most well written book to which I've given a 1. It's also the first one star rating I've given to Jeffrey Archer. If you searched the words 'go to' in my dictionary, you'll find a picture of Archer. That's no longer true. More than the first half of the book had some merit, but it was only about build up, promise, and expectation. All three undercut, broken, and betrayed, respectively. If a restaurant makes you wait for so long that you're not faint of hunger but bored, impatient, an [...]

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    6. 'A Prisoner Of Birth' by Jeffrey Archer is a modern retelling of the classic 'The Count Of Monte Christo' . The book follows story of a man who is wrongly convicted and now willing to extract revenge . Sadly I have to say that I found this book the weakest among the books I read by Archer . It seemed that Jeffrey Archer ran out of ideas while writing this novel ( A look alike prisoner , seriously ) . Many of the incedents in the novel are needlessly put and these incedentes slows down the pace o [...]

    7. My father lent me this book, and I hadn’t even realised Jeffrey Archer was writing again. I previously read his Kane & Abel series which were really good, but that was quite a long time ago, and I struggle to remember things that far back!Both my parents had read this, and both told me it was essentially unputdownable. My mother read it in both condensed and then full length format. I was expecting great things. I wasn’t disappointed.It really is a page turner, and yet at the same time t [...]

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    10. A (loosely based) modern day retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo. This story was fun but I didn't think it was particularly well written and the story was too long.

    11. Another solid story. Sterotypical characters, clichés - despite the main character being told not to use them - and no real depth to anyone. But having said all that, I still read 500 pages and enjoyed it, so he must be doing something right.And now my Archer readathon comes to a close for the time being.

    12. Read on blog!!It is a great book with absolutely no place for errors. A plot that makes you go 'ooh!' and 'aah!' A must read book for those who prefer crime-mystery novels and for the people out there who think it's boring to read about the court proceedings, trust me this book will make you want to learn the law.Alex Redmayne was my favourite side character because he is a lawyer and I have always had a liking for lawyers who are smart, handsome and prefer to do anything to help prevail justice [...]

    13. Well its hard to meet the readers' expectations if your first few books are "Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less", "Kane and Abel" & "As the Crow Flies".I felt that though the plot is not something that would make one say wow! now that's a new one.Its a slight parallel of the first book mentioned above from his early days as well as "The Count of Monte Cristo" (As Archer himself agrees in many of his interviews)What I liked most is the pace at which the story runs. Probably that is why it is [...]

    14. Un best-seller del montón en el que no he encontrado ningún giro inesperado y no me refiero a que sean giros “malos”, es que son inexistentes. La trama principal del libro recuerda al argumento de un conocido clásico, el desencadenante y lo poco que puede llegar a considerarse sorprendente es casi seguro que ya lo has leído o visto en algún otro libro del género (o incluso película) si estás familiarizado con este tipo de novelas, no hay nada medianamente original.El estilo del autor [...]

    15. I read the full series of the Clifton Chronicles earlier this year and fell in love with Jeffrey Archer. I wish he would come out with another series like that because I loved it so much! My friend told me about Prisoner of Birth and how good it was. I watched a You tube video with Jeffrey Archer talking about his favorite books. He said that The Count of Monte Cristo was one of his all-time favorites and that he based his book, Prisoner of Birth on that story. That closed me! Having just finish [...]

    16. This was such a well written suspense/thriller. It's weaned me off my fantasy series books; it was such a good read. The plot and characters were so well developed. It had so many twists and turns. It was a little predictable in that it's a modern day version of The Count of Monte Cristo, but it was done in such an interesting way I didn't mind. And it's even better than the original classic, if that's possible. I don't say that lightly at all because I'm the type that believes the original clas [...]

    17. Jeffrey Archer- A Prisoner of Birth (St. Martin’s Press 2008) 3.5 StarsDanny Cartwright just proposed to Beth Wilson, his pregnant girlfriend, and life seemed so perfect. Suddenly though he finds himself arrested and charged for a murder he did not commit. When four well-respected witnesses testify against him, one of whom is actually guilty, he is sentenced to twenty-two years in prison. The four think that they have gotten away with it, but they underestimated Danny and Beth’s determinatio [...]

    18. A modern parallel to, The Count of Monte Cristo, done in a much shorter timeline. Jeffrey Archer did a great job of creating a story line that was interesting and characters that were compelling. I enjoyed the writing and the drama very much, it was suspenseful even though predictable. If you have read, The Count of Monte Cristo, this book has enough creative twists to keep it engrossing, if not, your going to love every oscillating turn.

    19. Having read most of Jeffrey Archer’s work, I would rank this novel among his top-tier. That’s pretty good considering he is the author of As the Crow Flies and Kane and Abel, both among my all-time favorite novels. As others have said, (and in fact, the author himself), this novel is a loose re-imagining of Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo, brought forward into modern day England. Novels of false imprisonment and subsequent revenge on the conspirators are always compared to Dumas [...]

    20. I finally decided to give four stars only because the justice and the fairness play such an important part of the novel. The legal discourse is superb, and the presentation of the life in prison seems plausible, and most importantly, it is a novel with a very significant literary reminiscence. It is definitely a book written by a Conservative, and as a liberal, you constantly pick up the clues and the messages that go against your convictions. But (I hate the conjunction at the beginning of the [...]

    21. Jeffery ArcherA Prisoner of Birth - Konspirasi TakdirGramedia Pustaka Utama616 halaman7.8Kalau dilihat sekilas, A Prisoner of Birth, terlihat mengintimidasi dan membosankan. Tone cover yang suram, halaman buku yang tebal, dan topik hukum yang terdengar tidak menarik merupakan salah satu sebabnya. Tapi, sewaktu saya mulai membaca halaman pertama buku ini, saya sadar kalau ternyata buku ini luar biasa seru dan menarik. Sangat jarang sekali seorang politikus menulis sebuah novel fiksi kriminal, tap [...]

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    24. This was an interesting story that pulled heavily from The Count of Monte Cristo. Still, it was entertaining, even if it wasn't an edge of your seat thriller.

    25. A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer4 ★'sFrom The Book:If Danny Cartwright had proposed to Beth Wilson on any other day, he would not have been arrested and charged with the murder of his best friend. But when the prosecution witnesses happen to be a group of four upper-crust college friends―a barrister, a popular actor, an aristocrat, and the youngest partner in an established firm's history―who is going to believe Danny's side of the story?Danny is sentenced to twenty-two years and sent [...]

    26. Jeffery Archer released his latest novel entitled “A Prisoner of Birth” and is now available in paperback. The title was most apt for the storyline that was written. I spent past few days reading it and I could hardly leave the book. The storyline captivates you and you just wanted to read till the end to see how it develops and ends. That explains why I have not been able to blog for the week. Jeffrey Archer still has his magic and able to weave a story that has its fair share of unexpected [...]

    27. I've been a fan of Archer for quite some time now. My favorites have included Kane & Abel, Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less, As the Crow Flies, and his prison diaries. This is his second novel since being released from prison, having served two years for perjury. I found those journals fascinating, as I did with this book.The premise of the book is: Danny Cartwright is convicted of murdering his best friend, who also happens to be his soon-to-be brother-in-law. Even though his fiance was th [...]

    28. This book was definitely a page turner, and really interesting plot, but there were just some things that bugged me. Maybe I'm just a cynic, but it's seemed awful convenient to have Danny's cell mate become him best friend, and happened to look exactly like him, to the point that his family wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. And I thought it was a little trailer trashy that the girlfriend was 6 months pregnant at his first trial, then after a 4 day rendevous, ends up 6 months pregnant [...]

    29. I enjoy Jeffrey Archer books so much, including this one. This was a modern 'Count of Monte Cristo' which I loved. Jeffrey Archer can weave a great story. I'm always pulled in to the twists and turns. He also creates rich characters that also lead me along.I liked the MC in this one. I also liked the antagonists in this one. He built them up so much. I was eager with anticipation to see how hard they would fall. The suspense was great. Some of the elements were a little far-fetched and some of t [...]

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