Essential Wolverine, Vol. 1

Experience Wolverine s battle to keep the feral berserker within in check, while trying to be the best there is at what he does.
Essential Wolverine Vol Experience Wolverine s battle to keep the feral berserker within in check while trying to be the best there is at what he does

  • Title: Essential Wolverine, Vol. 1
  • Author: Chris Claremont Peter David Archie Goodwin
  • ISBN: 9780785118671
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Wolverine's solo adventures. I particularly liked the Mr. Fixit (aka the Incredible Hulk) stories, like most of the stories in this first volume these stories are a little pulpy, the issue Promises to Keep (a great little horror story), 24 Hours (a great story of Wolverine with his archenemy Sabretooth in the Wild West) are my favorites and the six issue story the Gehenna Stone Affair is a lot of pulp (Indiana Jones-like) fun! Wolverine Basic and the last couple of issues featuring the villains [...]

    2. Pretty good! So this omnibus collects issues 1 to 23 of the original wolverine solo comic! The overall story of this is that Wolverine is thought to be dead, and now hes in Asia trying to hide away, he has the alias of Patch (which is actually his real name, Logan is his second). This started out a little weird but the writing did get better overtime, and it was fun and enjoyable! It also features cameos from other heroes like Daredevil and Hulk! The Art wasn't anything special and it was in bla [...]

    3. When Marvel collects runs of a particular title, the reader can be stuck with a run of completely unconnected chapter like stories, a series of loosely connected serials or even a tightly written lengthy arc with some interesting character development and an actual following narrative. More often it's a mess of bits or all of the above. That's what this is. Starting things off Chris Claremont presents a story of Wolverine in a very noir-ish way, or at least as noir as Marvel could get. Now I sup [...]

    4. As always, loved the art. Need to read more Fixit.One thing that has stuck with me through the years is Magneto's visit with Geist.

    5. WOLVERINE!!!!When I was growing up I really didn't read comic books. ZOmg and gasp!!Well, there really wasn't an easy way to get to comics. I lived in a small town and the only way to get a comic book (that wasn't carried at Wal-mart there was a time when they had them near the toys) was to drive 45 minutes up to Florence and either visit Rarities or Wizard Comics. That's where you got em. But then again you had to have money.Soooo I didn't have many.Butters, that's ok!! Because I just noticed t [...]

    6. Okay, so I probably had this a bit overrated but the setting and idea of the series is gonna have me leave this four stars. I don't hide the fact that I generally don't care for the character of Wolverine, but it is a tad more complicated then that. I try not to dislike him because he is popular, but truth be told I have a feeling that is part of it. I do dislike his popularity affecting the way he is written. In a group book dynamic it is really painful because the character is just pushed to t [...]

    7. John Buscema at his bestWenn dieser Band KEINEN Text enthielte, und keine zusammenhängenden Stories, wäre er trotzdem das doppelte des aktuellen Preises wert. John Buscema zeigt hier sein ganzes Können, und man sieht, warum er als einer der großartigsten Zeichner gilt, die das Comicgenre hervorgebracht hat. Dazu kommen aber interessante Geschichten, die nicht in das vielleicht erwartete X-Men-Schema passen, die mehr Detektivgeschichten sind und in denen Logan mehr zeigen muss als seine Krall [...]

    8. Great fun, especially when the microcosm of Madripoor firmly sets in. Perhaps that's why I enjoyed the Gehenna stone affair the most; the new characters are familiar by then and the trip to San Francisco makes you miss them. One thing I hold against these stories is a lack of any southeast asian particularities (a new "Japan" for Wolverine, a nice lesson for the reader?), yet it's also easy to understand and enjoy authors' dip into retronoir.

    9. This book could really use the four issue Wolverine limited series that Claremont wrote and Frank Miller drew. There's a bunch of issues written by Peter David, whose writing a really like. I hope I feel the same way about his issues. Also, I'm going to skip the issues that Archie Goodwin wrote because I don't care about them.

    10. This is the fourth and final volume to A Marvel Comics Limited Series: Wolverine! They didn't have any of the volumes besides the first one, so I had to choose random Wolverine Comic books. I loved this short 4 comic book series. It was pretty much the last Wolverine movie set in Japan. This volume was so good. The last couple of pages were so good!I love Wolverine so much!5 stars! <3

    11. Pretty good, with a long, arcing plot divided into subchapters. Pretty typical wolverine, but nothing really amazing, other than his horrible disguise and seeing him play at spy/ international stuff.

    12. These stories don't hold up as well as some from the same era such as Zot! The use of black and white for a comic originally in color also hampers the storytelling.

    13. An amazing story that works as single issues or combined together. Perfect comic-form storytelling. Logan's tenure as "Patch" is perfectly kept.

    14. Leaves you wanting more. Credit to my other half for gifting me the book. Seriously, Logan won't let you stop by just reading the #1 volume

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