Annapurna: A Woman's Place

In August 1978, thirteen women left San Francisco for the Nepal Himalaya to make history as the first Americans and the first women to scale the treacherous slopes of Annapurna I, the world s tenth highest peak Expedition leader Arlene Blum here tells their dramatic story the logistical problems, storms, and hazardous ice climbing the conflicts and reconciliations withiIn August 1978, thirteen women left San Francisco for the Nepal Himalaya to make history as the first Americans and the first women to scale the treacherous slopes of Annapurna I, the world s tenth highest peak Expedition leader Arlene Blum here tells their dramatic story the logistical problems, storms, and hazardous ice climbing the conflicts and reconciliations within the team the terror of avalanches that threatened to sweep away camps and climbers.On October 15, two women and two Sherpas at last stood on the summit but the celebration was cut short, for two days later, the two women of the second summit team fell to their deaths.Never before has such an account of mountaineering triumph and tragedy been told from a woman s point of view By proving that women had the skill, strength, and courage necessary to make this difficult and dangerous climb, the 1978 Women s Himalayan Expedition s accomplishment had a positive impact around the world, changing perceptions about women s abilities in sports and other arenas And Annapurna A Woman s Place has become an acknowledged classic in the annals of women s achievements a story of challenge and commitment told with passion, humor, and unflinching honesty.
Annapurna A Woman s Place In August thirteen women left San Francisco for the Nepal Himalaya to make history as the first Americans and the first women to scale the treacherous slopes of Annapurna I the world s tenth hi

  • Title: Annapurna: A Woman's Place
  • Author: Arlene Blum Maurice Herzog
  • ISBN: 9781578050222
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Kau tak akan pernah menaklukan sebuah gunungKau berdiri di puncaknya selama beberapa detikKemudian, tiupan angin menghilangkan jejak-jejak kakimuSPOILER NIH KAYAKNYAMendaki gunung dengan ketinggian 8000 meter dpl emang sulit, tapi gue ternyata baru tau kalo persiapan sebelum mendaki gunung ternyata sama sulitnya. Jauh lebih ribet dan bikin pusing malahan:DPada tahun 1978 sekelompok wanita tangguh yang dipimpin Arlene Blum berangkat menuju Nepal dengan tujuan mendaki puncak Annapurna I. Puncak te [...]

    2. A must read. First of all, it's a top-notch outdoor adventure - a start to finish account of the journey to safely and smoothly place the first all-woman team atop Annapurna 1, (a climb that was also the first successful American ascent). Annapurna 1, ranked 10th highest peak in the world at 8,000 meters (26,545 ft), is famous for it's toughness (approach across an exposed avalanche face, treacherous ice rib to name a few). The Annapurna peaks are among the world's most dangerous mountains to cl [...]

    3. Long story, short – read this book for inspiration.I didn’t even know there had been a new release of this book. I just happened to pick up my copy from my bookshelf –of the first release in 1980 – to re-read. And I am glad I did. For what’s it’s worth my husband and I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in our 60’s – unimpressive when you realize we were led, were fed, and were provided all logistics to help us succeed.Reading this book—looking back all these years—documented that such [...]

    4. This book should be required reading for anyone who thinks great mountains can be climbed without a price. Mountains are dangerous places in general, and 8,000+ meter peaks extraordinarily so. Arlene Blum's account of the first succesful American expedition to the top of Annapurna is full of marvelous details about the extraordinary hard work and constant danger. If you ever wondered why it takes weeks and weeks to climb these things, then this book shows you why. Massive snowstorms. Constant av [...]

    5. I don't know the first thing about this sport and was instantly riveted by the author's first hand account of the incredible challenges, both on and off the mountain, that theses women experienced.

    6. salah satu buku kesukaan gw. gw yang selalu kena mountain sickness, yang selalu kagum sama tmn2 gw yang kayaknya gak ada masalah dengan penyakit di ketinggian, ni buku bener2 ngebuka mata gw bahwa penyakit ketinggian itu lebih berdasar pada keadaan fisiologi masing2 orang, bukan karena lemahnya fisik orang tersebut. rasa buku ini bagi yang gak pernah hiking sekalipun pasti menarik apalagi buat yang suka mendalami karakter orang lain gmana perubahan sikap seseorang yang berada di tempat terpencil [...]

    7. Didalam buku ini Arlene menyatakan bukan kemuliaan yang mereka tuju dalam pendakian Annapurna tapi kesenangan. Menurut saya tidak perlulah sungkan untuk mengatakan bahwa tujuan mereka adalah menyampaikan kepada dunia bahwa hal sulit seperti mendaki puncak Annapurna tidak hanya bisa dilakukan oleh lelaki tapi juga perEMPUan.Namun, terpikirkan oleh saya, jika mereka suka meninggalkan barang atau membuang sampah seperti tabung oksigen dan lain-lain pada sembarang tempat, maka di balik salju Annapur [...]

    8. یک کتاب فوق العاده با روایتی روان و زیبا درباره عشق ، اراده و پشتکار. این کتاب انسان را به هیجان وا می دارد و عشق به زندگی را در انسان دو چندان می کند.این کتابی فمینیستی و مناسب برای زن های ایرانی است تا خود را بیشتر باور داشته باشند.

    9. This book show the leadership of the American Woman team in Annapurna. Arlene as a leader facing difficult situation pre, during and after expedition. Very touching account as she is a fighter for woman climbing equalities.

    10. Climbing an avalanche-prone mountain would seem to me the last place that a democratic​ decision-making process is called for. interesting read, frustrating at times

    11. This was a life changing book for me. I reveled in the strength of character and the camaraderie of these brave young woment.

    12. Having read lots of the 'Boys' Own Adventures' type climbing stories, and thoroughly enjoying them, I might add, I was looking for something from the experience of my own gender. I liked the book, and there were only a few minor things that grated. The particularly 1970s type feminism, in all its naivete and idealism was amusing at times. More offensive was the at times patronising tone towards the porters and sherpas (I am looking forward to reading Sherri Ortner's book about Sherpas). The gung [...]

    13. The first time I read this book it was in the early 90s. The event was still fairly fresh at the time and the women inspired me to want to be more adventurous in my life. I didn't go on to climb any 8,000 meter peaks, but I've climbed other mountains and accomplished many things in my life. Reading Annapurna: A Woman's Place again, now, at this stage of my life nearly 25 years later, I'm re-inspired. I may just go climb a big mountain myself. This Annapurna story is so personal. Yes it is about [...]

    14. 2.5. I realize this book was written almost 40 years ago, but it reads more like an article written for Good Housekeeping or something. You would never guess how tough these woman would really have had to be. Annapurna is one of the most dangerous mountains in the Himalaya because of its avalanche danger, and they act at one point like they didn't know that.even musing about how perhaps they should have picked a different mountain. ! ( Then two of them "avalanche-shame" a third who is too afraid [...]

    15. Arlene Blum is a serious badass and I want to be just like her when I grow up. This book was a really fun adventure read, without ever feeling forced, sugar-coated, or cliche. I don't think I could ever manage a mountaineering expedition like the one Arlene organized on Annapurna, but this book has me more motivated than ever to continue reaching for new heights and never take "no" for an answer.

    16. I really appreciate being able to read about the amazing accomplishments of female climbers. I am awed by the 1978 women's summit of Annapurna in winter (and amazed by the level of risk, which is leagues beyond what I would be willing to take). I appreciate Blum's honesty about her experience on the climb, with her fears and joys, successes and deep losses.

    17. A great deal superior to the book chronicling the women of K2 in the book Savage Summit. A bit dated but somehow I felt very present on their journey because of the way the narrative was approached. Excellent book of the first female and US Ascent of Annapurna.

    18. This was the May selection for an adventure book club I'm in. Outstanding choice, and an amazing and motivating story. Worthwhile read for fans of adventuring, climbing, mountains, women breaking barriers, etc!

    19. This book has amazing ratings here and at so I'm compelled to explain why I was not as enamored of it. But I'll start by saying that the author does make her case: 1) Women are as good (and in some ways better) than males at high-altitude climbing. 2) Women are not shown respect by male climbers. I also enjoyed reading about the interactions with the Sherpas. So those were the strengths of the narrative.However, the I felt it difficult to learn much about the women individually and so, even tho [...]

    20. This book really opened my eyes to the difficulties that women mountaineers had in recent history breaking into serious mountaineering. In 1978, 13 women set out to climb Annapurna I in the Nepal Himalaya, achieving the first ascent of the world's 10th highest mountain by an American and by a woman. By proving that women had the skill, strength, and courage necessary to make this difficult and dangerous climb, the 1978 Women's Himalayan Expedition's accomplishment had a positive impact around th [...]

    21. Classmate Nisha recommended this to me about seven years ago while we were talking about being armchair adventurers, and I've just read it. This early edition is printed in eye-ease coffeetable format, with many pictures (poorly reproduced), which seem like a necessary part of the text although the text is already gripping. It's the story of the first big Himalayan expedition by women climbers, and also the story of the author, Arlene Blum, learning to manage a big overseas expedition when sexis [...]

    22. Arlene Blum's Annapurna:A Woman's Place has been called one of the 100 greatest mountaineering books ever written. It is that, and more. In addition to being a riveting look at the famous expedition which put the first females (who were also the first Americans) on top of the world's tenth highest mountain, it is also a thoughtful look at the joys and difficulties of leadership. Like most Himalayan expeditions, the woman's Annapurna expedition was beset with many problems, from jealousies about [...]

    23. Luar Biasa! Mengagumkan!Itulah kata-kata yang spontan dikeluarkan setelah membaca habis kisah Annapurna: 13 orang pendaki wanita yang teguh mendaki puncak es Annapurna, yang terkenal dengan longsoran saljunya. Setiap membaca tulisan Arlene Blum yang mengalir, saya dapat membayangkannya dengan saksama dan seperti merasakan ikut menjadi bagian dari ekspedisi itu.Keberhasilan mereka, menurutku, karena "Puncak Annapurna" di dalam diri mereka masing-masing sudah ditaklukkan terlebih dahulu. Sehingga [...]

    24. after all the hardships faced by the team through permit request, selection of teammates, fund raising, excercises, logistics preparation, sherpas and porters selection, conflicts between teammates, avalances, etc etc Annapurna was successfully peakedd claimed her sacrificesI can't even imagine the team's joy and delight when they realized they had "tamed" the fertility goddess, as well their loss and grief when they discover the fate of their mates.dan dari semua pengalaman pendakian itu, baik [...]

    25. Phenomenal story about an all women climb of Annapurna in the Himalaya's.Written about the 1978 expedition, the book begins as the women gather in Katmandu to begin preparations for the climb. It is really an amazing account of all that is entailed in mounting a trip of this kind. The ten women are all very different with varying experience and aspirations. I have always loved books about adventure and this does not disappoint. Arlene Blum, leader of the group and author includes in her narrativ [...]

    26. Arlene Blum has become one of my favorite people, simply by reading her books. She is honest in her accounts, fearless and a world changer. Being a woman in the mountain culture, but not simply within the culture, but being a leader in the industry, takes a lot. Not only did she make a name for herself within that industry, but also as a scientist, its fascinating reading how she related the two worlds. This book specifically is the account of the women's expedition up Annapurna II. The triumph, [...]

    27. Any extreme climbing book invites the inevitable comparison to Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. While Blum writes in a less dramatic and emotional style, she does faithfully chronicle the facts, trials, tribulations, and successes and failures of the extraordinary all-woman expedition to climb Annapurna. She almost made parts of it sound easy by rarely mentioning the difficulty breathing at those altitudes (except for the summit push), although you get the terror most of them felt with the high av [...]

    28. The book tells the events of an all women's climb to Annapurna I in 1978 in a diary style by the expedition leader of all the joys and turmoil to found on the mountain. The book also gives a background to the trials and tribulations that women have faced and were facing at the time in high altitude climbing from their peers and society. A fascinating read in understanding all the planning, troubles, and uncertainty that these women endured to reach their goal of the summit. A good read for those [...]

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