With depth and understanding, acclaimed diva Leontyne Price retells this famous opera about the beautiful princess of Ethiopia The Dillons magnificently capture the drama with powerful full page illustrations that resemble stage sets Ideal for reading aloud during an Egyptian unit, in music classes, to children attending the opera, or for the pure aesthetic experiWith depth and understanding, acclaimed diva Leontyne Price retells this famous opera about the beautiful princess of Ethiopia The Dillons magnificently capture the drama with powerful full page illustrations that resemble stage sets Ideal for reading aloud during an Egyptian unit, in music classes, to children attending the opera, or for the pure aesthetic experience Booklist
A da With depth and understanding acclaimed diva Leontyne Price retells this famous opera about the beautiful princess of Ethiopia The Dillons magnificently capture the drama with powerful full page illus

  • Title: Aïda
  • Author: Leontyne Price Giuseppe Verdi Leo Dillon Diane Dillon
  • ISBN: 9780152015466
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. أوبرا عايدة لحن المجد و ملحمة الحب و الحرب ،، في أوبرا عايدة لفت نظري سيناريو شخصية (آمنريس) أو الأميرة الربة تجسيد إيزيس على الأرض ، اللي احترامهم و تبجيلهم لها و لرمزيتها ، لم يمنعهم في تلك الأوبرا و بتأثير من خلفيتهم الأوروبية النهضوية التنويرية ، من تصويرها كربة حمقاء من [...]

    2. One of the first picture books I bought for my personal collection. I adore Leontyne Price, and the illustrations are pure delight. Beautifully told.

    3. (3nd - 5th grade)The vivid illustrations in this story truly tell a story. The illustrators extraordinary talent is expressed through his realistic portraits. The despair of Princess Aida can almost be felt by the reader by simply gazing into her eyes as she is taken away by the Egyptian soldiers. This story follows the classic Shakespearian tale of "star-crossed lovers" as Princess Aida falls in love with Captain Radames, an official in the army of her country's enemy. In addition, the themes o [...]

    4. Not coming from an African heritage, I think I miss some of the impact of this book. Of course, the story of Aida is entirely fictional, but the artwork in this book draws heavily on Egyptian Old Kingdom style. Seeing so many dark-skinned and powerful, dynamic characters must be quite a pleasant change of pace for African-American audiences.SadlyI wasn't into this book so much, myself. While it's interesting to have a picture book based on an old and well-loved opera, it's hard to put all of tha [...]

    5. This book was a pleasure to read. It is a retelling of the classic story and opera surrounding the life of a young Ethiopian princess, Aida. This particular retelling is quite beautifully done, and gives the story in fascinating detail. In addition to the engaging prose, the book is also wonderful because of full-page illustrations dispersed throughout the book. There are also smaller illustrations that appear on each page that work in conjunction with the full-page pictures, all of which guide [...]

    6. Something different about this book than the other Coretta Scott King Award winners was there was an illustrated frame around the text pages and the picture pages. This book also had a lot of color and texture. The Egyptian princess has many slaves that she doesn’t treat very well. The slaves are almost always kneeling and looking up at their masters. The princess is very vain and looks at herself in the mirror quite a bit. There are illustrations of statues and elaborate Egyptian gatherings i [...]

    7. In this book long time and very well known opera diva Leontyne Price tells the story of Aida who was a royal Ethiopian princess. At the time Ethiopia is at war with their boarder country Egypt so Aida’s father has their kingdom guarded behind very tight restricting quarters. The curious and thrill seeking Princess is sick of being trapped in her kingdom and decides to disguise herself and sneak out into the town. Sneaking too far she is caught and held as a prisoner by Egyptian soldiers. A ter [...]

    8. This series of Opera Guides presents a bi-lingual version of the text, places the work in its context, and also provides a beautiful translation. This version of Aida is fantastic. Unfortunately, reading an opera is much different than the experience, as so much of the content is lost when just reading the words. That said, this tragic love story holds up well against any play. Highly recommended. My favorite line is spoken by Aida herself: "Tua pieta implore/Oggi noi siam percossi,/Doman voi po [...]

    9. Filled with the spare but beautiful illustrations of the incomparable Dillons, Ms. Price outlines the operatic role that made her famous. The illustrations remind us that Ethiopia and Egypt are African nations and the clothing, architecture and skin color of the various people remind us of that fact. Each page is bracketed by flowers while the odd pages are headed by Egyptian-style pictures that fill in the action on the pages. This slim book can serve both as a straightforward story or an intro [...]

    10. The story of Aida is one of a strong woman who does what is necessary to survive but in the ends makes the decision that her love for a man is above all else. The book also has an third major character, another princess, who takes certain actions that she quickly comes to regret, which would be a good teaching moment.The story is reminiscent of Esther in certain aspects and also of Cleopatra.The artwork is also beautiful, showcasing the colorful clothing majestic beauty of royalty in Egypt and E [...]

    11. بعد إستمتاعي بحضور عرض أوبرا عايدة، عثرت علي نسخة إليكترونية للنص المسرحي جعلتني أصل الى نيرڤانا حقيقية، عايدة من أفضل المسرحيات التي قرأتها على الإطلاق فبالرغم من أن (الحدوتة) بسيطة جدًا وكلاسيكية إلا أنه كان هناك صراع دائم بين شخصيات المسرحية علي التوازي بصراع آخر داخلي ل [...]

    12. A gorgeous, gorgeous book. I don't know where the idea of making the opera Aida into a picture book, but it was a very good one. Nothing can replace Verdi's music, of course, but if one doesn't have access to a production of the opera, it would be a wonderful book to sit and look at while listening to the music. Puts an emphasis on the fact that it's actually a good story. Scrupulously faithful to the opera, which is nice.

    13. The illustrations of the story tell of Aida who was a daughter of an King that was bored so she decided to leave the palace and go to the forbidden. The pictures represent Aida’s journey through leaving the palace and unaware that her life is about to change forever. The illustrators came together to recreate a story. Each page is shown in great detail of Aida’s surroundings and where she ends up in the end.

    14. Leontyne Price is one of my favorite singers of all time. And of the operatic staples this one took me quite some time to figure out, and finally enjoy.So a book about it, quite simply, just sucked. The story is best told through Verdi's music. Don't read the story, go to the opera and listen to the recordings for 2 years but you can't read about it.

    15. Aida is a beautifully written and illustrated story of an Ethiopian princess. Middle school students will be drawn to the forbidden love, enemy captivity and betrayal elements of the story. Social studies connections can be made to African history,shaping student's cultural and world views as well as Leyontine Price as a historical figure.

    16. Aida is to Africa what Romeo and Juliet is to Europe. A tale of war and forbidden love. Aida is a captured Ethiopian princess that is enslaved by the Egyptians. Aida and an Egyptian soldier fall in love with each other, but a couple they can never be due to outside forces. As this particular version is written, it appropriate for 5th and 6th graders. Great for exploration of culture.

    17. My daughter is in the cast of a community theater production of Elton John's and Tim Rice's Aida in Aug, so I read this abridged story to get an idea of the plot. Very sad. I've never seen the opera nor the musical.

    18. A Captivating retelling of Verdi's classic opera Aida. A retelling for younger children it has gorgeous illustrations by the Dillons.

    19. I love the musical Aida. I have never seen or heard the opera but I want to. This was a beautiful book about a beautiful story.

    20. Neden? Çünki en yakın arkadaşımın eşi opera sanatçısı ve öğrencilik döneminde bütün eserleri elimizden geçti (Y) Aida en sevdiğim oyunlardan biridir, Verdi ise gerçek bir opera dehası.

    21. Beautiful illustrations and a well-written emotional story provide an excellent opportunity to make opera accessible.

    22. This is a well told and beautifully illustrated version of the classic opera written by Leontyne Price who portrayed the title role on stages all over the world. It is well worth a read.

    23. As someone completely ignorant of opera, this is just the kind of book that makes me want to listen and learn. Beautiful.

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