The Red Thread

After a suicide attempt left him hospitalized for seven months, Jesse Holbrooke is returning home to live with his parents Despite the treatment he received, his depression hangs like a cloud over his head, casting his life in a perpetual darkness he can t seem to escape But just when the obstacles become insurmountable, a glimmer of light appears.Life hasn t been easy fAfter a suicide attempt left him hospitalized for seven months, Jesse Holbrooke is returning home to live with his parents Despite the treatment he received, his depression hangs like a cloud over his head, casting his life in a perpetual darkness he can t seem to escape But just when the obstacles become insurmountable, a glimmer of light appears.Life hasn t been easy for Adam Foster, a barista with a bad stutter, but he keeps his chin up and tries not to let the mockery of others get to him Though shy, Adam is sweet and romantic, and Jesse knows they could be perfect for each other Adam s support gives Jesse the courage to face the darkness and believe in the possibility of happiness at last But if their romance is going to last, both young men will have to look inside and find acceptance for themselves as well as for each other.
The Red Thread After a suicide attempt left him hospitalized for seven months Jesse Holbrooke is returning home to live with his parents Despite the treatment he received his depression hangs like a cloud over his

  • Title: The Red Thread
  • Author: Bryan Ellis
  • ISBN: 9781634777247
  • Page: 353
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “The Red Thread”

    1. 2.5 StarsI'll start by saying I think I was way too invested in this story.The day I realized I was depressed, I was seven years old. I was sitting in the playground of my elementary school, and all the kids around me were running around, playing. I listened to their laughter, and I watched them have fun. Then there was me. I sat alone on the swing. I stayed away from everyone else. My teachers thought I was merely shy, but I knew even at that age I was sad. For as long as I’ve known, I’ve b [...]

    2. Ugh, I absolutely hate to rain on a first-time author’s parade, but I had so many issues with this one. Mental health issues tackled within the context of a romance novel is a favourite trope of mine. I was hoping good things from this book after reading the blurb but, unfortunately, I was disappointed. The writing style was melodramatic and completely over the top. Constantly. From the main protagonist being 19 but sounding like he was 70, to the directionless plot, it was just all over the p [...]

    3. DNF @ 12%There is something in the tone of this story that made it very difficult for me to read. This story is about a man with depression, and to be quite honest, the way this is written caused me to sink into a not good place. I doubt that is what the author intended, and I like to believe that Jesse would start to move into a slightly more level headspace while developing his relationship with Adam, but unfortunately, after trying twice, and being triggered twice, I cannot put myself through [...]

    4. **copy provided to bayou book junkie by author/publisher via Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review**This was a powerful book, but it was a daunting task to read at times. Jess faces so much darkness in his life, darkness I understand and can relate to. I have walked in his shoes. I have been to those dark places and faced those doubts and fears. I've let and still let those little voices tell me I'm not good enough, and people don't or can't love me. I've felt as alone as Jess has [...]

    5. I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Wow. This is an intense, difficult and powerful story. It is narrated by Jesse, a 19 year old suffering from severe depression and recovering from a recent suicide attempt. Especially at the beginning, Jesse’s voice is choppy, awkward and difficult to warm to. He feels uncomfortably, horribly real. Having lived with someone suffering from a similar depressive disorder, there were moments that I found this too difficult and I w [...]

    6. 4.5 STARSI wasn’t the reviewer who originally requested this book to read for Love Bytes. I’d had my eye on it, but the blurb seemed to ooze “depressing”, and that’s not why I read romances. But the reviewer who requested the story sent out an SOS, citing a tsunami of emotional angst as the problem, so I stocked up on tissues and picked up the book.So where on earth do I begin with this book? The story is told in the first person point of view of Jesse Holbrooke, one of the most severe [...]

    7. I’ve taken forever to get this review in because I didn’t want to be the dissenting opinion on this book of all books. I think The Red Thread is an important novel—it’s important that stories like this get told, and get told well—and the author’s depiction of depression, and how overwhelmingly all-encompassing it can be, was extremely realistically expressed. I so appreciate Bryan Ellis for giving us Jess’s story. Unfortunately, much of the time the writing style just didn’t work [...]

    8. A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsThe Red Thread was a beautiful, elegantly written novel of one man’s journey through depression. This is one of the few books I’ve read that truly depicts depression in a meaningful way. I believe that people with depression experience the condition differently, but Jesse’s descriptions ring true, at least from my perspective. He is far from a pathetic figure. Instead we see him as a man struggling against impossible odds and managing to tackle each day with a [...]

    9. I was given an ARC for an honest review.Jess was recently released from a mental hospital after an attempted suicide. He’s trying to find his way through life while weighed down by the depression that has plagued him his whole life. He works at a quaint little bookstore, has a few friends and a family that doesn’t know how to talk to you or treat him.Adam is a sweet, caring man with a terrible stutter. He avoids talking to people as much as he can because his stutter embarrasses him. When Je [...]

    10. Bryan Ellis know how to express himself, that's for sure. Anyone who has suffered from depression, anxiety, or other mental illness will feel uncomfortable connection to the main character. As awkward as it was at times, I felt it cathartic to read as it helped me stand up to my own darkness.The romance is adorable and the main character is so incredibly real. I am greatly looking forward t reading whatever Bryan has to publish next!

    11. This is a powerful story. I had. to put it down at times but every time I picked it back up I was immersed in it. I really liked the voices of Adam and Jess but I don't entirely get what Alex brought to the story and the end was well I guess I didn't really want it to end so imo it ended too soon.

    12. very eye opening, intense. have dealt with depression myself at times but never to the extent that Jess, the main character, does. Not sure what drew me to read this book, but I am glad I did.

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