The Queen's Spies: The Diary of Kitty Lumsden, 1583-1586

This is the diary of 12 year old Kitty Lumsden, the daughter of Bloody Tower diarist, Tilly Middleton, who now lives with her family near the Thames, not far from her old Tower home The drama is set against the historical backdrop of the Babington plot to end Elizabeth s life and put Mary Queen of Scots on the throne But far from being innocent bystanders, the Lumsden faThis is the diary of 12 year old Kitty Lumsden, the daughter of Bloody Tower diarist, Tilly Middleton, who now lives with her family near the Thames, not far from her old Tower home The drama is set against the historical backdrop of the Babington plot to end Elizabeth s life and put Mary Queen of Scots on the throne But far from being innocent bystanders, the Lumsden family becomes intricately involved in a mass of secrets and spies
The Queen s Spies The Diary of Kitty Lumsden This is the diary of year old Kitty Lumsden the daughter of Bloody Tower diarist Tilly Middleton who now lives with her family near the Thames not far from her old Tower home The drama is set a

  • Title: The Queen's Spies: The Diary of Kitty Lumsden, 1583-1586
  • Author: Valerie Wilding
  • ISBN: 9780439963633
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Sadly, I had not read this in the order I was supposed to. I don't know that it would have made a difference, but I would've definitely enjoyed it more I believe. I read To Kill A Queen before its prequel, Bloody Tower, and I had no idea that the two were related in any way. Bloody Tower talks about Tilly Middleton, whose family lives in the Tower of London where most executions take place (hence named the Bloody Tower), and To Kill A Queen talks about Tilly Middleton's daughter Kitty Lumsden, w [...]

    2. “Joseph,“ I ran after him and grabbed his arm. “Don’t they’re the plotters!” Young Catherine Anne Lumsden says this as she tries to keep her older brother Joseph from warning one of the plotters that he is being watched by Sir Frances Walsingham [Queen Elizabeth’s Secretary of State]. Why is Joseph trying to protect one of the plotters who wants to kill Queen Elizabeth and place Mary Queen of Scots on the throne? Well, you’ll have to read this amazing book To Kill a Queen by Vale [...]

    3. How would you feel if people were trying to kill you queen? How would you feel if Mary Queen of Scots was put back on the throne and if you weren’t Catholic you would be killed? I read the book called To Kill a Queen, by Valerie Wilding. To Kill a Queen was about two queens, Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth 1st and their problems in London, England. In London Sir Anthony Babington and his five friends plotted to kill Queen Elizabeth and they were killed! Another character named Kitty (s [...]

    4. This is another great My Story book. I like how Kitty's mom is Tilly from "The Bloody Tower". It was nice to know Tilly's life after the book, even though they didn't really focus on her. Very well done.

    5. I read To Kill a Queen by Valerie Wilding. This book is fiction, as well as being realistic fiction. I read this book because I like reading books with themes from long ago. This book takes place in England of 1583. The main character's name is Kitty, and her challenge is living in a part of time where it is very dangerous for her due to spies wanting to kill the queen to make England Catholic again. The story made me feel very, well, bored. There wasn't much action, at least not enough for me. [...]

    6. I thought it was a fun and interesting read. I liked reading about what life was like during that time from a young persons perspective.

    7. This is a cute story told in the form of a young girl's diary. It takes place over three years in England at a time when Queen Elizabeth I was in power and Mary Queen of Scots was her captive. The narrator, Kitty, has family members that are right in the heart of things so she is easily able to hear the latest gossip of Mary's lifestyle and relocations and of any of the plots that are in the works to free her from her captivity, as well as to kill Queen Elizabeth and place Mary on the throne. Th [...]

    8. This book was hard for me to read, because I often was confused and didn't know what was happening. I read this book twice and might even read it a third time, but it never made sense to me! I might read it when I'm a little older so my brain can comprehend the more difficult words.

    9. This historical fiction is set in a time when Elizabeth I, daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, was Queen and is written in the form of a diary from the perspective of 12-year-old Katherine Lumsden. Known as Kitty to her friends and family, she learns quickly where her loyalty lies as her father is in service to the Queen and on a special mission to help find and bring to justice those that would have the Queen assassinated and replace her with her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. She makes [...]

    10. This book is one in the My Story series. The books in this series are fictional diaries of young girls living during different periods of British, Scottish, and Irish history. Twelve-year-old Catherine Lumsden, called Kitty by her friends and family, is the daughter of Tilly Middleton, the main character from a previous My Story book by the author, "Bloody Tower." Having enjoyed keeping a diary at that age, Tilly gives her daughter a diary of her own to write in. It is November of 1583 in Englan [...]

    11. “Take this book, only write in it when you wish.” That’s where it all started; Kitty was given a book by her mom, so she started writing in it all the time. Kitty’s brother Joseph is hanging out with strange characters, and she is a little worried. Her and her cousin Edmund are going places they are not supposed to but were getting away with it until Kitty’s cousin Kathryn and Edmunds sister caught them and they got in big trouble and Kathryn’s always in their business and follows th [...]

    12. Valerie Wilding is fast becoming my favourite author of this series, of the many to choose from. She has a strong voice and sense of character, and her stories are neither over- nor under-detailed. This book is described as a sequel to Bloody Tower, as our protagonist Kitty is that narrator's daughter. To Kill a Queen has all the same strengths as its predecessor, and as I enjoyed Bloody Tower, I appreciated the continued story of the characters. It is a light and engaging read, with plenty of h [...]

    13. Catherine(Kitty) Anne Lumsden is the daughter of Matilda (Tilly) Middleton now Lady Matilda Lumsden. Kitty is a smart girl with a sweet older brother called Joseph.She has 4 brothers(including Joseph).The other 3 are called Richard(Joseph's older twin) and Harry and George the youngest brothers. the youngest out of the family is their sister Elizabeth (Beeba) Her cousin Edmund is her best friend and a likeable character. All her family are likeable characters except her cousin Kathryn who is ver [...]

    14. My story; To kill a Queen by Valerie Wilding. Imagine if you lived near the tower of london and heard inside details about the prisoners. Imagine if your family was sent to the tower of london. As a young girl, this are things Kitty worries about.People are trying to get rid of Queen Elizabeth and put Mary, Queen of Scots in her place.What will happen to Queen Elizabeth? What will happen to Mary, Queen of Scots? Will Kitty's family get sent to the tower of london?I would give this book 4 out of [...]

    15. This entire series is a wonderful way to learn history or teach it to adolescents. I find today's generations seem to recall more when they learn through other people (pop songs, celebrity gossip, etc.), so what better way to teach history than through someone else's perspective? Yes, "authentic" diaries would be "better", but would the language really hold the modern student's attention? Did the diary writer know what WOULD be important in the context of history? Probably not.

    16. 1583-1586, following plots to kill the Queen not my favourite of the My Story series but still very interesting. The young girl, Kitty, was quite a fun narator - and ugh, her cousin Kathryn was so annoying! I liked the portrait the book painted of life at that time, even if a lot of it was rather gruesome. The historical detail was nice too, especially since beforehand I knew very little about the Mary, Queen of Scots/Queen Elizabeth/Protestant/Catholic stuff.

    17. Ths book is about a girl called kitty daughter of Tilly Midleton the Bloody Tower diarist. This story is set in the time of the Babington plot. Kittys family is involved in the plot to kick off Elizabeth I and put on Mary Queen of Scots on the throne of England. All in the middle of this is poor kitty.

    18. I think this book was marvellous and i enjoyed the whole thing I did not realise that this was the sequel to bloody tower but that is next on my list to read it was truly a awesome and i hope i get the same experience from bloody tower as i have gotten from this book.

    19. Okay ish. I used to like these books when I was younger. I tried reading one of my old favourites again without much luck, I guess Elizabeth I isn't really down my alley anymore.

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