Bleed Through

With his schizophrenia under control, life is looking up for twenty five year old Liam Murphy Independence looms on his horizon, and he s under the care of a psychologist who understands him Then he witnesses a murder at the yacht club He worries it s a hallucination and sign of regression, but soon becomes convinced that his meds have given him the paranormal ability tWith his schizophrenia under control, life is looking up for twenty five year old Liam Murphy Independence looms on his horizon, and he s under the care of a psychologist who understands him Then he witnesses a murder at the yacht club He worries it s a hallucination and sign of regression, but soon becomes convinced that his meds have given him the paranormal ability to see past events and that the murder actually happened.Attempting to make sense of his new talent, Liam finds an unlikely confidant in Mai Nguyen, a fellow college student and eternal optimist Though she helps him navigate the unsettling memories threatening to engulf him, the emotional toll of learning terrible secrets he can t prove pushes Liam to the brink of lucidity.Desperate to wrest back control of his life, Liam tosses his pills He spirals into a relapse and captures the killer s attention as he bumbles through investigating the crime Hunted by a possibly imaginary murderer, and haunted by self doubt, Liam must distinguish between hallucinations and reality If he doesn t, he risks losing either his hard won sanity or his life.
Bleed Through With his schizophrenia under control life is looking up for twenty five year old Liam Murphy Independence looms on his horizon and he s under the care of a psychologist who understands him Then he w

  • Title: Bleed Through
  • Author: Adriana Arrington
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 4 StarsFull Review:*I received an ecopy of this book from the publisher. This has not influenced my review.*I'm having a hard time figuring out how to review this book, mostly because the main focus of the book was Liam's schizophrenia---not the paranormal and definitely not the romance that's hinted at in the blurb---and how it affected him and his family, and I have zero experience with that which means I am in no place to say whether it was portrayed accurately. So I'm basing my rating/review [...]

    2. Well that was different and I have to say very entertaining. Read it in three or four sitttings which is always a good sign. Liam Murphy is a 25 year old college student who suffers with schizophrenia. Back living with his mother, sister and stepfather after his own father died, he thinks he witnesses a murder as he sees a man beaten to death on a marina. But there is no eveidence of the murder. No blood stains, no sign of struggle. Was it just another hallucination?Trying to put it to one side [...]

    3. Once upon a time I worked in a role where I briefly studied schizophrenia, and while there are different subtypes and characteristics, it was interesting to see Arrington develop Liam's mental illness, presenting itself with hallucinations, paranoid delusions, disorganized speech, disorganized thinking, and significant social or occupational dysfunction. His behaviors and mannerisms felt real to me, even with the paranormal element thrown in. Liam was a gripping character. In fact, I often gripp [...]

    4. Check out more reviews @ Perspective of a WriterLiam is a college student with schizophrenia who finally has his disease under control with the help of a psychologist who can get through to him. After witnessing a murder all his progress is in the can as he believes his meds have caused him to see events tied to the land. Due to a new girl, Mai, who he likes very much he tries to determine what is real and what is hallucinations as his actions put his family in increasing danger will he be able [...]

    5. Is regaining control over his actions and getting a chance at independence worth the horrible visions 25 year old Liam's anti-psychotic medications trigger? Or should the murder he just witnessed be his bigger priority?These are the questions that both the protagonist and the reader will struggle to answer in this gripping debut from Adriana Arrington. With short, but action packed chapters, Bleed Through is an engaging thriller that will leave you wondering how much of the heartbreaking story i [...]

    6. One of the year's best psychological thrillers so far! While unreliable narrators have been sweeping the literary landscape as of late, the technique often feels like a cheap trick. Not so here, as first-time novelist Arrington delivers a perfectly drawn protagonist that you can’t help but root for. Did Liam really see a murder? Is his mental illness really under control? Does his medication give him supernatural abilities?Check out the rest of my review at BestThrillers

    7. I was fortunate enough to get an early ARC of this book and put it on my Kindle to read on the plane during a trip. I'd forgotten the premise, so when I started reading, I wasn't quite sure where things were heading, and it made for a pretty interesting read, because this book, even if I'd known where it was heading, defies expectations. Right away, things were a little off in the world of our MC, Liam, and then they went completely off the rails not much later. I love an unreliable narrator, bu [...]

    8. BLEED THROUGH is an explosive mix of psychological suspense and paranormal thriller featuring Liam, a twenty-five-year-old struggling to manage his schizophrenia, who starts to suspect that his hallucinations aren’t just that. It’s not the easiest concept to pull off. Yet when I read BLEED THROUGH, I never thought that Liam’s condition was glossed over in any way. I can only admire the amount of research this portrayal must have required. It’s a daily struggle (in the words of Liam’s t [...]

    9. Bleed Through is a clever novel that kept me uncertain of what was real and what was imagined. It's a fascinating look into life with mental illness, and the main character, Liam, is a sympathetic character who must struggle to navigate a slow descent into uncertainty and paranoia. Scenes are richly drawn and the fast pacing makes this a page turner. Great summer read!

    10. I reached the halfway point of this book and almost couldn’t finish it, and not for the reason you’d expect.This book is excellently written, almost too well. Liam, the main character, suffers from schizophrenia in a way that few literary characters do: realistically.When medicated, Liam’s situation is more palatable but when he stops taking his medication around halfway through the book… it starts getting hard to read. This is as it should be though, schizophrenia isn't palatable, it's [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This book felt gimmicky, a bit like a stunt written so give an impressionistic feel for how a schizophrenic might perceive the world. I've worked in the mental health field and didn't care for it. It felt like the author was trying to be edgy, but this is an experience that can't really be replicated.

    12. This novel takes a fascinating look inside the mind of a character with severe mental illness. The writing was incredibly vivid, to the point where I could “see” scenes happening in my mind, like a movie. (This book would certainly make a great movie—I am imagining films like The Sixth Sense or Fight Club, with plenty of shocks and reveals). The main character, twenty-five year old Liam, cannot always distinguish between what is a hallucination or delusion and what is real. As the book goe [...]

    13. Bleed Through was unsettling in the best way. It yanks me into the fractured mind of a young man with schizophrenia. Liam’s life brings the reader into HIS full questioning of reality. With wonderful, fast-paced scenes, we shift from his versions of mentally steady, to uncertain, to full on hallucinations. This would be troubling enough, but what he sees or doesn’t see becomes a suspenseful hook as he tries to navigate his reality. The book also dips into the paranormal, or does it? Reading [...]

    14. This fascinating tale kept me up late as I tried to guess what would happen next. Reality, delusion, and regret all interwoven into an ingenious plot made my pulse race for a young man's perilous journey. A great story, well-crafted, with a satisfying ending. Bravo!

    15. Part mystery, part hero’s journey, part love story, Adriana Arrington’s Bleed Through has a little bit of everything. Intriguing and suspenseful, the story kept me guessing about where the line between the real and imagined is drawn. It also raised my sense of empathy, reminding me of the prevalence of mental illness and society’s discrimination toward those who may be suffering, the battles in their mind not visible for everyone to see and understand. All the while, their personal safety, [...]

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