Heather, the Totality

The Breakstone family arrange themselves around their daughter Heather, and the world seems to follow beautiful, compassionate, entrancing, she is the greatest blessing in their lives of Manhattan luxury But as Heather grows and her empathy sharpens to a point, and her radiance attracts and dark interest their perfect existence starts to fracture Meanwhile a vThe Breakstone family arrange themselves around their daughter Heather, and the world seems to follow beautiful, compassionate, entrancing, she is the greatest blessing in their lives of Manhattan luxury But as Heather grows and her empathy sharpens to a point, and her radiance attracts and dark interest their perfect existence starts to fracture Meanwhile a very different life, one raised in poverty and in violence, is beginning its own malign orbit around Heather Matthew Weiner the creator of Mad Men has crafted an extraordinary first novel of incredible pull and menace Heather, The Totality demonstrates perfectly his forensic eye for the human qualities that hold modern society together, and pull it apart.
Heather the Totality The Breakstone family arrange themselves around their daughter Heather and the world seems to follow beautiful compassionate entrancing she is the greatest blessing in their lives of Manhattan lux

  • Title: Heather, the Totality
  • Author: Matthew Weiner
  • ISBN: 9780316435307
  • Page: 492
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I never expected to write another 1-star review. (This is only my second in 10 years.) These days, if something is bad I just quit reading much of the time. What happened here was a combination of curiosity and ultimately having to see it through to make sure it would end as badly as I expected. (Spoiler alert: it did.)I was thinking maybe I wouldn't write a review at all. I don't like writing bad reviews. I take no joy in them. But readers have my loyalty more than writers and publishers, and i [...]

    2. Der Hammer!! Perfekte Länge für Zwischendurch und einfach düster und packend. Jedoch hab ich einen Stern abgezogen, weil die Sätze teilweise EXTREM lang waren und ich dauernd im Lesefluss gestört wurde.Nichtsdestotrotz SUPER :)

    3. 2.5 starsI can understand the negatives reviews for this book because it was underwhelming.People are complaining about the writing style but it didn’t bother me that much. I guess this just felt like a slightly bulked out storyboard for a TV show, which would make sense as the author wrote Mad Men.Some people think there is no character development in this novella, but I can’t say I agree. Mark and Karen are well described throughout the book and though you don’t get much history into eac [...]

    4. This novella length work is not a book at all. It's the treatment you would write for a movie or the outline and biographies that you would write before you wrote the actual book. There is no dialogue, just a recitation of people doing or thinking things. Rather than being suspenseful, the whole thing just felt sort of sleazy and leering. There is no way that this would have been published if the author had not been the creator of Mad Men. It was hugely disappointing. I received a free copy of t [...]

    5. Manhattan financier Mark Breakstone is successful enough at his job, but he seems destined never to reach the top echelon. Nevertheless, when he's introduced by friends to Karen she sees sufficient potential to throw in her lot and soon they are married and living in a nice apartment close to Park Avenue. Not too much later a beautiful and seemingly gifted daughter, Heather, is born. So adorable is their offspring that it isn't long before her parents are actively competing for her affections. I [...]

    6. This is a colossally dumb book. Boring, paint-by-numbers writing, a predictable plot, and forgettable characters. There's not even a hint of anything captivating or fresh to mitigate this tired trip down cliché lane. It was only 130 pages long, and sometimes I laughed at how dumb it all was and at how there was NO reason for this book to exist, but that's all I can muster as an endorsement.

    7. Interesting novella--sort of a fleshed out storyboard, no dialogue. Mark and Karen marry, have a beautiful daughter they name Heather and live a comfortable, if not totally happy, life in NYC. A young man with a very different kind of background is part of a construction team working on their condo building. Mark starts to worry when he sees the guy eyeing his daughter. Strange ending with a bit of a twist.Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the opportunity to read an arc of this s [...]

    8. Wow, this is bad! How a writer of the iconic Mad Men and The Sopranos can pen this is a mystery - was he 12 at the time? With no dialogue (really, NO dialogue), a story that flits through 18 years in a nanosecond, random capitalisations (the Woman, the Trainee, the Father, the Worker), and a completely bonkers 'plot' (view spoiler)[ (couple meet on a blind date, marry, dote on their daughter, dad worries psychopath is letching over her, takes him upstairs and pushes him out of the window, the en [...]

    9. I have always wanted to be a writer. To me there is no better job in the entire universe. As luck would have it I was working my day job waiting table’s at Dan Tanna’s in West Hollywood when Matthew Weiner, creator, writer, and show-runner for the hit television show Mad Men got seated in my section! This was my big break, I just knew it. “Mr. Weiner, I have always wanted to write novels,” I stammered, “any chance you can give me some pointers?”“Of course,” the generous Mr. Weine [...]

    10. Das war eine sehr positiv überraschende, kurzweilige Lektüre, auch deshalb weil Weiner (bekannt als Schöpfer von Serien wie „Mad Men“) sich kurzfasst. Gerade mal 130 Seiten umfasst diese Geschichte.Und an Erzählweisen von Filmen und Serien fühlte ich mich beim Lesen dieser spannenden Geschichte in der Tat erinnert. Der Wechsel zwischen den Perspektiven des vermeintlichen Täters und den vermeintlichen Opfern treibt die Handlung voran. Da ist der brutale Kerl aus einem schlechten Viertel [...]

    11. Premessa da chiarire ai potenziali lettori/lettrici di questo libro: Heather, più di tutto non è un romanzo: è una novella, un racconto lungo. L’edizione ebook ha 65 pagine di testo (poi sapete che la pagina ebook contiene in media più battute di quella cartacea). Se pensate di acquistarlo tenetene conto, visto che l’ebook costa 9 euro e il cartaceo costa addirittura 17 euro. Ciò detto, l’altra premessa è che probabilmente saprete già tutti chi sia Matthew Weiner, ovvero il creatore [...]

    12. HEATHER, THE TOTALITY by Matthew Weiner - Thank you so much to Little Brown for providing my free copy - all opinions are my own. “She was radiant with life, even when she was alone, or thought she was.”My Review:Mark and Karen Breakstone met and married at age 40 so when they had a daughter, Heather, she became the center of their universe. They live in an upscale neighborhood and appear to have it all. As Heather grows up, things start to shift and her relationship with her parents changes [...]

    13. See more of my reviews at BugBugBooks.Heather is the glowing center of the Breakstone family. She's beautiful and magnetic, worshipped by all, especially her parents, Mark and Karen. To outsiders, their family seems perfect---rich, successful, happy---but, in reality, Mark is plagued by insecurity, Karen is deeply lonely, and their family life is suffering. As a result, Heather feels simultaneously neglected and smothered by her parents, and is irritated by their inability to provide a more bala [...]

    14. I jumped at the chance to read this novel after hearing about it on the Book Riot podcast. Matthew Weiner is the creator of Mad Men and this book is his debut. It's almost a stretch to call it a novel because it's so short. It's more like a long short story or a novella. There's not a lot to tell about the plot without ruining it, which is probably why the description here simply reads it's the tale of a family and a psychopath. True, but it's also a story about obsession and parental love. Over [...]

    15. I simply do not know what to make of this strange little story. Author Matthew Weiner was a writer for Mad Men which explains the "darkness hidden inside the American dream" theme that runs throughout the story of the Breakstone family, somewhat schlubby and insecure but loving Mark, his equally insecure wife Karen and their messianic daughter Heather who is so beautiful, kind, and empathetic she draws worshipful admirers wherever she goes almost from the moment of her birth. At least that's wha [...]

    16. Tense and deadpan in God's-eye journalistic style, Heather, The Totality is a spare and sparse hypnotic story about people tumbling helplessly towards irrevocable breakdown. The storytelling is almost cold and distant as it rummages through the characters' lives, past and present, but the view of the characters is close-up and personal, delving into their most private thoughts, real and perceived. I admit that I couldn't put this down for love or money (or even sleep) once I'd started, its pacey [...]

    17. This is a short but effective novella; a solid foray into fiction by Matthew Weiner, of Mad Men fame. This novella is blunt and affectless in the way it contrasts privilege and the absence of it. It’s certainly a story of two world colliding. Tension is built effectively, quickly yet steadily throughout. Weiner is scathing in his critique of the pursuit of perfection, the facades we make for our lives, and the culture of competitive comparison that rules so many of our social interactions. Wha [...]

    18. I received a free ARC of this novel (more of a novella) from the publisher, Hachette Book Group, after winning a GoodReads book giveaway.I'm not sure if I would consider this book to be dark & weird or weird & dark. Either way, it was a pretty large disappointment for me. I did not enjoy Matthew Weiner's writing style at all. His choppy paragraphs were sometimes random and often inconsistent. The rugged paragraphs left a lot to be desired between them and I felt that he missed an opportu [...]

    19. I had high hopes for this book based on the author, Matthew Weiner, and his creation, Mad Men. Unfortunately, this lacked everything that made the show unique - the plot was predictable, the writing was overly simplistic, and I failed to appreciate any of the characters. This felt more like an outline for a story as opposed to a fully developed novel. The basic story is about the Breakstone family: Mark, his wife Karen, and their daughter, Heather. Even at a young age, Heather's vivacious person [...]

    20. Dark. Really, really dark but gripping at the same time. Especially for it's brevity. I love Matthew Weiner and everything he does.

    21. Ha resultado una historia perturbadora tanto por la trama principal como por los personajes, especialmente los dos padres y Bobby. Además de mostrarnos como la maldad se puede convertir en bondad y viceversa. También trata el tema de qué seríamos capaces de hacer por salvar a la familia. Me ha gustado la forma en la que está contada y lo que me ha hecho reflexionar.

    22. No stars. Yup. No stars. The author, showrunner for Mad Men, must recognize this is an outline that will be ultimately rejected for production. Maybe five words of dialogue -- all exposition, and cliched at that, and the only reason I finished it was that it was short.

    23. Not was advertised. Simple writing, simple plot and overly short. Very predictable. This is a shame because Mad Men writing is great at times. I guess this is what happens when the marketing team is at its best.

    24. As everyone knows who has read this blog or seen me talk at conferences about The Sopranos, etc I've long admired Matthew Weiner's work on both The Sopranos and Mad Men, and indeed consider it to be at the very apex of television. I was thus more than pleased to get a slightly-advance copy of Weiner's first novel (due to be published November 7) late yesterday, and read it one-and-a-half sittings (a little in the wee hours of the morning, the rest just this afternoon). It's only 134 short pages, [...]

    25. There was just something very noir and compulsive about this slim novel that kept me turning the pages and not wanting to stop. I read a review (a negative one) that pointed out that there was not a single line of dialogue in the entire book. I hadn't even noticed that until I read that review. To this reviewer, the lack of dialogue was unfavorable, however I found that it created a certain mood and rhythm that I really liked. I see that readers are really split on this one, but the more I think [...]

    26. This is a very short and disturbing novel from the creator of the TV series Mad Men. It follows the lives of the Breakstones - Mark and Karen and their very beautiful, emotionally perceptive daughter Heather. As we go from their first date to their marriage, the birth of Heather and Mark's wealth from his job in banking, their lives in New York become more and more privileged, and yet they seem to become more neurotic. Set against this is the story of Bobby, who grows up in poverty in New Jersey [...]

    27. I have mixed feelings about the book. The characters felt shallow and stereo-typical (even Heather). But I did rather like the ending. It's definitely not a book I'd want to own or re-read, but it's a slim novella that's a fast read and even though I was disappointed in the style, I stl cared enough to finish the book.

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