Heat Storm

Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm, New York Times bestselling author Richard Castle s most enduring and beloved characters, team up for the first time to save Nikki s mother, Cynthia, who has been in hiding and presumed dead for 17 years Standing in their way is a nefarious group of Chinese businessmen known as the Shanghai Seven, who have the resources and ruthlessness to sNikki Heat and Derrick Storm, New York Times bestselling author Richard Castle s most enduring and beloved characters, team up for the first time to save Nikki s mother, Cynthia, who has been in hiding and presumed dead for 17 years Standing in their way is a nefarious group of Chinese businessmen known as the Shanghai Seven, who have the resources and ruthlessness to stop them.
Heat Storm Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm New York Times bestselling author Richard Castle s most enduring and beloved characters team up for the first time to save Nikki s mother Cynthia who has been in hidin

  • Title: Heat Storm
  • Author: Richard Castle
  • ISBN: 9781484787861
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Returning for another instalment of the Nikki Heat series, readers will be graced with the added bonus of a full Derrick Storm novel as well, showing the Richard Castle is able to juggle two of his protagonists in this high-flying piece of light fare. Away from the fast pace of China’s cities, Derrick Storm is in the middle of uncovering a counterfeit operation that could have significant implications in the United States. It would seem someone is laundering large amounts of US money from some [...]

    2. 3.5 stars, actually.It's a little hard to take the Nikki Heat series seriously - whether or not you loved the very popular Castle TV show that starred the New York police detective (played by Stana Katic) and her Pulitzer prize-winning squeeze, Richard Castle (played by the hunky Nathan Filion). I was a diehard fan until the last couple of seasons, when the shows somehow stopped being fun and I pretty much lost interest. Supposedly, the books are written by Castle; but of course, he's not a real [...]

    3. Βαθμολογία: ★★★Μια υπέροχη αστυνομική σειρά φτάνει στο τέλος της. Στο ένατο βιβλίο παίζεται ένα crossover μεταξύ των δύο πρωταγωνιστών των βιβλίων του Richard Castle (από την ομώνυμη τηλεοπτική σειρά), της Nikki Heat και του Derrick Storm. Δυστυχώς δεν ακολουθεί την κλασική ροή των υπόλοιπων μυ [...]

    4. In the very first episode of Castle, the show opens with author Richard Castle at a launch party for "the final Derek Storm novel". In particular, the show lets you know, Derek Storm has been definitively killed by a gun shot to the head with a large exit wound. However, in the world that "Richard Castle" has setup, it's clear dead doesn't mean dead, and this book is no exception, as Derek Storm teams up with Nikki Heat to find out who killed her mother and why, once and for all.These books got [...]

    5. Oh, dear. Oh, my. Aargh!!! How do I give stars to "Heat Storm"? On the one hand, I felt like Sally Field: I liked itI really, really liked it. On the other hand: I really, really didn't. If you've read my review of the last Nikki Heat book, "High Heat", I gave it five stars and praised author Richard Castle for writing a great prequel to a "they're-gonna-reunite-and-it's-gonna-kick-butt" book. Well, I was wrong. "Heat Storm" was more of a Nikki Heat/Derrick Storm love fest. And, no, I don't mean [...]

    6. The combination of Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm in this book makes for a double dose of murder, mystery and mayhem - not to mention 3 ruggedly handsome men with 2 Storms and Rook! - that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. I literally couldn't put this book down, through all its twists and turns, until I'd read to the very end (and what an ending!). Loved it!

    7. What would YOU do if your mother, presumed dead and buried for 17 years, is spotted at a bus stop? You chase her down but she disappears before your eyes. Was she a bit of bad pizza or just a wishful dream?Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm, Richard Castle's most beloved characters, team up for the first time to find Nikki's mother. Standing in their way is a nefarious group of Chinese businessmen known as the Shanghai Seven, who have the resources-and ruthlessness-to stop them.Dear Richard Castle, do [...]

    8. The last couple of books have been getting hokier & hokier, but this one will be my last Nikki Heat book. The story was weak & predictable. The Derrick Storm character seemed very 2 dimensional & to "James Bond" ish. The ending was trite & did a poor job of summoning up the story. I will always be a Castle fan, but I now understand why the show ended. These characters have gone about as far as they can go & please put them to rest.

    9. I LOVED this! It was so much fun. I love the Derrick Storm / Nikki Heat partnership, and I'm so glad that this book series is continuing even though the TV series isn't. I can't wait for the next book!

    10. I liked the Nikki Heat/Derrick Storm crossover. I enjoyed the addition of Derrick's father and was glad to finally has some resolution with the whole Nikki's mom thing. Lots of action, not enough Rook. Overall, a good, fun, quick read.

    11. This was great! The beginning was a bit slow, but after that hurdle the book definitely picked up and kept my attention throughout. I loved Derrick and his dad - they were hilarious and unstoppable together. Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm make a fantastic team!

    12. An extremely well-researched and well-written thriller. I love the combination of characters and the intricate plots and storylines.

    13. Entretenido y mantiene la intriga hasta el final. Un buen colofón para una serie de libros basada en una serie de televisión que languideció la última temporada

    14. I miss Castle on tv. This series is great but this book isn't my favorite. I'll still be reading the next one!

    15. This was a good book. I’ve read this series since it started and because I loved Castle when it was on. Some of the story is improbable but since there are things happening in the real world that I would have thought completely improbable, why not enjoy a fiction book of improbabilities? Nikki and Rook have the magic that Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion have in the tv series. Very enjoyable, light reading and after 9 books in the series I’m still looking forward to #10. Enjoy!

    16. This was definitely not my favorite of the Nikki Heat books, but it definitely grew on me as the story went along. I liked the combination of Derrick Storm and Nikki Heat- except for the fact that Derrick Storm is killed off in the last book of his series (according to the first episode of Castle) which leaves me wondering where this falls in the timeline compared to those books. Overall, the story redeemed itself as it continued, it was a slow start, but eventually picked up a few more twists b [...]

    17. To be perfectly frank, it's probably time for Nikki Heat to bow out.Make no mistake: in a lot of ways, Heat Storm is a good read. It's better than High Heat, and it's a lot of fun. It's also just as divisive as the volume that came before it, and the climactic battle practically flies in the face of the eight books that came before it.Despite being billed as a Nikki Heat-Derrick Storm crossover, the two characters are hardly ever in the same place; for most of Heat Storm, they communicate using [...]

    18. I spent the first third of the book being super frustrated with Nikki; it finally resolved itself during the middle, and the end was pretty cheesy. Would I read it again? Probably, but not for a while. It's not up to the standard of the first books in the series, but it's all right. (view spoiler)[ So. Nikki's mom turns out to not be dead, she's just been in hiding all this time to protect herself and her daughter from a top-level international crime that she's been trying to solve. The story br [...]

    19. Hard to review this one properly becauselet's try and work this out, shall we? We have the ninth book in the Nikki Heat series and the, ostensibly, fourth book in the Derrick Storm series. (I consider the three novellas to be united into a single whole novel.) I haven't been keeping proper track, but this one was written IRL by Brad Parks, who can't resist plugging himself midway through. But this book brings to a close the overarching case that defined Nikki Heat's life: the death of her mother [...]

    20. I wanted to like this more than I did, and I didn't dislike it as much as I expected. It was too much Storm for me, generally - though eventually I found myself enjoying those sections well enough, particularly his interactions and banter with his father. It felt like this was a way for Castle to work out what kind of father he was hoping his father would have been, and the relationship he had hoped to have. There was most definitively too little Nikki Heat. Not enough of her thoughts and hopes, [...]

    21. I'm not sure if I'll keep reading Nikki Heat stories. The first books were very interesting, especially because it looked like they were extensions to the TV show 'Castle'. Maybe it could go on like this to feed those who are addicted to the show. That doesn't happen mainly because the show ended badly, leaving me frustrated. And although the narrative follows the same "recipe" (no relief to the reader, every chapter is a thrill), this time the "author" brings a character from other series to sh [...]

    22. I think the last installment in the series which I read was Deadly Heat. A lot has happened since that book. I didn't miss the adrenaline and I think I caught up with the characters and what happened to them.There was a lot of adrenaline in this book. The last airplane/helicopter scene was over the top and a bit much, but I couldn't complain too much because it did fit into the story.I liked the old school aspect of Carl Storm's involvement. I do wonder why the Fairfax County, Virginia police we [...]

    23. hmI am not as disappointed as I could have been cause I knew I wasn't going to love this book but still I don't know why it is but the storm chapters really took me away from the book and I kept skipping lines because I really didn't care I just wanted to read about Nikki and Rookke at the end of High Heat I thought oh my god Storm is there this could be greatbut yeah the chapters were really boring in my opinion and I did not enjoy them at allso I guess I sort of missed half the plot by only re [...]

    24. Despite some fun action scenes, I have no idea why this book exists. Is Disney just beating a dead horse? Heat Storm is the latest "written" by "Richard Castle" in exactly the dopey/smarmy way you'd expect if you ever watched CASTLE. It has cliche heaped upon cliche, liberally mixed with a lot of in-jokes for fans of the show. Non-fans will just be left scratching their heads. Interestingly, the two sex scenes seem to be written by different people. One is rather tame but the other is much more [...]

    25. Wasn't sure what this would be like but I have followed along for all the Nikki Heat books so I figured I'd give it a try. Derrick Storm and Nikki Heat are both working the case at hand, from different angles, and the chapters alternate between their adventures. I found the addition of another "ruggedly handsome" young man a little nauseating at the beginning, but I was amused by the introduction of Storm's dad as a co-adventurer. We finally do discover why Nikki's mom had to disappear, and what [...]

    26. This entry in the Castle/Nikki Heat series, ghost-written (I think) by Brad Park (who is described as Nikki's "new favorite author"), is as much or more fun than the others and thankfully much less explicit. The plot goes back and forth between Nikki's struggle to determine how to save her apparently not-dead mother and Derek Storm's struggle to outrun and outwit the murderous Shanghai Seven counterfeiters-gangsters; their goals eventually converge. Jameson Rook plays only a small role. The incr [...]

    27. I like these books for what they are, which is a light and fun tribute to characters I grew to love watching the Castle TV show.Yes, I was bummed when the show was cancelled but it was also getting kind of strange at the same time. I have very much enjoyed the fact that "Richard Castle" is writing books in the real world. The ghostwriter(s) have a dry sense of humor that makes me smile and laugh throughout. They throw in many Easter eggs that reference the characters from the TV show. The storyl [...]

    28. Given that Castle hasn't aired a new episode in over a year, this'll probably be the last we see of any of Richard Castle's novels, whether they feature Nikki Heat or Derrick Storm. But at least they got to combine forces, if only just this once, and at least this story managed to tie up a few of the lingering storylines from both Wild Storm and High Heat with neat little bows, relatively speaking. Oh, and getting Derrick's politically incorrect, borderline-jingoistic POV (and his love of Ford) [...]

    29. When the TV show Castle ended, I thought I was done with all things Castle & Beckett, but when I discovered the last two novels by Richard Castle, I found I was sucked back into everything Nikki Heat.(view spoiler)[How meta when a fictional author, in his latest novel, brings back his fictional wive's alter-ego's mother from the dead?It was very enjoyable to spend a few hours in the company of not only Nikki Heat, Rook, but also of Derrick Storm and his father. (hide spoiler)]It's been good [...]

    30. I kinda hope this is the last Heat novel. I'm not a fan of this ghost writer (clearly carried over from the Storm novels). The book was okay and really was made by the addition of Storm's dad, Carl who was probably the best character in the book (even Nikki was rather subsumed by Storm and the plot). The mystery was actually pretty good, though, so I will definitely give the author that much credit. I was not a fan of separating Rook and Heat as happened on Castle, but the resolution to this sit [...]

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