Rebel's Honor

A marriage she didn t want A prophecy that could change the world Lynx of Norin is a proud warrior who always does what s right for her people When an ancient treaty and a thousand superhuman guards force her to leave her land for an arranged marriage, she knows it s her duty Lynx begrudgingly travels to wed her sworn enemy, the supernaturally powerful Lukan Avanov A marriage she didn t want A prophecy that could change the world Lynx of Norin is a proud warrior who always does what s right for her people When an ancient treaty and a thousand superhuman guards force her to leave her land for an arranged marriage, she knows it s her duty Lynx begrudgingly travels to wed her sworn enemy, the supernaturally powerful Lukan Avanov Lukan grows to love his bride to be, but he wasn t prepared for a second mysterious visitor to ruin his plans A curse that has been prophesied for ages may come true on Lukan s watch, and it could bring down his entire family As Lynx seeks to destroy the Avanovs from the inside, Lukan fights to keep his kingdom from falling apart Lives and civilization are on the line Who will come out on top and who will fall to the deadly curse Rebel s Honor is an epic steampunk fantasy set in a world where anything is possible If you like page turning action, captivating stories, and vivid steampunk imagery, then you ll love the first installment in Gwynn White s Crown of Blood series Buy Rebel s Honor to join the fight for freedom today
Rebel s Honor A marriage she didn t want A prophecy that could change the world Lynx of Norin is a proud warrior who always does what s right for her people When an ancient treaty and a thousand superhuman guards f

  • Title: Rebel's Honor
  • Author: Gwynn White
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 182
  • Format: ebook
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    1. 2.5 stars and DNF at 77%. This book reads like a debut novel from an author who's starting to get her feet wet with fantasy writing. The plot itself contains enough trope favorites -- two warring kingdoms, an arranged marriage to solidify peace, a fiery fierce princess and a spoiled prince, rebellions and uprising -- that it had potential to be delightfully entertaining like The Key or Nemesis or any other light fantasy with arranged marriages between two conflicting kingdoms. THE GOOD1) The pot [...]

    2. DNF at 42%. Straddles the line at mature young adult, which is the only reason this is a DNF for me. Simply not my favorite genre, despite the well developed characters and interesting world-building that blends a post-apocalyptic / dystopian environment with steampunk. Maybe future books lurch into more mature relationships, but this promises to be a 6-book series where the endings of books are unresolved. I'm just not that patient. I get the sense this book/series could be a gem, but it just i [...]

    3. Set in a post apocalyptic world - peace was brokered on the condition of destruction of all higher technology. For four hundred years the vast majority of the planet have known nothing beyond steam engines, but not everyone kept their word. Ruling the Chenayan empire, the Avanov family have retained the former technology and built on it, using it (along with fear and intimidation) to control the people and crush opposition, but Fate is about to call time. As the Avanovs know too well (thanks to [...]

    4. If I were permitted only one descriptor for this book, I would call it a page-turner. I seriously could not put this one down. The setting is unique and makes it hard to lock this story into a particular genre. The book reads like an epic fantasy with its evil empire and court intrigue, yet the civilization is steam-powered with a secretive advanced technology. Then there are the nomadic people that add an African flavor. The opening action sequence portraying an ostrich hunt was great.The chara [...]

    5. An interesting beginning to the Crown of Blood series.Brain-washing and apocalyptic aftermath. Technology destroyed the world and they vowed to destroy any advancements made toward regaining the technology that decimated the population.Some romance and adult scenes but it doesn't detract from the story.The main character Lynx comes from a warrior tribe and she has to learn to be a lady when she is chosen as part of the treaty between her tribes and her overlord king to become the next empress.Sh [...]

    6. This was my first book by Gwynn White and I couldn't put it down. I stayed up all night just to finish it and can't wait to read the rest of the series to find out what happens next. I just adore Lynx and her spunky feisty persona.

    7. Rebel's HonorA grand fantasy realm epic begins in this book. As you get taken along for this wonderful tale of empires, lands, wars and betrayal.

    8. DynamiteThis story was excellent! It had intrigue, action, romance. everything a good book needs. Can't wait for the next one.

    9. Fantastic intro book, love the variety of chacter & plots in a deeply tangled royal court. At heart is a 400 year old prophecy of doom coming at the hand of Nickolous the Light Bearer.

    10. 9/10: Fantastic, left me wanting more.It's wonderful when you find an unexpected gem such as this. Brilliant.

    11. It takes less than a few pages for Gwynn to unleash a wholly realised world. I knew I was in for something special straight away, and rebel's honor went above and beyond. Fantastic.

    12. It was an interesting read, well written - no clangers to drag me out of the story but there was a bit too much going on for my liking. I get this is the first book in the series but I felt a bit overwhelmed at times. It also didn't help that I didn't like the characters I was supposed to like and was more interested in the characters I wasn't supposed to like.I am starting to wonder if Lynx isn't something of a Mary Sue. An awesome (spoilt) Warrior Princess, who seems to be able to wrap everyon [...]

    13. A captivating dystopian tale with scent of magic and adventure.Lynx, a Norin princess and heir to its throne, is oath-bound to marry the crown prince of Chenaya, Lukan. Not only she hates everything Chenayan as the conquering nation, she despises her future husband as well. The company of her sister Kestrel is no comfort. For Norin, honor is the most valued virtue and Lynx cannot imagine breaking one, no matter how much she wants to. But travelling to the heart of the empire opens her eyes and c [...]

    14. SuperbWhat a superb story, I was so disappointed when it ended. Only good part is there is another book. This is a tale of great power, a legend of a curse that will bring this great power down, unexpected love, honor, great secrets, sacrifice, murder all rolled into making one extremely great book. I loved this book it keeps you enthralled, there are many surprises which I love. I'm VERY curious what will come next. Lynx is a very strong, and definitely not malleable. Lynx and Axel are m favori [...]

    15.       I got this book to give my honest opinion. I was not sure what I getting into. I did kind of get a steampunk, fantasy/ sci-fi feel. It is a genres I am trying to get into. I am not sure what to say about this book. It is a good read.       This is about Lynx who is a proud warrior. She wants to do right by her people, but something changes. An arranged marriage and a prophecy. Her husband to be is Lukan. Who is doing his best to keep his empire from becoming a footnote in history [...]

    16. The good, the bad, the epilogueThe Good: The characters and their trials are relatable and make you feel for the people. Add to that the forbidden romances and you have yourself a good start to a series. The bad: Lynx is by far a bad ass but her sister annoys me with her need to fit in. I also did not enjoy the way the story began, bringing us into that society and then not really expanding enough. Hopefully the next books show more.The epilogue: Steampunk and dystopian fans will enjoy this seri [...]

    17. I didn't know what to expect from this book, a weird mix of fantasy, sci-fi, and steampunk. But once I got started, once I met the characters and became enthralled by their exploits and spying. The world building is really good and though there isn't a ton of action, the intrigue is just as compelling. But what sold me was the characters. Lynx is AWESOME, a warrior princess who could give Xena a run for her money. Axel draws you to him like a magnet, and I'm halfway in love with that guy. And Ta [...]

    18. I really enjoyed reading this book and the previous ones as well. It has lost of unexpected turns and twists. This author's writing is very creative, her writing has style, and a uniqueness I really love. When i read these books i can almost picture myself there and that is another thing i like about her writing because not many authors can pull you in like she does. Some author's leave you confused or asking what happened? Not this author. I highly recommend this series! You are truly going to [...]

    19. Honor above allLynx, chosen to be commander of her father, the king's, warriors. 400 years of oppression and war. The emperor demands Lynx as bride for the heir, and leave her family and lands, her life, her warriors. Strong women are not tolerated by the oppressors. Excellent "medieval" storyline with steampunk overtones. Clean romance, riveting characters, great protagonist. Recommend this novel highly.

    20. Great story about getting to know what you can do for your people - and will you do it even if it means to sacrifice yourself by marrying an Emperor son of Empire that conquered her own.Each event and each character weren't black or white. It changed even within few pages - as everything has different sides and points of view.I couldn't put it down.

    21. Rebel's Honor had a unique, exciting storyline with some excellent characters. It ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, but it was the logical place to stop the story. Good writing, fast-pace, and a few nice twists made this a great read. I'll check out pricing for book two, as the plot was a good one.

    22. Amazing read by a superb author. Lynx and Lukan need to marry for the good of the land. A great fantasy story that has you in another land while you’re reading. Received a free book, but reviewing because I love it and anything this author writes.

    23. Was ok. Most of the characters where unlikable and politicking stories are not my idea of a good time. Not sure if I will bother with the next book.

    24. This was an interesting read, there were times where the drama was a bit much for me, but overall a good book. Looking forward to see what happens next.

    25. This book piqued my curiosity from the beginning. First one that I read from this author and the complex characters, the political intrigue and advance technology were described in a way that could not go unnoticed. Lynx and Axel characters were a good match with interesting and strong dialogs that showed they were formidable opponents. Caught my attention the detail with some of the secondary characters. We got their point of views and how they were visualizing their role in the struggle for po [...]

    26. I want to read the next one, which means I enjoyed this book (I think). It was very complicated, though, and at times hard to follow. Lots of plot bunnies hopping around. Lots of different POVs too, and sometimes difficult to know whose thoughts you were following (and some of the technological babble made that even more confusing). Still: our heroine and prince (um, I mean king, that happened kind of fast and I wasn't sure it even happened until everyone was calling him your majesty) finally go [...]

    27. I really didn't have an expectation when reading this book, I had grabbed it on kindle unlimited a while back but was in the middle of a few other series. But this week I had some downtime and thought to give it a chance.I could not put it down, honestly I'm almost done with book four now because the world and story in this book is so interesting and different from other ones I've read I just want to keep reading.All the characters are really interesting and not just two dimensional things to ta [...]

    28. The amazon description for this book says: "Warning: Don’t start reading at bedtime. Guaranteed to enthrall, Rebel’s Honor will keep you turning the pages all night." I should have heeded it, because I could not stop reading. I particularly loved the opening scenes in Lynx's home country. If I would change anything, it would be to add more about her early life, because I found her people particularly enthralling. This book has great characters (Prince Tao is my favorite) and a fascinating wo [...]

    29. I enjoyed the largeness of the story. Characters have several different motivations for their actions, and they're all complicated. I ended up really sympathizing with some "bad" characters and hating some "good" ones, which is nice in a way. That said, the main character barely seemed to remember to care about her goals and I found that annoying.Read my full review here: ampersandboard/book-review

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