Craigslist Lover

Do you believe in divine interventions McKenzie O Sullivan was in a dark place in life Each day she lived in survival mode not knowing if her husband Wayne would come home in a good or bad mood Everything she hoped and dreamed of was taking away by the one man that promised to love her until death do them part Everything happens for a reason, right What would you do iDo you believe in divine interventions McKenzie O Sullivan was in a dark place in life Each day she lived in survival mode not knowing if her husband Wayne would come home in a good or bad mood Everything she hoped and dreamed of was taking away by the one man that promised to love her until death do them part Everything happens for a reason, right What would you do if you had no way out, and nothing to lose Would you take a chance and risk it all A personal classified changed McKenzie s life forever, but does she really know who is behind the screen Or is it just her loneliness believing everything written on her shattered heart WARNING This book contains adult content and violence.
Craigslist Lover Do you believe in divine interventions McKenzie O Sullivan was in a dark place in life Each day she lived in survival mode not knowing if her husband Wayne would come home in a good or bad mood Everyt

  • Title: Craigslist Lover
  • Author: Ancelli Rie Langdon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Another great story by Ancelli. She takes real life issues and writes romances stories around them.This is Toby (Tee) and McKenzie (Kenzie's) story. They meet online on Craigslist. I know you can fall in love online because it happened to me. I enjoyed this party of the story a lot. Kenzie and Tee are only looking to be friends as Kenzie is a married woman with a child. Her marriage is not a happy one. Her marriage is abusive. The story explores this issue. Some people believe that women who all [...]

    2. Alright!!!Welp I really enjoyed this book, I think I fell in love with Toby before the author even told us what he actually looked like and then once I found out just added to the love lol. Now. In the beginning, I really really felt for Mckenzie, I mean no one should have to deal with a man that is so damn screwed up My heart actually hurt for her character and I was rooting for her all the way. Then around like 85% marke started to get on my nerves. Yep she started to annoy the hell out of me [...]

    3. I think I may have found my new book booMckenzie's story pulls at your heart strings as is the case with all Ancelli books.Ancelli tackled a very difficult subject in this book, and I'm very happy she did.Mckenzie suffered silently for years at the hands of her husband. Someone who promised to love and cherish her, and never spoke a word of it to anyone. It was very hard to read some of the scenes but I believe those scenes were very necessary to convey Mckenzie's absolute terror at the hands of [...]

    4. I have been a long time fan of this author. Kenzie and Tee's story was sooooo touching and poignant. Toby Wheeler is genuine, sexy as hell, and takes care of his business. And every time he calls her "Beautiful" just leaves me breathless! This is a MUST READ! I'm ready for Eric and Shanell's story!

    5. This book takes you from Heartbreaking in the beginning to Heartwarming in the end. I am so #teamtoby! Wayne was the worse kind of man there is. The lowlife put his hands on his wife, and not in a loving manner. I felt so sad for Kinzie and was cheering for her to find the strength to leave for good. When 'batman' shows up to save her I wanted to shout. And when the author revealed what Hollywood star he resembled, I almost passed out. That man is fine. Not only was Toby good looking, the man ha [...]

    6. ***3.5 Stars***When I read the title of the book Craigslist Lover I honestly was put off. I didn’t know what to expect my mind went to the true life story of the Craigslist Killer. But you know the saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover” well in my case you can’t judge a book by its title. This story is so much deeper than just someone searching for online affection. McKenzie needed Tee (Toby) he gave her a freedom that she never would have found on her own. Going back to that na [...]

    7. Emotional topicUgly cry, anger, hope, and lovel the emotions this book wrung out of me! Ancelli always speak on relevant topics with such depth and realness, you know it's either been researched or it's being relived.Toby and McKenzie came into each other's lives by chance or divine intervention and they were able to help each other realize their full potential.When Wayne violently abused Kenzie, the tears flowed viciously while I read that scene. The fear and hopelessness she felt made me wonde [...]

    8. Can't lie. I really enjoyed this oneeven with the few errors, the story was good. I loved Tee(Toby) and the way he handled Kenzie(Mckenzie)I hope Eric and Shanelle get their own story too

    9. It was okayI was going to write a long review, until I saw another review named "Churchy Read" that summarized my feeling perfectly. I have loved every book by Ancelli and have given them all 5 star ratings, but this book wasn't my cup of tea. All the God and church stuff was overdone and at some points I was rolling my eyes. I'm not saying that this a bad book, you can tell by all the 5 and 4 star ratings that it isn't. I personally couldn't relate to the characters. I don't believe in organize [...]

    10. A necessityI repulsive Ancelli's books. This one in particular hit home. There are so many men, women and children who are abused by the ones that is supposed to love them. Thank you for going deep into the psyche of the abused, it's a necessity in this day and time.

    11. Ancelli continues to impress me as an author. This was a wonderful story of a woman overcoming emotional and physical abuse. I highly recommend this story.

    12. The book was sweet! This book got three stars because it lacked any character development. Also, the love the characters constantly professed was a 'bit' too unrealistic and sickening. The narrative is based on a sensitive subject, making it tricky to write about as it can go either way. I think the author handled it well by finding that balance. It was not intensified, especially when comparing it to the growing relationship between the hero and heroine. Overall great job!

    13. Extremely good book! I don't normally read books concerning domestic violence because I was once a victim of abuse. However, this didn't push the envelope too much but at the same time raised awareness. Toby was absolutely adorable. I liked how Ancelli developed Toby & Mackenzie's relationship over time. So many social issues were addressed but done tastefully. Good read overall.

    14. Loved this book!!!I have ready book this author has written. This book ranks as one of the best. She took a VERY sensitive issue and made it palatable with facts and hope. Makes Craigslist look like a good idea.

    15. Standing ovation for CRAIGSLIST LOVER!! Five stars isn’t nearly enough stars for this book. Such a great book!

    16. GoodIt was good. The character development should have been better. It was still a great read. I enjoyed it. My First book by this author.

    17. 5.0 out of 5 stars recommended to anyone that needs to know they are beautiful and were not made This review is from: Craigslist Lover (Kindle Edition)I was drawn in at the first sentence. Ancelli has delivered an emotional story about domestic violence. The scenes were well written and vivid, I could feel the blows, I cringed, I cried. Somehow, I laughed because everytime my Kindle screen was covered with tears, Ancelli gave me a reason to smile. Toby was everything you need in a hero, and he w [...]

    18. Cute readAlthough the subject matter was intense the book was well written. One only problem I had was that there as way too much profanity.

    19. Love Love LoveAncellie has produced a Beautiful, heart wrenching, incredible love story. This story has it all! Every emotion you can think of can be felt while reading. You have hate, shame, fear, rage, happiness, joy, self discovery and of course Love. I truly recommend you read this beauty work of art!

    20. iWow what an amazing emotional draining book! Could not put it down, I cried angry and sad tears, Happy tears, tears of relieve. I'm grateful for this realistic book that gives notice to something people like to pretend doesn’t excist. Domestic violence is real and I'm honored that Ancelli had the courage to write this story! I bow to you Ancelli!

    21. Great bookI can only say Ms Ancelli you have fine again Thank you for bring your characters to live and bring real issues to the surface. Toby awesome man. Thank you for give the hope and letting us all that God has it under control. Just by believing and faith thank you

    22. Loved It!!!!!Didn't disappoint; loved the storyline. Ancelli deals with real issues and let you know that sunshine comes after the rain.

    23. When someone is caught up in the cycle of intimate partner violence, they are isolated from family and friends. The ones who have an inkling of what is going on, they are told to mind their business. Or convince themselves she is going to go back so why should I become involved. I can tell the author has done her work or have known situations of individuals who have been in this position. Power and control is the mainstay of IPV. I found myself at times thinking of the countless women and men wh [...]

    24. I loved this story. The subject matter was very hard to read at times but just knowing that McKenzie had someone to talk to to keep her from going off the edge made it easier to read. Thank goodness for that bet that Toby made. God works in mysterious ways as was written in this story and he definitely worked his ways for Kenzie and Tee. They were brought together for a reason and that was for each other. I truly believe all relationships should start off as being good friends first before takin [...]

    25. Emotionally ChargedThis story had my emotions fully engaged from the beginning. McKenzie was in a dangerous situation and she need an out but was terrified to leave. While doing something as innocuous as searching for dining room chars on Craig's List she met a life saver. Tee placed an ad on Craig's List because he lost a bet. What he found was a woman that was in desperate need of a friend. They began to chat and slowly find themselves in the process. Tee began to something was off with McKenz [...]

    26. An Inspirational TaleI loved this story. It illustrates how one can go from extreme darkness into the light if you have unceasing faith, hope and patience. The plot was excellent and unfolded at the just the right pace. I'm not one for heavily preachy novels. This novel contains the perfect combination of great writing, an interesting plot mixed with the right amount (a smidgeon) of spirituality. This is the second novel I've read from this author and I enjoyed it immensely. Even though it has a [...]

    27. Humbled, Aware, Inspired I truly enjoyed this story. I grew up seeing my mother and sister abused by the men they chose to date so this story was hard for me to read. But I am so happy that it was written. A lot of times women can't see the beauty in themselves or understand how they really are enough. This story took me back to my beginning but it allowed me to remember that regardless of what you endure someone will be in your corner. There are many women and men suffering in silence, and some [...]

    28. Another great read.I've been diligently checking in the Kindle store for new work by this author, so was very hot find this book. I love books written by Ancelli, the characters are real everyday , average human beings who face various issues and overcome them with the support of each other.No one wants to think about domestic violence and the women and men that it happens to and when most people do, they think of the abused individual as weak. This story shows that domestic violence does happen [...]

    29. Wow, this is a great story. Mackenzie is a beautiful soul who is a new mother to a gorgeous baby boy. She however is in a horrible situation with her husband. Out of desperation and an attempt to maintain her mind, she answers an add on Craigslist. Her life forever changes from this act. Tee os her pen pal on Craigslist. He is very kind to his online penpal until she sends him a desperate plea for help.This a story with details from the lives of many women and some men across this nation. We see [...]

    30. Emotional ride! Denise AndersonWords cannot explain the depth of my feelings right about now!I want to thank Ms Ancelli for this novel about the horrors of domesticAbuse where many people do not make it out alive. McKenzie was a survivor and her salvation was believing that God was going to pull her Through which he did in a very unique way. Toby came into McKenzieLife right on time and saved her and son from her terrible situation.Some of the scenes very emotional , joyful,inspiration,and beaut [...]

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