Water Keep

Confined to a wheelchair, thirteen year old Marcus Kanenas is an outcast and a nobody, but that doesn t stop him from dreaming of a world far away, a world where magic is as common as air, where animals tell jokes and trees beg people to pick their fruit He even has a name for this place Farworld.When Marcus magically travels to Farworld, he meets Kyja, a girl without magConfined to a wheelchair, thirteen year old Marcus Kanenas is an outcast and a nobody, but that doesn t stop him from dreaming of a world far away, a world where magic is as common as air, where animals tell jokes and trees beg people to pick their fruit He even has a name for this place Farworld.When Marcus magically travels to Farworld, he meets Kyja, a girl without magic in a world where spells, charms, and potions are everywhere, and Master Therapass, a master wizard who has kept a secret hidden for thirteen years, a secret that could change two worlds.But the Dark Circle has learned of Master Therapass s secret and their evil influence and power are growing Farworld s only hope is for Marcus and Kyja to find the mythical Elementals water, land, air, and fire and convince them to open a drift between Earth and Farworld.As Kyja and Marcus travel to Water Keep, they must face the worst the evil Dark Circle can throw at them Summoners, who can call forth armies of the dead Unmakers, invisible creatures that are the very opposite of reality and dark mages known as Thrathkin S Bae.Along the way, Marcus and Kyja will discover the truth about their own heritage, the strength of their friendship, and the depths of their unique powers.
Water Keep Confined to a wheelchair thirteen year old Marcus Kanenas is an outcast and a nobody but that doesn t stop him from dreaming of a world far away a world where magic is as common as air where anima

  • Title: Water Keep
  • Author: J. Scott Savage
  • ISBN: 9781590389782
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Audio CD
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    1. Okay, yeah. I gave my own book 5 stars. But then again if I thought there was anything that didn't make it a five star book, wouldn't I have fixed them in the first place?Looking forward to getting it into readers hands. ARCs come out the end of May. Harcover, the end of September.

    2. I loved the idea of these two kids struggling to fit into the worlds they were brought up in only to discover they DON'T fit into their worlds, and weren't meant to fit in, but to stand out and shine. Scott created a fun, action packed, adventure that I want to be a part of. My boys completely loved it and I can't wait for the next book!

    3. Reviewed by Tasha for TeensReadTooThirteen-year-old Marcus Kanenas has always been tormented because he lives his life in a wheelchair. Everyone sees him as an outcast, even though he really is a survivor and dreamer and he just wishes that he could escape his life as an orphan. In an attempt to escape, Marcus creates a world in his head. Here animals talk and tell jokes, trees have personality, and, best of all, magic fills the air. He's even appropriately named this far-off place Farworld. Lit [...]

    4. - This was a fun adventure!- I want to live in a world of talking animals, especially ones that tell jokes.- I really enjoyed this. The characters were fun and very believable. I think Marcus was such a realistic teenage boy. His doubts and uncertainties were something every kid could relate to.- Kyja was a lot of fun. I loved her confidence and determination. She was such a great asset to the story. She also brought Riph Raph into the picture, and he was a lot of fun. I loved the parts where sh [...]

    5. I think this book is great! There is action, adventure, and some love--the whole package. This teenager named Marcus has a bad arm and leg. He tries to save two worlds: Ert and Farworld his "imaginary world". Marcus is the boy from the Dark circle,and if he dies Farworld goes with him.He and this girl named Kyja are trying to save Farworld.

    6. Update: This year was my final one to read Water Keep with my 7th grade English students since next year I'll be a librarian, but you can bet I'll STILL be recommending this one to new readers, and the exciting news is that Air Keep will be coming SOON! Since I use this book in my 7th grade English classes, I just finished rereading it for at least the fifth time, and I have to say it is still as enjoyable to me as the first time I read it. (See previous review below)Six years ago a new member j [...]

    7. I am loving this book. I really am. I bought the book for Emily & Kyle. The author came to Kyle's school & did a book signing. So I bought the hard cover & had it autographed for Emily & Kyle. I started reading it after I had finished Host. I am finding that perhaps I really do enjoy books about places & things that can not in no way be real, or can they? I'm almost done with it. And again I am feeling saddened bc I don't have anything else to read I hear this might be a seri [...]

    8. Farworld: Water KeepBy J. Scott SavageRelease Date: September 2008 (Shadow Mountain)—Reviewed by Heather Moore (mywriterslair/)Category: YA Fantasy“Take courage—the magic is already inside you.” This theme is reiterated throughout J. Scott Savage’s first book in his new YA Fantasy series, Far World. A book that I found enjoyable, adventurous, and captivating. The characters are unique and skillfully drawn. Meet thirteen year old Marcus—a nobody, an outcast, living on earth where he i [...]

    9. Wow. Jeff Savage is actually kind of a friend of mine I met at LTUE in Provo, Utah back in February. He and I and a few other friends of mine shared a few good laughs. I had bought Jeff's book prior to the LTUE conference, but I hadn't gotten around to reading the first book until just today, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Savage writes in extreme detail. His description of Marcus Kanenas, one of the Farworld series' two main characters is very vivid. After all, Marcus IS a disabled boy in a whe [...]

    10. "Take courage-the magic is already inside you"This is the theme of FarWorld"the magic is already inside you."How many times do we wonder if we have what it takes to move forward, to conquer fears, to do a really hard task? Marcus and Kyja are finding out "FarWorld Book One" and they must find their own magic. Is the magic strength, brilliant ideas, bravery, compassion or is it really magic? Mr. Savages book is a fun, intense, fast-moving fantasy. I had to keep reading because of the twists and t [...]

    11. I hate this book!!! It is disgusting! I can't stand it!! Sarah I can't believe you like this book! It's disgusting!! And the cover looks weird!!!

    12. I liked the plot and the fact that the characters were not "perfect", but the book didn't really do it for me. I probably won't be reading the next books :(

    13. Marcus is bullied because he's different—orphaned, branded, crippled. But he's also indomitable, quick-witted, and has a strange talent that can only be described as magic. When the Dark Circle finds him in his Arizona boarding, their kidnapping attempt is foiled by a girl Marcus has only seen in his dreams. Kyja pulls him into Far World, a place where everything and everyone has magic except her. Talking animals, singing flowers, shape-shifting wizards, ancient prophecies, zombie foes, and w [...]

    14. The Far World Series, by J. Scott Savage, is a four book series about two kids, Marcus and Kyja, who are destined to save their planets. Kyja's planet, Far World, is a planet led by powerful gods of Water, Land, Fire, and Air. Far World is filled with magical creatures, wizards, witches and people with magical abilities. Marcus lives on Earth where he is a crippled orphan boy with no friends, no family, and basically nobody who likes him. But, on one strange day Marcus gets teleported to Far Wor [...]

    15. I received this book for free from the publisher. All content and opinions are my own.Reading allows me to escape to another world. In this case, the world I got to escape to for a few hours was Farworld. Marcus is a wheelchair-ridden orphan who has been bounced around the foster care system and boys’ schools on Earth since he was a baby. Kyja is a muggle (to borrow a term from Harry Potter, someone who can’t do magic) in the magic-ridden world of Farworld. The two are thrust together in an [...]

    16. A one of a kind story that would not just delight young readers but adults as well who's looking for something new but familiar at the same time."Don't be too eager to rid yourself of your burdens. Your burdens are what shape you" This book and it's author totally made it to my favorite's list. The first time I've seen the premise I was instantly hooked. The book was about two teens that has their own unique struggles in the world they are living in. It tackles two different worlds,the first is [...]

    17. Sarah got this book from Santa. She was generous enough to let me read it before her.It's too bad that my mind has already been Harry Potter-ized that is to say that nothing surprised me although it had a nonchalant view of magic in the same way that HP does. Indeed, HP is even mentioned in this book as a way for the main character to understand what is happening to him. I would have been more wow-ed had I not already known it was possible to bake bread via magic wand. I did give mental kudos fo [...]

    18. This was a great plot idea and had some very fun characters. I would actually read the next book in the series (when it comes out) to find out what happens.This all does not mean that I think it was perfect, or that I wanted it to be split up like it was (I wanted more of a conclusion).Setting: Earth and a fantasy land called Far World. The idea that Far World is like an alternate reality of earth is quite intriguing and very cool. I liked how the kids exploited it too (to travel places).Plot: T [...]

    19. This book doesn't come out for several months. In August, I'll be interviewing the author at cleanreads/. Water Keep, the first Farworld book was better than I expected, and I expected to enjoy it. It's full of non-stop adventure, evil creatures, real issues, and even a touch of romance.Thirteen years ago, a baby boy survived the attack of the Dark Circle. The attack had been carried out for the purpose of getting rid of the one boy who could save Farworld from destruction. Only Marcus survived. [...]

    20. When Marcus is magically transported to safety on a planet called Farworld which closesly resembles the planet that is in his dreams, he meets Kyja and her skyte Riph-Raph. The two are sent on a quest to find the Elementals while at the same time avoiding the Dark Circle and the various evil it throws at them.I really liked the concept of this book, there is a teneous thread that connects two worlds, and if you know the path you can shift back and forth between the two worlds. However there is w [...]

    21. I ran across this book at BEA in New York this past June. I was even lucky enough to get an autographed copy. I finally sat down and over the past couple weeks read the book with my 6 and 8 year olds. What a wonderful book. My boys are known for wandering the room during reading time. They're listening but still restless. While reading "Far World" they stayed in their beds and just stared intently as I read the book each night. My oldest loved the suspense at the end of each chapter (as did I) a [...]

    22. I love this author's adult fiction (as Jeffrey Savage), so I had high hopes for this youth fantasy series. This first book does have some delightfully creative elements and a rather unusual plot, but the villains are really too frightening for children. Additionally, the creatures of the book are so odd and plentiful that I found it difficult to both imagine them and keep them straight. The main characters (two 13-year-olds) are pitted against incredible odds and are almost constantly in peril. [...]

    23. My kids (11 and 13) loved this book and said that I had to give it a 5. I would have given it a 4, but agree that they enjoyed it at a 5. We read it at night together and the end of each chapter was a cliff hanger that they couldn't wait to get to the next night. We finally finished it tonight, luckily since it is overdue. We have the next one on hold as of now. I started reading this with only Christian so that we had something to read together when Katie was doing her homework. She started lis [...]

    24. I have finally finished Far World. It has taken me longer than i thought because my kids needed dinner and my house needed to be cleaned. I loved this book. After the first couple of chapters the action just picked up and never stopped. I loved the parellel between both worlds. Marcus and Kyja you have to love them. They overcome so much to help others. The Fontasians made me mad which was what they were suppose to do. I kept thinking stop thinking about yourselves and think of others. I will re [...]

    25. Wow, this book had me captured from almost page one! I loved this book- it flowed smoothly, it involved danger, suspense, humor, and the attitude of teenagers who have been thrown into a situation far above their control. I loved Riph-Raph's sarcastic comments to Marcuss. Kyja's heartbreak at not being magical was so real and intense. And Marcuss' poor deformities actually made him stronger. I thought that was so cool! This book is definitely a "five-star book," and I can't wait to read the next [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this book, there were several elements that reminded me of other books I've read, but thats okay it started really taking a life of its own towards the middle and I kinda liked the short chapters, I think thats great for elementary readers and it was fun how jam-packed with adventure that it was. The main characters are very likable and relateable. It was a good book and I'm looking forward to more.

    27. This book was really good. It contains interesting creatures and a good plot line. The one thing that I didn't like about the book was how the main character was crippled. When you have a main character with limited abilities, I find it hard to see how they could do anything. However, this book had some good aspects to it too. The whole theory about how they could switch back from Earth to Farworld was really cool. Overall, this book was really great.

    28. i thought this book was filled with so much action and adventure that it was hard to put the book down for a long perod of time. All the characters relate to you in a way that only you understand< and all the mythical creatures seem to pop at you with all the discriptive writing through the entire book. This is a must read!!!!

    29. I loved this book. Its written for tweens and I thought it was excellent. Written for the same target audience as Fablehaven series, but wonderfully imaginative and a great series starter. I can't wait till the rest of them come out.

    30. This whole book series is the best. Mysteries are unraveled and the characters learn of their origins which is not what it seems. And they are in a world were the only limit is your imagination. It has action such as battles and confusing puzzles. It's just such a great book.

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