A Warriner to Protect Her

An heiress in distress and an earl in disgraceWhen heiress Violet Dunston escapes from an abduction, she finds an unlikely protector in Jack Warrinera member of one of England s most infamous families Ensconced with mysterious Jack behind his manor s walls, soon escape is the last thing on Letty s mind Jack may be an earl, but his father s exploits have left him with nothAn heiress in distress and an earl in disgraceWhen heiress Violet Dunston escapes from an abduction, she finds an unlikely protector in Jack Warrinera member of one of England s most infamous families Ensconced with mysterious Jack behind his manor s walls, soon escape is the last thing on Letty s mind Jack may be an earl, but his father s exploits have left him with nothing to offer except a tarnished name He s turned his back on the ton, but with Letty tempting him day and night, he finds himself contemplating the unthinkablea society marriage
A Warriner to Protect Her An heiress in distress and an earl in disgraceWhen heiress Violet Dunston escapes from an abduction she finds an unlikely protector in Jack Warrinera member of one of England s most infamous families

  • Title: A Warriner to Protect Her
  • Author: Virginia Heath
  • ISBN: 9780373629336
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Having recently read and enjoyed Her Enemy at the AltarI was keen to read more of Virginia Heath’s books. I have a fondness for family orientated books and so I was delighted to discover that her new Wild Warriners series features four brothers. Jack, the eldest, is a proud man used to hard work and being in control; Jamie, a former soldier, has been left both physically and emotionally scarred; Joe, whose dream is to be a doctor; roguish Jacob, the youngest, who has a penchant for the ladies [...]

    2. 4.5 starsA Warriner to Protect Her is the first book in Virginia Heath’s new Wild Warriners series which features an impoverished earl and his three younger brothers.  This one is a well-written story and the romance is nicely done; Ms. Heath has the knack of creating strong chemistry between her romantic couples and both central characters are attractive and engaging.  I had a couple of niggles along the way, but nothing that seriously impacted on my enjoyment of the book, which is an enter [...]

    3. First book in the 'The Wild Warriners' series, A Warriner to Protect Her. Released in May 2017.Wow! What an opening scene! Fast, full of intrigue, suspense and set the pace for the entire book wonderfully. I would have happily stayed in what's the opposite of a man cave? Delightful den! Until this tale was over but I've carried this book around with me for days and now I'm devastated that it's over, I may read it again. Jack Warriner, our hero is the eldest of four brothers and he is the essence [...]

    4. 3.5 stars.A solid story with an exciting start and finish and some lovely character development in between. I did enjoy it and look forward to the stories of the other Warriner brothers.

    5. As much as I enjoyed this story, it wasn't quite as good as the other Warriner books. There just seemed to be a lot of thinking and wondering going on when I would rather have had more action and dialogue. Jack was a yummy hero, but so clueless about his emotions! Still, another good book by Virginia Heath.

    6. If you ask me there are not enough feathers in the food. They are wasted in pillows.Only a fool would develop such a powerful emotion for a man who largely behaved as if she didn't exist.These are my two favourites quotes from the book. If you liked the film Seven Brides For Seven Brothers then you will love this book, but even if you have never seen the film then I highly recommend that you read this book, Virginia you did a wonderful job and a different take on the film I loved it this book fr [...]

    7. Jack is a classic HR hero; masculinity personified. Tempting and tantalising, Proud and immensely stubborn. But the real thing that I like about Jack is that he is very real, he is hard-working, reliable and the most decent man there is. He is trying to repair his tarnished family name, trying to rebuilt his broken manor and trying to do his best for his brothers and then along comes beautiful Letty to add to his never-ending list of problems. Bless him! Poor Jack has the with the weight of the [...]

    8. As reviewed at Roses Are Blue: wp/p3QRh4-xhA WARRINER TO PROTECT HER opens with a bang, as heiress, Violet (Letty) Dunston, is bound and gagged and being whisked off to Gretna Green. Her kidnapper is an elderly earl, who is in cahoots with her sleazy uncle, and plans to force her into marriage so he can control her sizable fortune. When the earl falls asleep, and the area they are traveling is wooded, Letty opts to take a chance and leaps from the carriage. Though battered from her fall, Letty t [...]

    9. Had the privilege and honour to read this wonderful story, and beginning of what I am sure will be an amazing series. Utterly brilliant adored this book very much, ticks all of the boxes for me definitely romance, action,adventure cheekiness truly adore it. Thank you Virginia xxxx

    10. A WARRINER TO PROTECT HER could be described in one word: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! A month short of her majority, 4 January 1814, Letty is given to the Earl of Bainsbridge by her greedy uncle. Letty is bound and gagged, and the carriage is bound for Gretna Green. Letty had been drugged, but wakes up and tries to find a way to escape, and finds it. The Earl is asleep and Letty throws herself outside in the rain and mud and runs for her life. The awful men will not get her inheritance i [...]

    11. I love the way how Ms. Heath craftily adds nuance to the setting and the characters, putting my mind to the task of picturing every scene bursting to life. I could feel carriages bump along uneven roads and even the tightness of a gag on one particular character There is deftness to the writing that drew me into the story. The stark emotion and the craziness of a wrinkled villain all added depth and emotion to the plot which is as absorbing as much as it is intense. The heroine is forced to marr [...]

    12. What a wonderful book! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and its characters. I immediately purchased the other two books in this series to continue reading about this family. (fourth book available May 2018)

    13. This is the first book about the Warriner brothers and I loved it. Violet (Letty) Dunston is an heiress about to come into a lot of money. Her uncle, and guardian, plans to marry her off to the Earl of Bainbridge, an old friend who will then control her inheritance. Bainbridge heads to Gretna Green with Letty gagged and hands tied. She watches for the old Earl to fall asleep and a deserted part of the road and then hurls herself from the carriage and runs into the woods. Returning home Jack Warr [...]

    14. Virginia Heath is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. In fact, if her name's on the cover, I'll buy the book. This story did not disappoint.All the ingredients are there for a cracking story. We have the penniless lord with a rotten reputation, a heroine in trouble, a villain who won't give up and admit his plot didn't work. There's suspense a-plenty, but time for romance, too.The book has an authentic feel, a lot of detail that brings the time and place to life. The details are used to f [...]

    15. This was my 2nd Virgina's book and I'm in love. I love how she writes and how the characters are relatable even those it's a Regency Romance. I know I would love her books and now I'm proud to say that she's one of my favorite authors too.The book starts with Violet 'Letty' Dunston in a carriage after being abducted. And if you read the book (which I hope you do), if you haven't already, you will find out why and how she was abducted. So there she was, abducted by an evil man - The Earl of Bainb [...]

    16. So Much Angst Oh man, I hope Jack Warriner leaves his past issues behind and enjoys his life rather than the wallow he was engaging in about the past, both his family past and his own.  He takes all the cares of the world on his shoulders, including the issues with people's perceptions of him and his family and does his best to be a better person.  It doesn't always work but he always tries. And another problem enters his life, Letty, she stumbles into his arms half-dead with her hands tied a [...]

    17. Another 5* read from Harlequin Historicals! I absolutely loved the first in the Wild Warriners series, combining, as it did, an exciting story with a glorious (and beautifully written) romance. Jack Warriner is the best kind of Romantic Hero. Long term followers know the type - the buttoned up, taciturn men, shouldering much responsibility, who smolder underneath and are filled with love, passion, creativity.Reader, I love them so much I wrote a book about one myself But back to Jack. He remains [...]

    18. First, I think I am so happy to have discovered a new historical romance author who knows precisely how to pull my very particular heartstrings. I look forward to reading the rest of her stuff. Overall this was a fun and engaging read, with well-written characters (a band of brothers!) and credible chemistry between the protagonists. Letty was no wilting flower, thank God (the blurb might have suggested she is), although she sometimes came across as too perfect and a domestic goddess to boot (an [...]

    19. Despite the rather clichéd title this was a good read. The heroine Letty is quite tenacious and will not let anything beat her. I especially liked the Dynamics between the four Warriner brothers, each with their own personalities. The villains were particularly evil which added conflict and impetus to the story.There was a hole in the plot in that Letty's uncle could just arranged to have her killed anyway without dragging her to Gretna Green for a sham marriage with her suitor, and in doing so [...]

    20. Jack was not a very strong hero. He was filled with insecurities. He was young when he had to take over for the family when he delinquent father died. He's filling the shoes with his effort to reconstruct the family estate but he needs to stop with the negative self-talk.The heroine had her own situation which she attacked with moxie. After she acknowledged to herself that she was attracted to Jack she proceeded to dump emotional manure on herself which was in contrast to the gal who got herself [...]

    21. Another winner by Virginia Heath. Her books are as straightforward historical romance as you can get - they aren't super innovative or outside the box. But they're done so well that's totally fine.We've got really great characters here. The heroine in particular. She finally gets her chance to prove to herself and others what she's capable of doing. The hero's stubbornness went on a smidge too long, but he had a good arc as well. If Elizabeth Hoyt is the queen of the bad boy heroes in historical [...]

    22. I loved this book! Letty is a bit immature and spoiled but has enough self awareness to grow up and move forward. She is tough and has a heart of gold. Jack is proud, stubborn, sexy and sweet. His hot/cold "I'm not worthy" behavior got on my nerves but not enough to ruin my enjoyment of the book.The highlight of the book is the relationship between the 4 brothers. Letty fell in love with their family bond. They are a great bunch and I can't wait to read all of their books.This book is 100% safe. [...]

    23. Y bueno che, llegamos al final.Es lo que esperaba, tenía ganas de leer algo tipo "chica se enamora de su guardaespaldas/guardián" porque estaba leyendo The indigo spell y amo a Eddie y Jill y ellos responden a esta trama.Me decepcionó que lo del "matrimonio concertado" pasa recién al final.En resumen es entretenido y el romance es adorable pero no me enamoró.

    24. A beautiful love story about what happens when two people whose public personas have defined them for their entire lives fall in love with the person behind the mask. And the Warriner brothers are hysterical. I love every single one of them.

    25. Very entertaining with interesting characters. Letty's pride in her accomplishments was terrific, especially how she kept listing them to encourage herself. I thought there were a couple of weak plot points, but I still want to read the rest of the series.

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