Marry Me Again

HE CAN BUY ANYTHING EXCEPT A SECOND CHANCE WITH MEKARAOnce, when I was young and stupid, I had that boy The charmer, the Adonis, the one who torched every woman s panties in our small town He was my brother s best friend, practically part of the family When he proposed, he promised me forever.Then the bastard disappeared without a word.It s taken five years to get ovHE CAN BUY ANYTHING EXCEPT A SECOND CHANCE WITH MEKARAOnce, when I was young and stupid, I had that boy The charmer, the Adonis, the one who torched every woman s panties in our small town He was my brother s best friend, practically part of the family When he proposed, he promised me forever.Then the bastard disappeared without a word.It s taken five years to get over Ryan I drowned myself crying a thousand times over I moved on.I m finally remembering what it s like to smile when guess who shows up Everything about him is different For one, he s become a freakin billionaire He walks like he s Mr Tall, Dark, and Alpha incarnate I know there s no justice in the world because his body matches his huge ego.Worse, he wants me to play Cinderella again I can t I won t.I don t believe in second chances I ll never forget what he did.And if he s stupid enough to try kissing me with those unforgettable lips, he s going to feel my teeth.RYANI did a terrible thing No, I m not talking about the filthy secret that wrecked everything.Leaving Kara killed me I didn t have a choice No amount of money, success, or bedding any woman I want whenever I flash my patented smirk makes up for losing her.She was the one Hell, she still is.Time to remind her why Whatever it takes to put my ring on her hand for good.I m ready for the curses, the screams, the burn of her palm against my cheek I ll taste her lips again, even if she bites.Just one catch she can t find out what happened the night I left There are no second chances if my past ruins us.This is a standalone romance novel brimming with temptation, tears, and alpha male explosions High heat, no chill, and Happy Endings galore
Marry Me Again HE CAN BUY ANYTHING EXCEPT A SECOND CHANCE WITH MEKARAOnce when I was young and stupid I had that boy The charmer the Adonis the one who torched every woman s panties in our small town He was my b

  • Title: Marry Me Again
  • Author: Nicole Snow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. DNF @ 13%That was quickhero left and guess what. he's "now a man and can fuck any woman he wants"No desire to read anything more about a "hero" who leaves the "love of his life" and fucks any woman he wants because "a mans needs can only be put off for so long"Nope nope nope

    2. Oh sure the hero (view spoiler)[ doesn't have a problem bedding anyone. I wonder if he's still married to the heroine? (hide spoiler)]

    3. I have to admit, this one was hard for me to rate. I loved the beginning, hated the middle, but then loved the ending. The beginning of this story where we got to see young love blossom between Ryan and Kara was beautiful. I loved them as teenagers and I was having a hard time putting my kindle down to leave for work. When I picked this back up and we got to where Ryan had to mysteriously leave town and out of Kara's life, I didn't worry too much. I know the author would not leaving us hanging f [...]

    4. This book keeps appearing in my Facebook time line and it's being recommended to me so I decided to read reviews and investigate if it's worth. I have read books from this author before and I liked but the reviews here are not good. For what I gather the author didn't give much thought to the execution. It seems horrible. So not touching it. There are plenty of 1, 2 stars reviews to back up my decision. And again, the question that never ends: why do female authors write her heroines as stupid b [...]

    5. (view spoiler)[the h is okay w H being with others while apart and the thought makes her want him more? (hide spoiler)] Belief suspended./review/show <--comments

    6. SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE It's not my thing but when you add whole not celibate thing, then voilà I am out! However, it might interest others so please enjoy if that's your thing.

    7. Another stupid and naive "heroine." This chick was too "drained" and tired to take a quick freaking look at the evidence, that was hand delivered to her on a silver platter, of her fiancé's cheating. And to top off that sundae with a cherry, she accidentally leaves the evidence of this betrayal lying around the house (on the kitchen counter) where the, said cheating fiancé, can oh so easily find it. Give me a break. This is not an accurate portrayal of events. I've never heard of any woman who [...]

    8. 3.5 stars - but more 4 than 3 so therefore 4 stars :) Lovely story but a little too predictable

    9. Oh Nicole Snow! What do you do to me every time? This is one killer story,,,and one I had to grab tissues for as well. The male lead in this story is pure alpha to the core and the heroine is one sassy thing who doesn’t take kindly to the games that were played. Which is what I loved about this story- they had a past, they have a present , the conflict, the angst. Ryan and Kara used to be a couple, in love and were planning a future together. Kara goes off to college while Ryan continues worki [...]

    10. I was given an advanced copy for an honest review.The story sounded promising so I was excited when I received my copy. Unfortunately it did not live up to the hype. It was choppy and I found it hard to stay connected to the characters. At one point the hero told the heroine's fiancée that he needed to sign the divorce papers so the heroine wouldn't have to see him in court. The issue I have with this is they weren't married so no divorce was needed. I am guessing the author meant to take that [...]

    11. I really liked Ryan, he knew just what to say to get his woman in a better mood, “eff him, and eff everything he did, too, baby girl. You can tell me all about your ink after you're done coming, dripping my seed.” I liked this book, Ryan was quite the persistent man.

    12. AwfulThis story made ZERO sense!!!!! It was all over the place, had no flow .just a overall BAD read!!!If I could give no stars I would.

    13. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.Ryan and Kara share a past. They used to be a couple, in love and inseparable, when Ryan worked at her father's garage. Ryan confessed his love for Kara and her family accepted him with open arms. As their love grew, they began to plan a future together. Kara goes off to college and Ryan plans their future.until Ryan makes one fatal mistake and then he's gone. Ryan disappeared and Kara is heartbroken. Years later, Ryan becomes successfu [...]

    14. Nicole Snow shows that she is an author who knows what to do to keep her readers interested in her books. She grabs your interest at the beginning of the book and she keeps it till the very end. Then in the end of the she has you panting for more. “Marry Me Again” is the story of Kara and Ryan Caspian who met when he was 16 and she was 14. He is working for her dad as a mechanic. But he is smart and Kara’s dad likes him. Two years later and he seems to have become part of the family when h [...]

    15. Perfect second chance romance. Kara and Ryan meet she is 14 and hes working in her fathers auto shop. After a tricky first meeting, we go through 2 years where they stay away from each other and seem to antagonize each other. After dating when she turns 16 and becoming engaged when she turns 18, Ryan disappears one night and Kara crumbles in depression and is heartbroken. Five years after Ryan disappears, he decides its time to come back for Kara and finds her engaged to a man whom he proves isn [...]

    16. Beautifully written story about two people who were in love and engaged only to have tragedy strike and tear it all away. Kara fell in love with the foster kid Ryan when she first laid eyes on him at her father's auto shop. Ryan spent a lot of time at their home because he was her brother's best friend as well. On Kara's 18th birthday, Ryan purposed to her and of coarse she said yes. However it was just not in the cards for them at that time.Ryan, was a good kid, smart and knew exactly what he w [...]

    17. Ryan was brilliant, handsome, sexy and my brothers best friend. He thought of me as his little sister.I thoughtbut after all those years working in my fathers garage, hanging out with me brother, eating Sunday Family Dinner with us he was actually watching me like I was watching him. He was finally mine and I was finally his until one stormy horrific night and our lives changed forever. He was GONEJUST GONE and so was my heart that he took with him. Kara was my everything whole world BUT when th [...]

    18. Wow take about true love. They meet when Kara is 14 and Ryan is 16, both the smartest kids in their school, both working at her father's garage but their first encounter is when she runs and slips in a puddle of oil. From then on out these two have become family but they also knew that they were are for each other. But true love comes with some heavy choices in life, but what these two will go through will test their love, trust, and souls to right the wrongs that were committed. She opened her [...]

    19. for trying to get the girl back there is little to no wooing. The begining of the book focuses on the couple getting together and leads up to the night he leaves her. Still not a lot of emotional bliss. Then it's a lot of her and another guy. A relationship that made no sense. and once again skipped any wooing and went straight to explaining how they haven't had sex in months and in counseling yet planning a wedding. what?! Then he comes back and she fights him for all of one day being mad he le [...]

    20. Kara and Ryan grew up together, Kara was 15 and Ryan was 17 they were so much in love even Kara's family welcomed Ryan. They knew they wanted a future together until one day Ryan was gone he left without telling Kara, she was so devastated she goes on with her life. 5 years later Ryan hasn't forgotten Kara he came back to make things right, but does Kara what to find out what happen, I loved these to this is the first book by Nicole Snow and it won't be my last a 5 start read for me. Happy Readi [...]

    21. Unbelievably badI kept reading hoping the story would get better, it didn't. What made it even worse is the plot wasn't that bad but the story wall horrible. Writing was even worse. Just happy I didn't pay anything more than my Unlimited membership

    22. I was given a direct to kindle copy of, Marry Me, AgainI don't typically read this style of romance but I'm glad I read this book.I laughed, my heart broken a little and I was intrigued. if you're looking for a good time, fluffy read with a little suspense, this is the book for you.

    23. Quick read. Not a fan of the way the story went down. I really liked the beginning but then was bothered by the timeframe it takes for the two to get together and I hated all the secrecy.

    24. I liked the story, I really did. There was mystery, intrigue, hot romance. Plus it was a second-chance, friends-to-lovers story, all things I like, butSome of the details were just unbelievable, and not in the outraged, "Oh my God, that's unbelievable!" kind of way. They simply were not to be believed. I won't detail them because I hate spoilers in reviews, but just know that there were some pretty eye-rolling, "you gotta be kidding me" moments. Plus, I really hate naive heroines. You know, the [...]

    25. This is the thoughtful, amazing, hot and fun story of Ryan and Kara (Kara-bu). The story starts out my showing how the two meet when Kara was 15 and Ryan was 17. They developed a relationship of mutual love and respect over the next few years (but as family friends, as Ryan became Kara’s brother’s best friend). The respect that Ryan had for Kara and her family was amazing and hard to find in romance novels. I loved the development of the characters, their relationship and all the problems th [...]

    26. This is a perfect mix of heartbreak and second chance romance. No matter what age you may be, if you meet the one, you know it. And no one else will ever make you fee the same way.Kara Lilydale has found her "One" but he is older and her brothers best friend. Yeah, like he even notices her at all. But when Ryan takes Kara home one night he actually talks to her but she doesn't know how to take it. Ryan Caspian has been in foster home after foster home and when he found the Lilydale's, he has fou [...]

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