The Master of Mankind

As war splits the galaxy, the Emperor toils in the vaults beneath His Palace But his great work is in peril, with the forces of Chaos closing in While Horus rebellion burns across the galaxy, a very different kind of war rages beneath the Imperial Palace The Ten Thousand Custodian Guard, along with the Sisters of Silence and the Mechanicum forces of Fabricator GeneralAs war splits the galaxy, the Emperor toils in the vaults beneath His Palace But his great work is in peril, with the forces of Chaos closing in While Horus rebellion burns across the galaxy, a very different kind of war rages beneath the Imperial Palace The Ten Thousand Custodian Guard, along with the Sisters of Silence and the Mechanicum forces of Fabricator General Kane, fight to control the nexus points of the ancient eldar webway that lie closest to Terra, infested by daemonic entities after Magnus the Red s intrusion But with traitor legionaries and corrupted Battle Titans now counted among the forces of Chaos, the noose around the Throneworld is tightening, and none but the Emperor Himself can hope to prevail.At last, the secrets of the Emperor s project beneath the Palace will be revealed, and you ll get a closer look at the Emperor Himself than ever before.
The Master of Mankind As war splits the galaxy the Emperor toils in the vaults beneath His Palace But his great work is in peril with the forces of Chaos closing in While Horus rebellion burns across the galaxy a very d

  • Title: The Master of Mankind
  • Author: Aaron Dembski-Bowden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Master of Mankind: Of duty, control, desperation, and the correct purpose of monkey tails.Master of Mankind stands as perhaps the most intense, ambitious and purely amazing novel that ADB has ever written and BL has ever published. This is a book that reaches for lofty heights and exceeds them. How big does it go? Well it starts with the knock on effects of the First Murder, and draws us in from there.With an eyeball kick of imagery and symbolism entirely familiar to those of us who read Talon o [...]

    2. This isn't terrible but its barely alive. It reminds me of nothing as much as a really long Lexicanium article. The guy at the warhammer shop asked me if I was "interested in finding out what’s going on back at Terra?" and the book fulfils that promise a bit too accurately. It does indeed, tell you what has been going on.Ok so, 30,000 years in the future, at the turning point of the Horus Heresy, an Imperial official puts through a really big requisition order with the Adeptus Mechanicum. Will [...]

    3. The Master of Mankind was a blast of a reading. The Ten Thousands Custodes (what left of them after 5 years of fighting traitor legions, titans and warp-spawns in the Eldar webway under the Imperial Palace), Sisters of Silence, Adeptus Mechanicum, Imperial Titans and Knights against an infinite horde of enemies that risks overtaking Terra before the arrival of Horus Lupercal, in a tragic and brutal battle echoing the 300 spartans at Thermopylae and Helm's Deep ones.A great villain, the first Cha [...]

    4. Master of Mankind's greatest strengths and failings come down to its author. Yes, that's an obvious statement and true of every book, but it's a point which is truly exemplified here. What the novel offers readers is a glimpse into the raging war throughout the beginnings of the Imperial Webway, a look into the Custodian Guard, and even an examination of the Emperor himself. Even without the Titan battles, the Mechanicus storylines and flashbacks to past eras, all of these are weighty events whi [...]

    5. Confirmed all my negative opinions on the Emperor. Was a fun story, I'll write a real review eventually.

    6. Brothers, what could I say - Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore. This Cicero quote is definitely the best to describe The Master of Mankind.I wouldn't call it the best novel that Aaron Dembski-Bowden has ever written or the best BL has ever published. At least - that is what I thought till chapter 8. Let's say it's a bit of revelation further on This is a book woven through with hope and awe of humanity who slips beyond boundaries and found someone to really believe in. Aaron Demb [...]

    7. Well I finished this the other day and I am officially caught up again on the Horus Heresy series. I live in the U.S. and yes I know the next two or three books are already out overseas where they are written and published first. Book 42 comes out here in August, which I can't wait to read.This book was very interesting. In many ways it wasn't what I thought it was going to be, and yet it still was very good in what it did and the story and gaps it filled in the lore for me. I knew there was a w [...]

    8. This will be full of spoilers.This is a weird one for me. I’m a fan of ADB. I like the way he managed to write a Space Marine Battles book with very little focus on the battle (Helsreach) and his contributions to the Horus Heresy (including this book) are considered some of the best.I consider ADB to be Dan Abnett’s heir apparent to the Black Library throne, but I did have some trouble with Master of Mankind.Let’s start with the positives. I loved the prologue.I loved the names for the cha [...]

    9. Is this book about the Emperor of Mankind? No, it isn't. It is about the Emperor's Dream for Mankind. What happened at the end of the Horus Heresy novel 'The Thousand Sons' was tragic to me. I felt pity for Magnus, saddened that his warning became such a colossal mistake. I was angry with the Emperor for not spending more time with his Primarch 'sons', enlightening them to his work and their need for extreme resistance to the whispers of the warp. It just seemed like it all could have been avoid [...]

    10. Review also published hereThe Master of Mankind is up there with some of the best books in the Horus Heresy series. I have no doubt about that at the very least. It is a product of mountains of passionate work and hits all the right spots for presenting the Emperor to the reader, even if not a single scene is shown through his eyes. It manages to keep the Master of Mankind mysterious, enigmatic, while also revealing some things about him that will divide the fanbase. It is a book loaded with gra [...]

    11. Im a big fan of the franchise even thought I dont own a single figure in the table top game. But I did read alot of article and watch a whole lot of youtube video about its lore and complex history. Into the dawn of civilization, the theory about the birth of the emperor, the unification wars and the birth of the primarch, the rise and fall of mankind in the horus heresy until in the fall cadia. I probably read/watch all of them(maybe).Now about the book.What I like:I love the prologue. The scen [...]

    12. What a pleasure it was to have read this completely compelling and utterly gripping addition to the Horus Heresy, the series you need to be reading if you are a fan of military sci-fi. Insightful, dark and grim but at the same time divine and glorious, we get to see a little bit more into the entity known as The Emperor of All Mankind, and his personal warrior bodyguard, The Custodes, than we have been shown thus far in the books. Through Ra Endymion we are shown memories of His past and glimpse [...]

    13. This book is a masterpiece! It seems like every chapter has a revelation, every page master crafted. I didn't want to finish this book, I just wanted to savour every moment for as long as possible.Although I'm not the biggest fan of ADB this book well and truly hits the spot and leaves me wanting to read more.

    14. I haven't been so torn over a book in a while. It just didn'tuhh. I've got to be in the minority here but I found I empathized with the Emperor. I shouldn't of but I could understand what he wanted to achieve and why. But I embraced the philosophy of pragmatism when I was young that's probably why I like the Lion and loathe Lorgar so much (being so ruled by his need for faith and being a gigantic emo)Uhh onto the review. I do feel Aaron Dembski Bowden shows his bias way too much in hating the Em [...]

    15. For the book itself - it is very well written, but way too descriptive and frankly, too often boring. I read it for the Emperor, not for some heroic baroness of the Imperial Knights or some cyborg witches. The Custodes and the Blood Angel were cool, I would have loved to see more from them, but again, IMO it was all about the Emperor. And in-universe, I judge him guilty. Here is the strenght of the book, it made my blood boil to see this arrogant, smug bastard refer to his most glorious children [...]

    16. This is one of the best Horus Heresy novels I read so far. It is as bleak as anything linked to W40K (even 10K years before :) )but gives good overview of Emperor, perhaps one of the least spoken characters in the lore.Especially well is given his connection to his bodyguards, formidable Legio Custodes and Sisters of Silence (who are perhaps only members of Imperium that see Emperor as what he truly is - when stripped of his powers that is).I will end with a note that Legio Custodes are very muc [...]

    17. Outstanding piece of Horus Heresy fluff here. Thrilling to see the legendary Ten Thousand Custodes pushed to the very limits inside the Emperor's most ambitious project. Most wonderful were the descriptions of the Custodes whirring their Guardian Spears around like rotor blades, deflecting las cannon blasts and bolter rounds alike. The Sisters of Silence also saw some page-time, which was great because they are such a secretive and rare breed of character in the universe. The descriptions of the [...]

    18. I'll preface this by saying I need to go back and read this one again and review my thoughts on it, but that's because I noticed that I zoned out while reading it and legitimately forgot chunks as I was going. As I've said before about recent Horus Heresy novels, I don't entirely blame the author. I blame this series for going on for so long. The more I read, the more critical I become of the books. I keep reading it out of habit more than pure enjoyment. I was very tempted to give this an "ok" [...]

    19. The clue is in the title. Book forty-one of Black Library’s colossal Horus Heresy series, Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s The Master of Mankind brings The Emperor front and centre. Set five years after Magnus the Red’s intrusion into the Great Work it sees the forces of the Imperium losing the webway war against the endless hordes of daemons and traitors pouring in. Even the combined might of the Custodes, Sisters of Silence and the Mechanicum isn’t enough to avoid being them pushed ever further [...]

    20. The most in-depth book regarding the emperor to date. That and it takes place on Terra just before the invasion. About damn time. We’ve been at this Horus Heresy for ten years now. Let’s get a move on. With that said, excellent addition to the lore. It paints the emperor as a being that merely has ambitions rather than compassion. He neither loves mankind nor hates them. He’s just capable of leading and guiding them, so he does. He has no problems with how he achieves these goals and that [...]

    21. Listened to via Audible.I really enjoyed this tale, mostly for it's view into the mind of the Emperor of Mankind and the War in the Webway - both parts of the Horus Heresy tale that had felt a bit underexplored so far.Dembski-Bowden is one of the most characterful and evocative writers in the Black Library's roster and he does an excellent job here, although I would probably say that this is definitely a book which you need to be a fan of the 40k setting to enjoy or much of its import and the re [...]

    22. Highlight: Extensive background on 'Abaddon The Despoilers' daemon sword- known as Drach'nyen, the End of Empires and the Echo of the First Murder. Battle and intrigue in the webway but who would of thought the 'Emperor Of Mankind' is such a long winded bore.

    23. An excellent story of the Hidden War campaign in the Horus Heresy. While we’ve been reading story after story about the war away from the Imperial Palace, the war being fought for the future of humanity is spoken of here.A good addition to the Horus Heresy series.

    24. First of all, Aaron Dembski-Bowden is a great writer. He made me feel the great experience of 40K thoroughly. I had so much fun while reading fight scenes and specially the Titan fights. Anyone who's even remotely interested in Warhammer 40K universe must read this book!Also that semi-hateful "Gay Banter" between Zagreus Kane and Arkhan Land was made me laugh out loud. Now for some criticism with spoilers(which all of them are my own personal thoughts. I'm not claiming they are absolute truths)* [...]

    25. 1/2 a star just to acknowledge it was written. This could have been so epic and wasn't . Wish the 30k/40k universe move forward a bit. Seem we have been stuck at the same point for like 10 years.

    26. Ah, the book that launched a thousand incidents of nerd rage over its portrayal of the Emperor. Personally, I could have done with more Emperor and fewer tedious battle scenes.

    27. The feels when the emperor admits defeat. "The shining path is lost to us. Now we rage against the dying of the light."

    28. FantasticI couldn't put this book down. It culminated in a way that kept me wanting more. What a great series.

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