Aftermath: Travels in a Post-War World

In 1953, Farley Mowat, a Canadian infantryman during World War II, returned to Europe, a place he knew only during the ravages of wartime Together with his wife, he returns to England, France, and Italy to re examine the past and find hope in the future This book looks at a world that has undergone dramatic changes in the last fifty years.
Aftermath Travels in a Post War World In Farley Mowat a Canadian infantryman during World War II returned to Europe a place he knew only during the ravages of wartime Together with his wife he returns to England France and Ita

  • Title: Aftermath: Travels in a Post-War World
  • Author: Farley Mowat
  • ISBN: 9780811733380
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Farley Mowat has written a number of books which may be described as war memoirs. Since they were written at decent intervals and to some extent, for different purposes, there is a degree of repetition. Nevertheless, as there is hardly ever a dull moment in a text by Mowat, we can forgive him for telling the same story twice. To be honest, I'm no longer certain where the overlap occurs, although in "Aftermath," a book written comparatively recently, he certainly revisits some parts of the Italia [...]

    2. Farley Mowat is one of my all-time favorite authors, and he doesn't disappoint in this memoir/travelogue. In 1953 he and his wife traveled through Europe, retracing his steps taken during the war in order to write a regimental history for the Canadian military. At the same time he was hoping to find signs of peace and prosperity where there had been none when he had been there before. He described the sequence of events in a foreword, but I was disappointed that he didn't explain how he came to [...]

    3. Farley Mowat served in Europe during WWII and in 1953, he returned with his wife to travel to some of the same places he had been to during that period. He discovered many of the same areas that were so ravaged during the war years were recovering and embracing life.

    4. I enjoyed reading this. I knew of Farley Mowat, but hadn't read anything by him. Thanks for giving me this book, Jen! Mowat and his wife take a trip in 1953, visiting some of the sites and battlefields of WW II where he served. I could have done with a little less of the story of Nazi atrocities in France and Italy, but in general it was interesting. I particularly liked reading about the places they visited in England (not related to the war, necessarily), including some Roman ruins, a grave ba [...]

    5. Great stories in the Farley style. Mowat and his exwife travel through England, France and Italy to visit sites he was stationed at during WWII. His bitterness was still quite evident, which I found understandable yet disturbing.

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