Impossible Odds

Elite warrior swordsmen, they are unequalled in any time or realm .The King s BladesThe King has decreed that new Blades must be sworn into the service of the Grand Duke Rubin, deposed by a foul usurper and currently on the run But none of the rough youths being readied at Ironhall possess the seasoning to survive what better, skilled Blades already have not StiElite warrior swordsmen, they are unequalled in any time or realm .The King s BladesThe King has decreed that new Blades must be sworn into the service of the Grand Duke Rubin, deposed by a foul usurper and currently on the run But none of the rough youths being readied at Ironhall possess the seasoning to survive what better, skilled Blades already have not Still, two woefully unprepared candidates are approached with an offer of early bonding and probable death deft but dense, rude Ranter, and eager, impetuous Ringwood with a third, the inadequate swordsman but potentially able spy Bellman, enlisted into their threadbare ranks Joining the Duke s entourage along with the courageous and prescient White Sister Trudy, the would be champions must restore a rightful ruler to the throne or die in the process But before them waits an army of the dead And the Duke whom the Blades must protect to the last drop of their lifeblood is not the liege they imagined .
Impossible Odds Elite warrior swordsmen they are unequalled in any time or realm The King s BladesThe King has decreed that new Blades must be sworn into the service of the Grand Duke Rubin deposed by a foul usurp

  • Title: Impossible Odds
  • Author: Dave Duncan
  • ISBN: 9780060094454
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Impossible Odds by Dave Duncan is the 5th book in his "King's Blades" series. I've enjoyed all of these books pretty well but some a little more than others. This one was slightly less enjoyable than the last one, Paragon Lost, which I regard as the best of the batch so far and with only one more to read.This novel was a little different than previous books in the series and I appreciate when authors do this. I'm sure authors don't want a series to grow stale any more than readers do. This time, [...]

    2. So I asked for a look into hither too shadowy corners of this most magnificently crafted of universes, did I? yes, I most certainly did, see my thoughts on Paragon Lost. that told the story of Sir Beaumont and Tasha, the then future Queen of Chivial.This work introduces us to the Duchy of Krupina, opening the doors for more political skullduggery. The Krupinese, or some of them at least, seem to have embraced conjuration as Chivial embraces Blades -- and battle is joinedt war, that's far too boo [...]

    3. If I could rate this a 3.5 I would. The reasoning is simple, throughout the first half of the novel I was thoroughly intrigued, wondering how these poor young men (which gets browbeated into us every chapter, just in case we forgot) culd prevail in returning the Duchess to her son, and possibly husband.I was grand all the way through my reading, into almost the last 15-20% of the book. Roughly right around (major spoiler!) when Ranter comes back as one of the undead shadowmen. What a ridiculous [...]

    4. Had a nice little twist at the end. I think the problem w/ Duncan's Blade books is that he readily kills characters off. You have to give him kudos foryou knowlowing people to actually die when they live dangerous lives, but this means that you aren't too likely to get attached to anyone, which means you don't get as emotionally invested in the characters. Stuff happens, and it's interesting, but I don't really *care* too much about anyone in the story.

    5. Reread this weekend. Better than I remembered. Though I had some details wrong, surprise is nice on a second reading anyway.There is the wonderfully horrific opening, and intro to the characters,which is a little longer than some of his hooks. About a quarter of the way in it drops into the back story, which sets up the remote setting and other characters very well. Then at the halfway mark jumps back to current and rushes through to The End. Kept Me Up LAte Finishing.

    6. This is another fun read. Romance, intrigue, mystery, and drama fill the pages and keep you riveted for hours. Nobody is exactly who they appear to be and just when you think you know who is plotting what; you discover that you are wrong. I loved every minute of it.Full Review Here:Dragons, Heroes and Wizards

    7. Kuninga Mõõkade kuuesalisest tsüklist ilmselgelt kõige nõrgem osa. Kuigi ega siin sel tegelikult otseselt midagi viga pole - Duncani nõrk tase jääb paljude autorite jaoks kättesaadamatuks tasemeks lõpuni. Aga kuidagi ei haaranud siin see saksapäraste nimedega tegelastega madin ühe pisikese vürstiriigi trooni nimel. Lõpp kiskus ka kuidagi eriti imalmagusaks. Huviga loetav loomulikult sellest hoolimata.

    8. Fantasy, adventure, swashbuckling. Another in the "King's Blades" universe. Exciting and fast-paced, but less polished than others in the series, with a plot that's just a little too convenient. Young swordsmen overcome obstacles ranging from undead fighters to treachery on all sides, in their attempt to restore a Duchess to her rightful place.

    9. My 3rd favorite of the Blades series!! This one was a total page turner! Hooks, twists, turns and lots of unseen deception! I loved it!! TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT. . .but you would want to read the first 4 books to enjoy the world of the Blades even more and the off-handed references made to the other books :)

    10. This is the book currently in my gym bag. Which means that it will take me probably 2-3 weeks to read it.If it wasn't for Jaguar Knights, this would probably be my least favorite King's Blades book. Note that doesn't stop me from re-reading it when I'm plowing my way through the entire series.

    11. A good addition to the Kings Blades series. Not part of the main line, so stands completely on its own. Nice action/mystery tale, half told in the past, and half in the present as a couple of blades, a former white sister, and a failed blade candidate escort an exiled grand duke back to his kingdom. Duncan continues his legacy of unexpected twists throughout, making this a compelling read.

    12. Duncan is wandering the globe with this series. Paragon Lost took us to his version of Russia; in Impossible Odds we're off to a tiny Germanic country. This is the weakest of the series so far, with an improbable ending, but was still a lot of fun. Lots of swash, lots of buckle.

    13. Pretty good, but not great Blade adventure. Interesting whodunnit elements. Less compelling plot than usual. Duncan's been introducing more and more magic elements in these books that are making the world harder to believe.

    14. As always, Duncan writes a fun, likeable story that somehow fails to transcend light entertainment. enjoyable, but not truly satisfying.

    15. Another good Blades book, but not as good as the first two. The 'whodunit' recaps are sometimes a bit stiff, but still worth reading.

    16. I didn't finish this. As I've said before, I'm getting a bit tired of the misogynistic societies in the King's Blades books, and how most of the female characters are powerless and often victims.

    17. In some ways an even more satisfying adventure, rather a la Sabatini, with twists galore. Relatively light on characterization.

    18. This was one of the better books in the series, though I did not like the ending. the beginning was also a bit rough

    19. Oh the joy of a good book!Well worth the read with a twisting story and characters only Duncan could come up with and carry through.

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