Jericho Moon

The sequel to Iron Dawn continues the adventures of Barra the Pict, a mercenary soldier who, together with her brawny companion, Leucas, and the magician Kheperu, attempts to free the prince of Jebusai in the land of Canaan Reprint PW LJ.
Jericho Moon The sequel to Iron Dawn continues the adventures of Barra the Pict a mercenary soldier who together with her brawny companion Leucas and the magician Kheperu attempts to free the prince of Jebusa

  • Title: Jericho Moon
  • Author: Matthew Woodring Stover
  • ISBN: 9780451457585
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Jericho Moon é mais um romance fodásico do Matthew “Acts of Caine” Stover, um autor que busca sempre quebrar os limites e os clichês da literatura de Espada e Magia contemporânea. Jericho Moon é a continuação de Iron Dawn, e forma a duologia Heart of Bronze, seus primeiros livros antes de ganhar a fama pela saga Acts of Caine (e que está demorando demais para sair um livro novo, caray!).O romance faz uma reinterpretação dos eventos do Livro de Josué (e também descritos no Pentate [...]

    2. I was introduced to Mr Stover's work recently - Heroes Die and Blade of Tyshalle were both quickly elevated to personal favorites of mine. So I figured I'd check out his earliest work that I'd heard of, a little two-part "series" set in Earth's Bronze Age, which in Stover's hands is every bit as fantastical and magical as any "traditional" fantasy world. Iron Dawn was the first book, and sadly, I wasn't particularly overwhelmed by it - I've heard mention that the three main characters are based [...]

    3. If ever there was a case to be made for not judging a book by it's cover, this is it. It looks like a Harlequin romance, but it's actually a very clever historical novel with fantasy elements. Think almost Robert E Howard's Conan or Bran Mak Morn set in Biblical Judea. Stover writes about characters living in the generation just after Moses using the rules and tropes of fantasy fiction, and it works. He brings a new perspective to old characters just by portraying them as if the old stories were [...]

    4. I first came across this book in researching on the trope of God is Evil. Boy what a rollicking read. Finished it under 48 hours even tho it's 500 plus pages long. The writing is crisp and lean, but doesn't truck in tired tropes too much. The main characters are like able, and believable. The setting is rich - post-Jericho Canaan. The premise is simple -- and deliciously subversive. A band of mercenaries is hired to protect a city from an invading army. However the invaders are the Hebrews from [...]

    5. A great adventure story. You could possibly read this without ever reading Iron Dawn, but where is the fun in that? Okay this story portrays Moses' Israelites as tribal, genocidal, zealots who want Jebusi (Jerusalem) razed to the ground and every living thing within it's walls utterly destroyed. Not to say that they are the 'villains', in this story everyone is just doing what they think is 'right' so to label one person(s) as villainous would depend on your perspective. This may offend some rea [...]

    6. Stover certainly has no love for God. If you can get past the blasphemy, this is a good read. Much better paced than his previous novel, "Iron Dawn," despite being longer. This comes from enthralling characters from every perspective, not just his power trio of heroes. As a Christian, much of this book was tough to take. It has done me good, though, by forcing me to answer certain questions as pertaining to God.

    7. A great sequel to Iron Dawn, with the characters we loved thrown in the middle of a worse situation than the first book and an interesting reflection on religion.

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