The King of Fools

An ingenious thriller, set in Edinburgh, from the master of French noir Jean Marie can t believe his luck when he has a passionate triste with a beautiful young Englishwoman, Marjory, who is holidaying in the Cote d Azur However, when he discovers his lover is married he is crestfallen, and when she returns to her home in rainy Edinburgh he is heartbroken He takes a fatAn ingenious thriller, set in Edinburgh, from the master of French noir Jean Marie can t believe his luck when he has a passionate triste with a beautiful young Englishwoman, Marjory, who is holidaying in the Cote d Azur However, when he discovers his lover is married he is crestfallen, and when she returns to her home in rainy Edinburgh he is heartbroken He takes a fateful decision to follow her He arrives in Scotland but soon the jealous husband appears, and a deadly encounter is only the beginning of a nightmarish, disorienting drama.
The King of Fools An ingenious thriller set in Edinburgh from the master of French noir Jean Marie can t believe his luck when he has a passionate triste with a beautiful young Englishwoman Marjory who is holidayin

  • Title: The King of Fools
  • Author: Frédéric Dard Louise Lalaurie
  • ISBN: 9781782271970
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Jean-Marie Valaise, an adding machine salesman, was vacationing at the Cote d'Azur. His life was ho-hum. Having spent six years with girlfriend Denise in a relationship going nowhere, he was alone having weathered their latest break-up. When exiting a restaurant, he found to his surprise, an attractive woman in a wet bathing suit, sitting in his auto. A possible mistake? Her car was a facsimile of his. After her apology she vacated, but alas, she left her beach bag under the dashboard. The stage [...]

    2. Absolutely brilliant first-class psychological noir. Even translated into English, the prose captures the obsession, the unending dreamlike quality of infatuation and romance, the enchantment and bewitching in her eyes and her smile. And the scenery fits the moods of the story from the sun-baked beaches of Southern France, the cold rain-soaked melodrama of Scotland. Like Woolrich's work, it's the slow descent into hell that is the real story, the twisted mystery of what really happened, and the [...]

    3. Reading internationally wouldn't be complete without something Gallic, of course. This novel, randomly found on Netgalley, is a terrific example of French noir set in a post WWII Europe on both sides of the pond, from Côte d'Azur to Scotland and back. To call Dard prolific would be an understatement, the man put out something like 3 to 5 novels a year, amounting to something like 300 in total, written under something like 17 pseudonyms. This is my first read by the author, it's one of his stand [...]

    4. This book reaffirmed my love of the crime genre. It isn’t as dark as other of Dard’s books that I have read, but it is beautifully written, has great settings and a clever denouement. Set in the 1950s (it was originally published in 1952) in (quirkily) Juan-les-Pins and Edinburgh, it is the story of some days in the life of Jean-Marie Valaise who becomes infatuated with a British woman on the beach one day and follows her to Scotland. Jean-Marie, who narrates, lives the high-life of the day, [...]

    5. " what was better? to be a murderer or a gullible fool?"A mix-up of of cars and an encounter with an Englishwoman, Marjorie, sends Jean-Marie Valaise's world into a tail-spin. After a brief liaison, she returns home - he writes to her, he goes to her - is she there or not? A jealous husband, a dead body, an arrest." every mystery is an illusion"Can Jean-Marie find his way out of the nightmare that follows.Yet another outstanding tale from Dard.

    6. I love how some books come into your life and you can't remember how. Someone's review, or a mention in an article. Who knows. But this was one. I'm a big noir fan, and whatever it was inspired me to seek this book out. I loved it. Succinct, taut, easy to read. A clean and satisfying story.

    7. The works of Frederic Dard are a constant source of delight for me, and The King of Fools is one of the best I have read to date. With its compelling blend of the suspense of Hitchcock, and the psychological claustrophobia of Simenon and Highsmith, this is a taut and tense tale of infatuation and murder played out on the Cote D’Azur, and the grim, dark streets of 1950’s Edinburgh. Jean-Marie is a wonderfully flaky man, ruled by his baser instincts, that lead him to pursue the pale, and lets [...]

    8. What a delightful day it was when Pushkin Press and Virago teamed up to publish newly translated works of some of the greatest, most iconic crime fiction from around the world together with Pushkin Vertigo Originals which are exciting contemporary crime writing by some of today ’s most accomplished authors. Frédéric Dard is the master of French Noir and The King of Fools is a lovely read.Originally published in 1952, The King of Fools begins in Juan-les-Pins, but most of the action takes pla [...]

    9. A short review for a short work? Why not. Frédéric Dard was a prodigious creator, a Frenchman who was a prolific creator of crime novels, often taking elements of his own life to fuel his works. (The kidnapping of his daughter ended up in a book, and he said his biggest regret about dying was that he wouldn't be able to write about it.) He wrote under a number of pseudonyms (Cornel Milk, anyone?) though this is the first time I've encountered his work. The King of Fools is not part of Dard's S [...]

    10. Having sort of split up with his partner, Jean-Marie is on holiday alone on the southern French coast, when he chances to meet a married English woman, Marjorie. They meet in the most unusual ways – with two identical cars parked next to each other, she gets in the wrong one by mistake, then leaves her beach bag behind. Lo and behold they find each other at the casino, and the following day, when she arrives at his hotel to reclaim her bag, they meet heart to heart. Jean-Marie sees her to be a [...]

    11. Prolific French crime writer Frederic Dard’s latest book to be translated into English is a somewhat far-fetched but entertaining murder mystery and psychological thriller, an absorbing, if not always realistic, tale of romance, manipulation and murky motives. Jean-Marie Valaise is on holiday on the Cote D’Azur when he meets an attractive Englishwoman whom he instantly falls for. Thinking that his feelings are reciprocated he follows her to a damp and cheerless Edinburgh where the affair doe [...]

    12. This was a pleasantly absorbing story of a Frenchman who follows an Englishwoman to Edinburgh in hopes of romance. Dard successfully portrays the passionate fog that dictates the otherwise-inexplicable lengths to which the man goes in his pursuit. I enjoyed some of the sly, cross-cultural asides, and the paradox of wordly sophistication mingled with naive, retro innocence. I received an advance copy of the English translation in exchange for a candid review.

    13. An expertly craft mid-century noir. The pacing, the characters, and the attitudes were all so congruent with the period and themselves that this was almost breathtaking in its skill.

    14. Jean-Marie Valaise should have listened to another king at the outset of Frédéric Dard’s The King of Fools (translated by Louise Lalaurie). One year before this book was published in 1962 as La Pelouse, Elvis sang that “Wise men say only fools rush in.” Valaise certainly rushes in. His holiday on the Côte d’Azur turns, in a matter of days, into a nightmare of murder and accusations that might send him to the hangman’s noose. And it’s all because Valaise fell in love at first sight [...]

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