Sharp Turn

Tara s quirky PI business is attracting some even quirkier customers She s not sure how Madame Vine s Escort Agency got her number And then there s the eccentric motorcycle racing team owner, Bolo Ignatius Both these clients want to Tara to investigate suspicious circumstances that turn up dead bodies That can only mean one thing in this town John Viaspa Tara goes inTara s quirky PI business is attracting some even quirkier customers She s not sure how Madame Vine s Escort Agency got her number And then there s the eccentric motorcycle racing team owner, Bolo Ignatius Both these clients want to Tara to investigate suspicious circumstances that turn up dead bodies That can only mean one thing in this town John Viaspa Tara goes in for round two with the local crime boss, while balancing the tight rope of her deliciously complicated love life Tara Sharp s life can only be describe as furious fun.
Sharp Turn Tara s quirky PI business is attracting some even quirkier customers She s not sure how Madame Vine s Escort Agency got her number And then there s the eccentric motorcycle racing team owner Bolo Ign

  • Title: Sharp Turn
  • Author: Marianne Delacourt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Sharp Turn by Marianne Delacourt is the second book in the Tara Sharp series about a Private Investigator with an unusual gift – she can see people’s auras.With Tara’s PI business taking off she now finds herself juggling two different clients, Madame Vine who runs an escort agency and Bolo Ignatius a motorcycle racing team owner. After a spate of dead animals being left on the doorstep of her business and several threatening text messages, Madame Vine hires Tara to find out if one of her [...]

    2. DNF I tried but it was just too ‘racing car’ heavy. I couldn’t get a picture of the main character in my mind, she just didn’t seem consistent enough in the character build for me to understand her. I liked that it was set in Perth, especially as my sister in law lives there but there wasn’t enough description of the locale to keep me interested.

    3. Sharp Turn continues the adventures of twenty something fledgling investigator, Tara Sharp who was introduced in Sharp Shooter. With three new cases and a new romance, things are finally looking up, then her clients girlfriend is murdered, her boyfriend's first modelling job pairs him with Tara's nemesis and Tara is targeted by an assassin known as 'The Finisher'. It's all downhill from there.With it's blend of humour, action and romance, the Tara Sharp series is proving to be an entertaining re [...]

    4. Even betterIt took me a while to get into the first book, since I'm American and had to get used to Aussie talk but once I did, I really enjoyed it. Well, this one is even better and I loved it! I'm hooked and officially a fan now. Tars is great, her band of misfits hilarious and the mysteries great. I could do with her having a better love life but I'm sure it will pan out.

    5. Nicely twisty plot line, fantastically interesting characters, and funny incidentsThe title says it all. I don't usually laugh out loud while reading a book. Can't wait to start the 3rd book, and will read something else by this author after that.

    6. Tara Sharp - the gal from down under #2Another action packed story from beginning to end. Good characters and story line - keeps you wanting more. Can't wait for the next book

    7. Another fun tripI am really enjoying these books! I like the characters and the cadence. Fun, quick reads with not so predictable endings.

    8. Sharp Turn is the second book in Marianne Delacourt's crime series featuring protagonist Tara Sharp. It's a departure from my usual reading, I am not a huge fan of the crime/romance/paranormal genre. Indeed mention of the characters ability to read aura's had me rolling my eyes - it's a credit to Delacourt's skill and craft that I kept reading.The StoryOur Protagonist Tara Sharp is an Amateur Private Investigator with a special talent(she can see Aura's). In this outing she's hired by a Race Tea [...]

    9. This review was first posted on my blog: The Australian BookshelfTara Sharp is back! We met this flighty trainee PI in Sharp Shooter and she is up to more outrageous antics in the sequel, Sharp Turn. If you are a fan of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich and haven’t discovered Marianne Delacourt yet, then you are missing out! Set in Perth, Australia, Sharp Turn takes us on another adventure with Tara Sharp, 28 years old; living at home with her parents and near broke.Out of desperati [...]

    10. Tara Sharp is at it again! Those lucky people, who may have previously discovered Tara in ‘Sharp Shooter’, can now continue to follow her adventures in Perth, WA in the new story ‘Sharp Turn’.Things are finally looking up on the work front for this feisty PI, which may just mean she'll be able to escape living in her parent's garage. She has the owner of a motorcycle racing team put her on retainer to find out who's sabotaging his bikes and a wealthy 'madam' wants her assistance in coach [...]

    11. Tara Sharp is a new character for me to know and I just loved her! As sharp in nature as she is in name, Tara earns a living solving mysteries. She is not a registered PI, but people do pay her to snoop. In Sharp Turn, she is asked to investigate a series of small, but nasty incidents at a motorcycle track. The big race is coming up, and four teams are in the running to win, but someone is sabotaging a particular team.Delacourt has crafted quirky, believable characters whom I would like to meet [...]

    12. Like its predecessor, Sharp Shooter, this is a detective story involving PI Tara Sharp and a bunch of quirky characters, some of whom are her friends. Some of them are not friends, and sometimes she has trouble knowing the difference - and thereby hangs this tale of adventure, intrigue and fast cars. It's an easy read with quite a few laughs to lighten the tension. The Tara Sharp series is set in Perth, the author's hometown, and Delacourt's knowledge of the place gives a feeling of authenticity [...]

    13. What a great continuation from Tara's first adventure! Tara has more of an idea what she's doing with her business and how, plus there's Cass. I love that Tara can't help but take in strays and help them - she's not so different from her Aunt Liz whatever she might say. I loved the mysteries being unravelled, spicy enough but not heavy enough to impact on the overall light tone of the book that aims to entertain rather than frighten. I love that about these books and I keep falling in love with [...]

    14. An Australian author who has done a great job with this entertaining piece of work. The suspense was great and the humour entwined throughout was fantastic. Believable characters in extraordinary situations worked well for me.

    15. Think I enjoyed this one more than the first in the series - can't wait for the next instalment. Tara Sharp is a colourful character who keeps getting herself into deep water - amusing plots and interesting characters

    16. I love Tara Sharp she's witty in tune and and amazing heroine.i read this in one day, I honestly could not put it down.

    17. Sharp Turn is suspenseful, hilarious and absolutely impossible to put down! This book left me desperate to know what happens next. A must-read!

    18. I really enjoyed Tara Sharp's second outing. Lots of action, humour, twists and turns and a bit of romance. I laughed out loud several times. I look forward to reading more of her adventures!

    19. Another quick light read featuring Tara Sharp. I especially like this because of the Australian focus. A recommended read for a flight or lazing around during summer.

    20. Sharp Turn is the second Tara Sharp book and continues to be fast-paced fun. Although Tara finds herself in some prickly situations (sometimes quite literally), the story maintains a light-hearted tone.The first book in the series got off to a bit of a slow start, but Sharp Turn came roaring out of the gate. Within two chapters, the story had reintroduced reoccurring characters and set up several new plots. It verged on a little too fast for me, but fortunately settled.I really enjoyed the retur [...]

    21. While I really liked the first book in the series, the second book was much better! It got into a good flow from the first page with the scenes being super engaging, a nice change from the rather skimming tone of the first book. I like how the stakes at the end of the book were definitely upped from the last one, Tara handling the pressure much better than I thought she would. I also liked how you got to know the secondary characters a bit more in this one and I loved the subplotline exploring C [...]

    22. Second book in the series. Features a twentysomething lady P.I. from Perth, Australia, who sees auras, has two pet birds that bite people, and is surrounded by a cast of intriguing characters, Her mom seems focused on social class, her dad's a quiet but nice guy, she lives in their backyard guest cabin and tries to make ends meet with this aura reading P.I. gig. She is physically fit, daring, and a terrible cook.I like the book because it was set in western Australia, a place I've never been (th [...]

    23. Tara sees auras and is sure she is going nuts, so she goes to a family friend who is also a psychiatrist for help. The help she is given is the name and address of Mr. Hara who can help her understand the auras. With his help she no longer thinks she is crazy but she also starts a fledgling business of detection.Clients are beginning to contact her, now she is working for a Madame as well as a Motor Cross racer. This is book 2 in the series and I found it as interesting, delightful and fun as th [...]

    24. Read this on a Sunday afternoon. I had been into some "heavy" reading and wanted to enjoy an afternoon with a good book. I had this book on hand for a while, so I decided to jump in. I think you need to be prepared to find your sense of humor, Aussie style, but this was a fun, fast, read. What I found most enjoyable beyond some of immediate humor is that fact that after this read, there are now characters that I need to know more abouton to the next one!

    25. Amazing book. Read it in one day, and that says something given I typically read fantasy! Read it before the 1st book and it was great as a stand-alone, I'm sure it will be better as I read the full Tara Sharp series. An interesting female lead dealing with the day-to-day life aspects (family, love life, etc.) while also running a PI type business with a twist. Intriguing.

    26. Didn't see any of this comingGreat mystery, nice character development. I'm not from Australia so there are still quite a few references I have no idea what they mean but apparently they're not so important that I couldn't get what was going on. Curious about the future of these characters - that's a good thing.

    27. This second in the series is a vast improvement over the first. The characters are becoming more real and likable. The plot is much more evolved and moves at a good clip with lots of twists and turns and believability, something that was sorely lacking in the first book of the series. The M.C is finally becoming someone that I can relate to. Kudos to Delacourt.

    28. A fun loving mysteryTara Sharp is an amateur detective in Australia searching for love and the criminal. Sometimes they are one and the same. I enjoyed this story, but I got lost with some of the Aussie terms causing some rereading to get back in the story.

    29. Sharp Turn 2Great read, action filled with a good balance of humor, suspense and romantic undertones. Tara is an aura to be reckoned with, and her growing support team rocks. Looking forward to Tara's next adventure.

    30. A great read! I was glad to see this book 2 available. It has a great cast of characters and is everything in one book. Its definitely humorous, mysterious, and also has some aura development thrown in. A fun read.

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