Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig?

Wibbly Pig is being his usual cheeky self, he doesn t want to go to bed, he s not tired at all He wants to splash around in the bath, count the stairs to the bedroom and bounce around But in the end, he snuggles in to bed and falls asleep with his cuddly toys
Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig Wibbly Pig is being his usual cheeky self he doesn t want to go to bed he s not tired at all He wants to splash around in the bath count the stairs to the bedroom and bounce around But in the end

  • Title: Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig?
  • Author: Mick Inkpen
  • ISBN: 9780340878644
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Oh Wibbly Pig why ever won’t you go to sleep? You will reread this enough that you will say this in your sleep

    2. It’s the end of the day, and it’s bedtime for Wibbly Pig or it should be! Wibbly Pig, doesn’t want to go to bed so he tries all manner of delaying tactics to avoid getting bed. Each page takes the reader through the various tasks that we all go through before going to bed, but looks at it humourously through the eyes of Wibbly Pig.Wibbly Pig’s imaginary friends are drawn along his adventures. And just as you think that Wibbly has gone to sleep - he’s fooled you!!!This book is one of th [...]

    3. This book features the adventures of Wibbly Pig as he gets ready for bed. He slowly moves through each task, starting with a bath and ends with finally crawling into bed with all of his stuffed animals. While overall the illustrations have a simple cartoon style with small amounts of bright color and thick pencil outlines with lots of white space, there are some small charming details, such as how the stuffed animals follow Wibbly Pig from one task to the next. Children will relate to the poky w [...]

    4. My Mum bought this for a present and I read it when she purchased it :P I didn't buy this book for myselflol I used to be a fan of Kipper when I was little and this book is writen by the same guy :D It's very, very, very cute bookAnd I just loved the illustrationsThey gave me a smile everytime I turned the thick cardboard pages.Enjoyable for adults if only looking at their childs face lighting up OR looking at it from the illustration standpoint which is what I was doing :P

    5. I love Inkpen's illustrations. (Yes. I'm a huge Kipper fan.) This book makes me smile to see all of the ways Wibbly drags out going to bed. Very true in my experiences. 9/27/10 A good book to end up with at PJ storytime. The kids liked seeing Wibbly do the same things they do to get ready for bed. A great book to use to ask the kids questions--especially in the smaller group (~10) that I had.

    6. This is our favourite family book. It is fun to read, especially at bed time. Our girls and I enjoyed repeating sharing this book together. Wibbly Pig avoids going to bed and we follow his story. The book engages all and creates great memories. Definitely a good book for early years and nursery.

    7. Wibbly, the cutest little toddler pig ever, is back--and this time he's putting off bedtime as long as he can. Wibbly goes through all of the classic delaying tactics that will be familiar to every youngster. Full color.

    8. Cute little story, with gorgeous illustrations. He does almost the same thing kids do and they will love that. How long it takes Wibbly Pig to go to bed, with his little stuffed toys following him around, which will lead him to sweet dreams, where he can do anything.

    9. Stories that end with the character settling quietly in bed are always good for bedtime. I also recommend Dr Seuss's sleep book, Hello Dudley and Maisy's bedtime.

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