A Poisoned Mind

Jonathon Browne knows the voice in his head It belongs to his deadly enemy, but he never expected the voice to take him over, both mentally and physically This supernatural force hijacks his body, takes it to his top secret government office, and spills blood With a helpless battle within, Jonathon must get control and escape from his own team before they execute him WJonathon Browne knows the voice in his head It belongs to his deadly enemy, but he never expected the voice to take him over, both mentally and physically This supernatural force hijacks his body, takes it to his top secret government office, and spills blood With a helpless battle within, Jonathon must get control and escape from his own team before they execute him Will a life in exile be his only choice Or will the Exalls once again claim another victim This is a short story spin off from Andre s debut novel, Followed Home The story will be available for FREE to all subscribers to Andre s mailing list at andregonzalez
A Poisoned Mind Jonathon Browne knows the voice in his head It belongs to his deadly enemy but he never expected the voice to take him over both mentally and physically This supernatural force hijacks his body tak

  • Title: A Poisoned Mind
  • Author: Andre Gonzalez
  • ISBN: 9780997754827
  • Page: 134
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “A Poisoned Mind”

    1. This story is broken up into two parts and is fast-paced with an action scene. This is a sci-fi read, short, and is sort of interesting, but not a story that I enjoyed.

    2. This short story was a very unexpected surprise. The story was excellent and a little frightening. The strange and the weird lives in the mind of Andre Gonzalez!

    3. A great little short story. I would definitely recommend this book as it had some twists along the way. Will be reading more from Andre gonzalez.

    4. Okay! Did not know I HAD to read this until I started reading it!!!! Was extremely well written, fast paced, complex just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. When you work for a secret department in the Pentagon and when that department deals with aliens and their presence on Earth, you may unknowingly put your life in danger. I have not read the original book that this is a spin-off from (of) but reading this story and the intro to Followed Home, I have to know what the family secret is. Thank you Andre Gonzalez for the free copy and for introducing yourself to me =)

    6. This was a very well-written short story. The aliens introduced were interesting and I've always enjoyed the idea​ of mind-control. It is very well thought out, and kept me intrigued.

    7. A perfect book for commuters, or any half-hour time you have to yourself. This is a well-written sci-fi story with just enough descriptive narration to flesh out the characters and situation. I enjoyed the read.

    8. I found this novelette intriguing. How are the Exalls so advanced? I felt really sorry for Jonathan and the other crew members he took out while his body was taken over. I was hoping to read more about the first protagonist so hopefully she'll come back in the next installment.

    9. A very short but compelling read.The author does a excellent job of keeping the story moving. Gripping and suspenseful.I would like to read this authors other story from where this short story came from.

    10. This eBook was gifted to me by this fantastic author, (Andre Gonzalez) for an honest review. I have to say this story captured my attention from page 1 all the way to the end!! I love the way he describes the details of the characters in the story. Highly recommended read. Can't wait to read his other book "Followed Home"

    11. Well, I'm not sure what to say it was interesting, not exactly what I thought it would be, but it caught my attention, and I would probably read another book by this author

    12. I love, love, love the premise for this short tale. I wish there had been more background, description and scenery though. The characters were pretty strong, but the writing was a lot of 'telling'. This story did fall a little flat for me at the end, it was such a great build and I felt a little let down, but it's an open gate for the author to write more on this story which I'd love.

    13. Short stories are interesting because they have to move quickly in order for anything to happen. I used to read a lot of them, but I haven’t read one in awhile and I forgot how it was. You always find yourself saying “how convenient. . .” when there is less conflict than in a full novel. A Poisoned Mind is a short story spinoff from Andre’s full-length novel Followed Home. I didn’t know this, but I think it fits fine by itself as a stand-alone story.If you are in to aliens and governme [...]

    14. This was an okay read. I was in doubt if I should give this short story two or three stars, but as you can see I decied to roll with three as it wasn't THAT bad. But, it wasn't good either.My biggest problem with this story is that it was all telling instead of showing. I could hardly picture anything as it was lacking in descriptions, the scenery and the characters were all blurry.I also think that dialogue needed some improvement. A lot of it. I don't think that dialogue should always feel nat [...]

    15. Jonathan has got a new job working for The xcrew which is a secret department of the government. He learns about things that threaten national security but these aren't ordinary terrorists.This story went down a different path then i thought it would go originallywhich is great!!!Pick this up!!!

    16. This was a quick read that had me intrigued from page one. It had a lot of twists and turns and was excellent.

    17. Perhaps if the summary fit the story, I wouldn't have expected more and been insanely disappointed (pun intended) when it fell short with so much less. It started off with flu-like symptoms. Diarrhea. Vomiting. Then it fully took over and the first main MC (I can't even recall his name) doesn't remember a call he made then he's aware of everything the alien is saying and doing. The backstory on that MC was completely unnecessary in the story. More like a filler because it amounted to zero to the [...]

    18. ( Format : Audiobook )"We're in this together. Chop, chop."A well written, engaging short story of the last three years of the life of Jonathan Brown. It is, simultaneously, amusing, sad and creepy. The audio version is read by Andre Gonzalez, who does an adequate job but, unfortunately, has a nasal twang to his voice plus his intonation towards the end of most sentences, irritatingly rises or falls, giving a robotic impression. This vocal distraction made it hard for me to simply sink into the [...]

    19. This is the first book I've read by Mr. Gonzalez. I received a copy of this novelette from the author. Since I 'never' read horror I went out on the proverbial limb and tried this. It is a book that is short in length but filled with suspense, a plot that grabs you by the throat and shakes you, and characters who are truly evil. Something I'd think all lovers of horror will appreciate! I highly recommend you try the work of Andre Gonzalez if you haven't already.

    20. What a power packed short story / novelette with susspense, action and loads of craziness that is truly entertaining and provocative. I Loved it. Author Andre Gonzalez needs to get an award for this if he hasn't already got a few. Wow! what a winner book to read!

    21. A creative short story about an alien possessing a human's mind to protect the alien race. While a quick read, it has some twists.

    22. This had me thoroughly hooked from start to finish. Wonderfully written without a superfluous word to distract you and an enticing premise.As it is a short story tied into the author's main novel, I can't say more without revealing spoilers. Suffice to say that it draws you in and you NEED to know more about the situation.Highly recommended short read.

    23. Not the type of book that I usually read but enjoyed it. Easy to read. Looking forward to reading the next book.

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