Luck Stat Strategy (Secret of the Old Ones, #1)

Secret of the Old Ones is a deep dive VR game the likes of which the world had never seen Trent Noguero, a hardcore gamer, has been playing for a year and is about to get his big break He is about to catapult himself into the ranks of the most powerful players in the world However, power comes with a price, and celebrity creates enemies Trent has the keys to massive suSecret of the Old Ones is a deep dive VR game the likes of which the world had never seen Trent Noguero, a hardcore gamer, has been playing for a year and is about to get his big break He is about to catapult himself into the ranks of the most powerful players in the world However, power comes with a price, and celebrity creates enemies Trent has the keys to massive success, but he also accidentally painted a target on his back both in, and out of the game.
Luck Stat Strategy Secret of the Old Ones Secret of the Old Ones is a deep dive VR game the likes of which the world had never seen Trent Noguero a hardcore gamer has been playing for a year and is about to get his big break He is about to

  • Title: Luck Stat Strategy (Secret of the Old Ones, #1)
  • Author: Blaise Corvin Caterina Kalymniou
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. First let me tell you the good news: The quality of litrpg is improving! YES!Now about the bad new: It's improving within old and proven trenches.Characters: The main character isn't exactly well flashed out, or deep or well, he is and he is (mostly) sympathetic, which is already more than I can say of most other litrpg. Mainly, while his characters lack deepness, they are interesting and far from mary-sue perfecteness. It's all applied a bit with the sledgehammer method, but it hits the right n [...]

    2. I couldn't stop reading this, and I perhaps wouldn't have if I didn't have to go to work and stuff. This book reminded me of Heroes Die somehow. I know Heroes Die is much darker in content but this book made me feel the same kind of connection to the story. Overall, I am looking forward to the next novel or novella from this author.

    3. I had bad impressions of this book by the title but I eventually got over it and tried it.Guess what? I am correct but for the wrong reasons. I thought that the MC would be really overpowered due to the high luck and things would get ridiculous. However, that didn't happen. In fact, there's really very little part in the whole book about this so called Luck Stat Strategy. It's arguable but I say there's only 2 major instances where the luck mattered and maybe 4-5 minor ones and that's pushing it [...]

    4. Incredibly great read!I read the whole thing starting on my two reads at work and reading through luncg. Finished a little after midnight due to having to make dinner and socialize haha. This is a new and interesting rule set for skills and abilities that really sounds cool! I enjoyed the other two books that you wrote but really this one is the best for me. I am really stoked and am looking forward to the next one but I do request that you try to make it a lot longer than this one. The books fr [...]

    5. Imagine an amazing booken imagine jumping in half way and only getting to read the 2nd halfExcellent lit rpg book. That said I almost stopped reading around 10% given it felt like the book was missing the entire first half. I worked into it soon after and got emotionally invested in it. In the future I would strongly recommend the author wait to publish the full book or publish the first half, well, FIRST. I would still recommend reading it. Over all I give it a 3.5, but it would have been a 4.5 [...]

    6. Very enjoyable short LitRPG story. It's nice to see authors taking the framework of the LitRPG and not just defaulting to high fantasys for everything. Luck Stat Strategy's game is a Victorian Era Lovecraftian DD game. So while it does still have some fantasy elements it's far more modern than than usual and has some steam punk elements in it as well. Think, Secret World but set at the start of the industrial revolution. Hopefully more authors will start realizing there more out there than Tolki [...]

    7. Time well spentA friend of mine, whose judgment I trust, recommended this story to me. Despite my initial hesitation, not being too familiar with LitRPG stories, I started and finished it rather quickly. The characters grew on me and the pacing is pretty damn great. I'd be greatly interested in reading any follow ups to this, especially considering the patch to SOO mentioned in the end.

    8. Good for a lit rpgCharacters are a bit one dimensional, lacking character traits and motivation. Reading this, and many litrpg titles to be honest, there's a lot of god moding, where the character is over powered and in touchable. Let them get hurt, fail, and learn from their mistakes. Don't get me wrong though, I do enjoy this book. It is one of the better lit rpg genre books I've read and I'd actually recommend it and thus auther.

    9. Life is like a drop box you never know what to expect!An interesting twist of steam age weapons meets good old fashion magic. I was surprised by the different classes and the almost cutthroat demand in stat distribution the game follows. The world is watching our young heroes as well as the competition. Thanks for the experience and I at least eagerly await the next installment.

    10. Pretty good pilot show for a litRPG seriesNice in-game/real world balance. Enough game mechanics to fit the genre without being cumbersome. I really liked that the story was complete and fast paced. The scenes had just enough detail for my imagination to fill out. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

    11. Damn I finished itAnother wonderful book by Blaise Corvin. Loved his last book and was anxiously awaiting its sequel when I found this! Fast paced without the usual LRPG page “fluff” of constant level up information. Allows for comfortable literary flow and damn its over! Get back to work author boy - I need another book and always listen to your “Momma” 😁

    12. Fun enough, though a bit generic and too short to truly engage me. At the end, I had a very strong urge not to read the next book in the series just because of how many times the author said "my mama" I won't give you spoilers, butr heaven's sake you made your point, no need to repeat yourself 10 times over.

    13. Yes!This is gold! Fast paced, interesting characters, the protagonist has some rough edges that humanize him, story is engaging and just a genuinely fun ride! On to the second one!

    14. That was funWorth your time. Blaise Corvin hit a triple with this one. Love the world. 7/10 for character development. Interesting plot. Enjoyable ride. (Im expecting the sequel will be even better. He tends to get better with time.)

    15. Like LuckYes I like this story the characters are easy to follow and the actions Good I feel disappointed in the final ending but that's a series now have to wait for next book.bug?

    16. Another great book! I am torn between wanting another Delver book or another one for this series! Both stories are really good and the characters are very engaging. Keep it up please!

    17. WowAnother great story with amazing character and the stream aspect is also super interesting. It's like if the mob started bugging pewtiepie(only streamer I really know from south park) I look forward to the next one

    18. 3 out of 5I enjoyed the book and will definitely read the next one, but the story seemed rather rushed and the fights weren't very descriptive.

    19. Enjoyable but incompleteI liked what I got, but it felt like half a book.It seemed like the author just got done with the setup of a story arc and stopped.

    20. Acks! Why did it end! ~flails about~ No! I demand more! Wow, this book was loads of fun. Top of my list for LitRPG stories. Need the next book please.

    21. Paint by numbers litrpg, too shallow to create any interest about what happens with characters in next book, Delvers LCC series way better.

    22. Damn good but to shortHoly crap I’m already in love with this series and can’t wait for the next installments hopefully they come soon

    23. Very good novellaA truly enjoyable short book. I enjoyed the author's writing style and world building and am looking forward to further additions to this storyline.

    24. To readers and to Blair,To readers, I've been following the LitRPG genre for a little over a year, and this is not by any means an exaggeration, this has been the best LitRPG novella I've ever read! If you haven't had a chance to read it and are debating on doing so based on the reviews, stop wasting your time and read this book! To Blaise Corvin(and readers who still aren't convinced),My friend, this novella is everything I've ever looked for in a LitRPG story. From the fight scenes to the amou [...]

    25. .Blaise, I hate you. You have started an excellent story that I can not wait to continue but I am forced to wait while you write. Seriously folks, this story is awesome. I admit to being leery about certain aspects when I first heard about it but Blaise has done an outstanding job with the mythos and implementation into a game world and the repercussions that would arise.

    26. Great short book.This book as a swift fun filled romp. If you are looking for epic 600 page fantasy this isnt it. If you are looking for an entertaining book that you want to read in a few hours this is it.

    27. Great story with lots of actionA litrpg story that is unique and will make you want to read book 2. Ahh darn it, book 2 isn't out yet!A bit of magic, mayhem, and guns twisted into a great story!

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