Bedding the Heiress

When a loathsome rake steals one of her most cherished family heirlooms and nearly her virtue as well Francesca Dunroy devises the perfect plan to put him in his place At a ball being held in her honor she didn t take in her first season, now her family is determined to get her a match in her second she ll offer him a clandestine kiss sure to convince him to return whaWhen a loathsome rake steals one of her most cherished family heirlooms and nearly her virtue as well Francesca Dunroy devises the perfect plan to put him in his place At a ball being held in her honor she didn t take in her first season, now her family is determined to get her a match in her second she ll offer him a clandestine kiss sure to convince him to return what is rightfully hers But in the dark hallways surrounding the ballroom, Francesca makes a terrifying mistake She seduces the wrong man The recipient of Francesca s caresses is none other than Justin Maddox, London s newly titled duke and most eligible bachelor A defiant Scotsman who disdains London society, he s sworn to steer clear of the ladies of the ton, but he can t escape the memory of Francesca urgently pressing her lips upon his and neither can she But when a shocking and dangerous secret from Justin s past resurfaces, the couple will have to risk tattered reputations and treacherous enemies to nurture what has quickly become true love.
Bedding the Heiress When a loathsome rake steals one of her most cherished family heirlooms and nearly her virtue as well Francesca Dunroy devises the perfect plan to put him in his place At a ball being held in her hono

  • Title: Bedding the Heiress
  • Author: Cathy Maxwell
  • ISBN: 9780061121807
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I didn't love the book but it was better than I expected. I didn't like Justin in the last book so I didn't have much hope of liking this book but it wasn't bad. It was enjoyable just not a "wow" read. I felt the end was wrapped up way too fast.

    2. Justin/Tavis is apparently a duke even though he was raised as a blacksmith! Francesca is like totally hot and independent! THEY BONE IN A SEMI-NON-CONSENSUAL ACT. And then like complete idiots get caught making out in her backyard!! 1) SEMI-NON-CONSENSUAL SEX. 2) HER FATHER / STEP-MOTHER WERE COMPLETE ASSHOLES BUT OF COURSE SHE ~~FORGIVES AND ~~FORGETS THROUGH THE POWER OF LOVE??? Even though her step-mother makes a comment about her unborn child hopefully being a boy to replace the one that di [...]

    3. Bedding the Heiress is the fourth book in the Cameron Sisters series by Cathy Maxwell. Francesca Dunroy is the daughter of a wealthy business man. With the recent remarriage of her father to a woman younger than herself, Francesca finds herself in the arms of a notorious rake. At her coming out ball, she arranges for a clandestine meeting in her father’s study, but mistakenly kisses the wrong man, the Duke of Colster. Justin can’t forget the kiss and seeks to find Francesca and get more than [...]

    4. I read this some time ago. It was a great historical romance, just what I was in the mood for.

    5. Justin Maddox recenlty found out that he was taken from his real family and is the true Duke of Colster and is also the holder of the Sword of Mckenna. Some say this sword is powerful and Justin will stop at nothing to hide it even if that means fighting with his twin brother and trying his best to get out of London until he meets and kisses Francesca Dunroy.Francesce Dunroy need to get her mothers pearl necklace back from a notoious rake so she asks him to met her in the library hoping to seduc [...]

    6. Enter contest here: thetbrpile.weebly/1/post/2The first few chapters were rather dull. They were building up the story but were a struggle to get through. It could have been cut in certain areas and really gripped the reader at the beginning. Once Justin and Francesca have a mistaken kiss, Bedding The Heiress turns into a romantic adventure!Their strange connection unfolded beautifully and really drew me into the historical setting. Both have secrets that are opened and quickly places both of th [...]

    7. As with every book I have read from Cathy Maxwell, this was a great read. I have not been disappointed with anything so far. I know I can pick up any book from her and get a few hours of enjoyment. Her books combine just the right amount of humor, romance, and suspense.

    8. The book starts off with Phillip (Justin's bro from the previous book) signing away the Dukedom to Justin. An interesting beginning but the bickering between Phillip and Justin was honestly very childish at times. We get it Justin wants to make his own way in the world and not just be given the title of Duke.Right off the bat Francesca and Justin seem like two immature selfish characters.I thought it was a bit presumptuous of Francesca to grow angry at Justin for taking her virginity. She never [...]

    9. This one is about Justin Maddox (don't read this if you haven't read the first two in the Cameron series) (view spoiler)[the newly discovered Duke of Colster (hide spoiler)]. After growing up as the village bastard, fostered by a blacksmith, he's having a rough time settling into his new role. His brother is doing what he can to help, but he's also being a PIA, and Justin's straining at the bit. Enter Francesca Dunroy, whose father has settled a huge dowry on her to get her out of his house so h [...]

    10. I loved this. I was not expecting to love this book as much as I did because honestly, I really didn't like the previous one but this one, ohmygod this one was so great. I really like Justin and Francesca and I even though they were married in like 3 wks of meeting each other which can get really annoying in these novels if done wrong, I believed them here and their love because it was done RIGHT. I like, can't really explain why I love these two so much because I started off disliking them (rea [...]

    11. Justin Maddox, the newly–anointed Duke Of Colster, is not adjusting to London life well. He much prefers the life he was leading in the Scottish Highlands to the glittering,but fake, world of London's high society. The one bright spot is the mysterious Francesca, whose kiss he can't get out of his mind. Of course, even that takes an unexpected turn when the tempting Francesca turns out to be the very proper Miss Dunroy.Francesca Dunroy doesn't know what she was thinking. Kissing a strange man [...]

    12. This story had an excellent plot, however, the female characters' personalities seemed to change about half way through. A spoiled heiress suddenly found honorable backbone instead of whiny recklessness, a step-mother who seemed deep at the beginning of the story suddenly turned shallow. Bigger themes of grief were remarked upon, however, they weren't really explored in a manner where I really believed the hero & heroine had their HEA. There was a villain who was too easily vanquished, and t [...]

    13. I absolutely loved the book the four stars is for the fact that I felt it could've actually been longer and I wouldn't have cared in the least. The characters were well drawn out and presented to make them and their story interesting. I think their courtship could've been drawn out a bit more in the story to give them more time and to thicken the plot but still it didn't lack in any way. Moira could've been a little bit more presented too as she was in the previous book, I feel she gave up too f [...]

    14. I really wanted to like this book but in the end I just could not get over my dislike of the characters. Justin and Francesca just got on my nerves. Justin was just so self absorbed and down right mean to his brother. Francesca just acted like a spoiled brat for most of the book. Really could not stand her or Justin both selfish and rude. I did not like her father, stepmother, pretty much any character in this book I could not stand. Probably going to read the next one just to say I did not give [...]

    15. A really fast read. I did feel as though I was missing some of the story. This is a good book, if you had read previous books this author has written. Although it did not say this was a trilogy or progressive story it certainly is one. You can tell there is more to come at the end of this story. The current plot was good and the characters very well detailed.

    16. read it last night from 6pm to 2:30am. Couldn't put it down! Cathy Maxwell is FUN and she's got a great twist of perspective on Regency Romance--as in she actually remembers that other parts of the world existed (besides France) and sometimes she lets her characters GO THERE! (not in this one, in some of her others)

    17. Don't judge me. I loved this ever so much. It was funny and sweet and I found Francesa pretty relatable with her indirected anger and a few other personal flaws. Anyway, good read, nice and fluffy with a few raunchy scenes. Highly enjoyable, think I'll pick up another Cathy Maxwell romance in the future.

    18. I borrowed this book from the library as a long-haul flight 'read' and as part of my quest to read more books by best-selling romance writers and discover the secret of their success. However, I didn't realise it was the fourth book in a series, which may explain why the hero and heroine did not quite gel with me. Already, a week later, I've forgotten what the book was about.

    19. I missed this series. It's a good thing a remembered the story of the 2 cameron sisters. It's a fast pace reading. It gave a good opening at what is the importance of the previous book. I had fun reading this. It is direct to the point. I am excited for the last book. I hoped it will be a good one.

    20. Historical romance about a blacksmith who finds out that he really is a duke with a twin brother. He goes to England to take over his inheritance. There he mets a woman that he falls for even though he has vowed to never remarry.

    21. I enjoyed this story. I wasn't sure I'd like it but was pleasantly surprised. I didn't realize it was the 4th book in the series. I haven't read much by this author, but now I want to go back and read the others after I read about Gordon and Constance, Charlotte's sister.

    22. This was a fun quick read though I didn't realize it was part of a series! I am really curious now about the next book. I did find the first couple of chapters a bit boring but once I got into the story I really enjoyed it.

    23. I've enjoyed the Cameron Sisters series by Cathy Maxwell, and this book is no exception. Maxwell writes with originality and good pacing.

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