Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want

Daring Democracy Igniting Power Meaning and Connection for the America We Want None

  • Title: Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want
  • Author: Frances Moore Lappé Adam Eichen
  • ISBN: 9780807023815
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want”

    1. This book outlines what it calls the "Anti-Democracy movement," using material from books I've read, including Dark Money and The New Jim Crow. Then it highlights a number of efforts to counteract these trends, including Poor People's Campaign and other initiatives. I'm not as optimistic as the authors, but I do believe we need to try to counteract money in politics, racism, voter suppression, etc.A Unitarian Universalist reading selection

    2. First, I am a registered Republican. Second, I watched Donald Trump become president with much apprehension. Unfortunately, I had read a great deal about his career, watched him faithfully on his reality show (a fact I am not proud of) and saw how he dealt with others. As a news junkie, I have watched with endless fascination mixed with horror as Trump has governed. Seeing what his true objectives are and feeling helpless to change things, I picked up this book. This is a book of hope, a book th [...]

    3. I'm not sure this is an unbiased review, as I am finishing up this book on the 1 year anniversary of the 2016 Elections, and it's dark and raining and I'm feeling down. So there is the disclaimer.Reading this book I wanted to be inspired, and in a few spots I was. But overall the sections on the anti-democracy movement and what they have done to create a government working for the few, rich, elites, was dismaying and stuck with me far more than the section on the pro-democracy movement and its e [...]

    4. Summary: Responding to the concentration of political power within monied elites, the authors expose their strategy, and advocate a growing Democracy Movement to recover American democratic institutions.Perhaps one of the most disturbing consequences of politics in the post-Citizens United era is the enlarged role that hidden financial donors in what I would propose are rival plutocracies play in our national politics. That is also a concern of the authors of this work, although they only acknow [...]

    5. I read this book for our Unitarian Universalist book discussion group. I have really been pretty passive in the current political environment - truly feeling that there is not much I can do to make any change in the system, but this book changed that for me. Yes there is something we can do - and we all have to stand-up and DO that something that we CAN do. So count me in for making a change!! I commit to standing-up and getting involved in getting democracy back in America!!!

    6. Daring Democracy is that rare book that should be read by anyone along the political spectrum as long as that reader does indeed desire to live in a democracy. Those who, for whatever reason, prefer some other form of governance will find nothing with which to attack a genuine democracy. The idea of a democracy is not, and should not be perceived as, a partisan issue. In the current atmosphere it is because the right has chosen to be (or been manipulated into being) anti-democracy and any attemp [...]

    7. As a biased reader, I found this book to be hugely informative. It was also hugely disturbing. I found the writing in the first part of the book to be difficult to read. I had to re-read many sentences to get the full meaning. This did not continue once the book settled down to business. Written after the election of our current 45th president, the authors showed no love for this president. I am with them! The manipulations of the Anti-Democracy Movement are astounding. Having just read Barber's [...]

    8. Excellent and extremely timely. Very good for people who have not been politically active or aware but are looking for ways to get involved. The book is also encouraging, in a realistic way, for those who are discouraged.What I liked best about this was the argument for democracy as an essential, empowering value for its own sake rather than, as some such as Lawrence Lessig argue, a means to an end.I also was very glad to see the call for progressive, pro-democracy organizations to reach out to [...]

    9. Ok, it may be viewed as a political book. But it’s not GOP vs Dems or White vs Black or a religious division challenging the constitution written by our forefathers. It’s really the haves vs the have nots. The top 1% is using these other divisions to foster their personal goals. The income inequality is eliminating the American Dream and leading to a shrinking middle class. It historically details how the intermingling of money into politics may end the democracy upon which our country was f [...]

    10. The title can be taken two different ways: challenging the the current American system or encouraging radical changes to the system. I feel that the work went in both directions pushing the liberal agenda of remaking America in their dream world. It is a special interest piece. With degrees myself in political science, history, and social science I would have liked a more objective work. If for no other reason than to explore all viewpoints objectively, Daring Democracy should be read. This was [...]

    11. I was hoping that this book would be more uplifting and inspiring. It provides a solid history into the rise of the anti-democracy movement and how Trump won, but the "igniting power" wasn't there. As someone who has done a lot of advocacy to only see everything I worked for taken away/dismantled, this book didn't provide any great insights on how to take advocacy to the next level. Everything they offer is good, just not new/innovative.

    12. This one took me forever to get through, but it was an important read. Some of the anti democracy information (vital for understanding politics in our country) was fairly depressing and daunting. Can we overcome decades of dark money being pumped almost continuously into undoing democracy as we know it? I don’t know. But I am committed to trying.

    13. Meh? The intro is solid, delving into building community, emphasizing agency, etc. And then the book fizzles, using the same platitudes and sound bytes that already abound in the news, editorials and Facebook posts.

    14. Everybody should read this. Immediately. Learn how our rights as citizens are being slowly and insidiously eroded in more ways than you even suspected, and what we can do to stop this vast conspiracy!

    15. I won't say I enjoyed reading parts of this book, but it helped me see that there are many ways to "do" democracy which I found inspiring. Looking forward to an upcoming book club discussion.

    16. Every person should read this book. It helps you realize that democracy is a gift and it is now time to take action and get excited to preserve and grow it.

    17. A great book to recharge with and serving a timely reminder that the “Democracy Movement” is alive, well and growing.

    18. Wondering what you can do to promote positive change? This book offers a powerful analysis of why we got here and what we can do to renew our democracy.

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