Crimson Moon

In the old days, people whispered about the wolf, said he came only at night, and only by the light of the full moon They locked their doors and huddled close to their fires, safe in the knowledge they could prepare for his coming The truth is, no one is safe, because the wolf walks in the skin of the man Always Harlow Hayes is a runaway, thief, and failed Southern belIn the old days, people whispered about the wolf, said he came only at night, and only by the light of the full moon They locked their doors and huddled close to their fires, safe in the knowledge they could prepare for his coming The truth is, no one is safe, because the wolf walks in the skin of the man Always Harlow Hayes is a runaway, thief, and failed Southern belle Forced to grow up fast after what her mama delicately referred to as, the incident, she learns the hard way not all strangers are kind, real monsters hide in plain sight, and family can be found in the most unexpected places Harlow Hayes is about to meet the Wolf.
Crimson Moon In the old days people whispered about the wolf said he came only at night and only by the light of the full moon They locked their doors and huddled close to their fires safe in the knowledge the

  • Title: Crimson Moon
  • Author: Sherri A. Wingler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. She was a runaway on her way to her grandmother’s house after her mother told her to leave, that she was an abomination. Harlow Hayes was young, lost and looking for the acceptance she never received from her mother or her absent father. She was alone in a small diner and then he walked in, a loner, a man slightly feral, very rugged and even a little scary. Some would call him wolfish and they wouldn’t be wrong. But it was his inner Big Bad Wolf who felt a pull to the frail looking girl and [...]

    2. Wow! What a phenomenal read!Sherri truly has a gift for storytelling. Synopsis:Crimson Moon is a saucy read about two supernaturally-enhanced humans. Grey is a much different take on a werewolf. His wolf resides inside in the background of the man's mind, but he will emerge when he needs to--or if he thinks Grey isn't making the best choices. Claws and fangs also show themselves when danger threatens. When he runs into seventeen-year-old runaway, Harlow, he is in danger of losing his heart. Harl [...]

    3. I'm not sure if I'm ready to write this review yet, because I'm still numb from the ending. I knew it was coming. Even halfway through the book, I knew I didn't want it to endThankfully it's only book one in which I am POSITIVE will become one of my favourite PNR series. It is, frankly, stunning!The book is a loose retelling of Little Red Riding hoodif you can imagine a fairy story filled with some of the best written sexual tension I've ever read.Let me start with the characters. There are no g [...]

    4. OMG! OMG! OMG! I am speechless and for anyone who knows me that is a rarity. This book sucked me from the first lines and held me all the way through. The pacing is perfect all the way through the book, it is steady and builds the relationship between reader and the main characters. The last 20% of the book picks up the pace while your heart pounds inside your chest and you are unable to put the book down until the conclusion. And wow what an ending. There were twists and turns which I didn’t [...]

    5. A must read!I usually dont like wolves and such but I could not put this down! A must read for sure! It brings a good twist to "red riding hood"

    6. Book 26 of my Reading ChallengeThis book was over way too soon I am totally in love with Grey now I will just have to keep reading over my favourite sections. I will share them with you later. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDUpdateA novel easily devoured, a YA read with a twist in the tale of the Wolf & Red Riding Hood.I love the work of this author, she never ceases to amaze with her stories for young adults, and ‘Crimson Moon' is no exception. There is a brand new twist in the tale of the wolf an [...]

    7. A few folks have mentioned disliking the ending, and, while not one of them, I can understand their frustration. The twists and turns in the past few chapters of the book were surprising and I didn't feel them coming. Even still, the book itself has enough substance to warrant a sequel (or five) and I'm eagerly looking forward to reading them!There is a girl who is different. She meets a guy who is different. They both tiptoe around for a little bit, then finally each opens up about their own di [...]

    8. Although, this is a new twist on Little Red Riding Hood with Red having a special gift. Harlow left home because her mother couldn't stand the sight of her. Harlow had to do what she had to to stay alive on the streets until she met Greyson. Greyson saw a young woman who was lost and maybe hungry. Little did he know she was a spitfire. She would take him through changes, and get his wolf to go against him. Greyson knew she was his, but he knew something was lurking in the outskirts. When Harlow [...]

    9. What a story! I'm all for being honest with no spoilers. Its took a little bit to get in to the narrative, but I wasn't disappointed once I got my teeth into it. The characters are wonderfully showcased. With the lead being Harlow there is no damsel is distress I loved that she had all these strong men but her heroism really was highlighted. I will say there was enough twists and turns in the novel that I couldn't put it down I had to find out what happens as quickly as possible. But nothing was [...]

    10. This superb start to a new series is a fun, and easy to read, book.It's loosely based on the Red Riding Hood fairytale, but so much better.Sherri A. Wingler brought her characters to life and I joined Red, Grey and Wolf on their journey to 'grandma's house'. The booked grabbed me on the first page and held on to me right to the end. Now I can't wait to read the next book and find out what happens next to Red, Grey and Wolf.

    11. OMG I love books like Crimson Moon. It is kind of a modern day Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. It is so different from all of the other books that try to do something with Red Riding Hood and the Big bad Wolf. I've starting reading the book again because I have fallen in love with Grey and Harlow. Grey didn't want Harlow to find out that he was a wolf but then she was okay with it. I also love the little talks that Grey has with his Wolf. They are funny.

    12. WowI couldn't put this book down. I was captivated from start to end. I can't wait until the next book is released.

    13. Its so good I couldn't put it down. I was captivated from the beginning. Can't wait for the next one!

    14. Crimson Moon is a Dark N Seductive Read! Packed full of heat, tension, raw emotion, and wickedly fun humor, Sherri A. Wingler did an awesome job of bringing Red aka Harlow & Grey to life and making the reader yearn for more! I love her Southern Fried Sass and his Over the top Alpha Hotness!

    15. THE BIG BAD WOLF!I was giving an ARC in exchange for an honest review! I LOVED this book! It's a fast-moving fun read! I got so caught up in the characters, there were times I'd find myself yelling at Harlow or Grey to "watch out"! I loved all the twists and turns. I can't wait to read book two, so I can find out what happens next. This is a fun series, and it won't disappoint you. You'll be glad you picked this one up!!!

    16. Sherri A Wingler is one of my all time favourite writers. I was enchanted and completely hooked by this amazing story. Based on the Red Riding Hood fairy tale, it reads nothing like a fairy story. Instead it reads like a modern fantasy, mixed with some sexy sizzle. The characters jump off the page and you can't help but absolutely love them or wish them a messy end. This is not the authors usual genre but she is utterly at home in this genre as mush as in YA. I can't wait to find out what happen [...]

    17. Reviewed for Readers FavoriteShe might be young and she might be on her own, but she wasn't unable to take care of herself; not that Grey knew that exactly but he could tell there was something different about her. She wasn't fully human that was for sure, and why he felt the need to take care of her and keep her with him, he couldn't really say, of course his wolf wanted her but she was way to young, not even eighteen yet. Harlow was used to not trusting anyone, but there was something about Gr [...]

    18. Wrong informationOk I'm over half way through the book and had to go back and reread the description of the book over and over, no where does it say that the wolf form stays a man from!!! Makes no sense to me that he didn't change, unless he just had a personality disorder or multiple personalities. Not something I like to read. I like my wolf to be furry not just a "bad boy". I could over look that and the long winded conversations they each had in there heads but I can't over look the informat [...]

    19. A new twist on werewolves. This lovely book was very interesting and kept my attention. I love Harlow her spunk and her mean streak that comes out. to play. At times she seemed really young and I'm hoping to see her grow as these books continue. Grey. tsk tsk. There were many times I wanted to reach my hands inside my kindle and shake him. Now his wolf on the other hand. Loved him. I also love how the author wrote about the wolf as he was his own being that was cool. Confusing sometimes be cool. [...]

    20. DNF @ 89%I really enjoyed the first third of this book but it got overly dramatic with nonstop hurt feelings all around. It's a shame cause I was really liking it for awhile there.

    21. This so didnt end the way i thought it would. What a story that kept me hanging on, but wow the ending has thrown me.

    22. Bad endingLoved this book right up until the end. What a crappy cliffhanger. There was no build up to it, just bang and it's over. Should have given us a little more to go on.

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