The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir

Maude Julien s childhood was defined by the iron grip of her father, who was convinced his daughter was destined for great deeds His plan began when he adopted Maude s mother and indoctrinated her with his esoteric ideals Her mission was to give him a daughter as blonde as she was, and then to take charge of the child s education That child was Maude, on whom her fatherMaude Julien s childhood was defined by the iron grip of her father, who was convinced his daughter was destined for great deeds His plan began when he adopted Maude s mother and indoctrinated her with his esoteric ideals Her mission was to give him a daughter as blonde as she was, and then to take charge of the child s education That child was Maude, on whom her father conducted his outrageous experiment to raise the perfect super human being.The three lived in an isolated mansion in northern France, where her father made her undergo endless horrifying endurance tests Maude had to hold an electric fence without flinching Her parents locked her in a cellar overnight and ordered her to sit still on a stool in the dark, contemplating death, while rats scurried around her feet.How did this girl, with her loveless and lonely childhood, emerge so unscathed, so full of the empathy that was absent in her childhood How did she manage to escape Maude was sustained by her love of nature and animals and her passion for literature In writing this memoir, Maude Julien shows that it is possible to overcome severe trauma She recounts her chilling and deeply moving story in a compelling and compassionate voice.
The Only Girl in the World A Memoir Maude Julien s childhood was defined by the iron grip of her father who was convinced his daughter was destined for great deeds His plan began when he adopted Maude s mother and indoctrinated her wit

  • Title: The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir
  • Author: Maude Julien
  • ISBN: 9781925498110
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Well if this isn't a RIP-YOUR-HEART-OUT work of non-fiction!Good Lordt an easy read.dark.heartbreakingly sad.exasperatingockingd animal lovers will be appalled!Monsieur Didion is a crazy, paranoid and obsessive well-to-do person of the male persuasion (refuse to call him a man) who offers to raise and educate a little blonde girl from a poor family for the sole purpose of eventually marrying her and producing his own blonde daughter, training her to be a superior, super human being to "raise up [...]

    2. Utmost courage and an amazing will to survive. Raised in the most horrific of circumstances, by a mother acquired by the father just to provide him with a child he could mold into a super person, and a father who has to be insane, she found the will to survive. The things she went through, so incredibly hard to read, to believe, gives truth to the stage of truth bring stranger than fiction. Locked in a basement, tied down, kept there overnight to ponder death, rats scurrying around her feet. Eve [...]

    3. Q: Life is stronger than anything else, there is always a solution, and I will find it. I’m sure of that. (с) Q: Why am I not allowed out?Why must I not derive any pleasure from eating?Why does Yves stub out his cigarettes on my knee?Why does Raymond do what he does to me?Why can’t I have any heating in my bedroom?Why don’t we wash?Why does no one kiss and hug me like people do in books?Why am I not allowed to go to school with other children?(c)This book is a veritable eye-opener. This i [...]

    4. 4 Stars.Maude Julien is a young girl with indeterminable strength. Somehow, she had an innocence about her that carried her through the most horrific experiences a person could ever imagine. She suffered from mental and verbal abuse at the hands of her father, Monsieur Didion. He exacted mind control over her to the likes of nothing I have ever heard of or seen before. And Maude’s story is a true one. How she survived, I do not know. Yet she did and her ability to have hope when all seemed los [...]

    5. 4 resilient, brave stars to The Only Girl in the World and infinite stars to Maude Julien for her resilience and bravery ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ From a little girl, Maude Julien was deprived of love, affection, and any comfort at all. On top of that, she was tested and challenged by her father to some standard I never really understood. Basically, he used it as an excuse to torture her. Maude learned compassion through her pets- thank goodness for her animals! And through incredible inner fo [...]

    6. The Only Girl in the World is an extraordinary memoir about madness, control and the survival of horrific childhood abuse.Maude Julien's father Louis chose his future wife and mother of his child, Jeannine, when she was only six and he was 34. He became Jeannine's guardian by promising her family that he would provide her with a quality education.Then: "Twenty-two years after he took possession of Jeannine, Louis Didier decided the time had come for her to bring his daughter into the world Louis [...]

    7. How to rate such a book????In the beginning.Maude's Father (Maude being the protagonist and the Author of this Memoir) approached Maude's Mother's family when her Mother was five or six years old. Maude's Father was wealthy and said he would care for and raise their child. So Maude's Mother's family gave their young daughter to him. Are you following me? How sick is this? So Maude's Mother goes to live with Maude's father when she is a child and is raised by him and when the time is "right" they [...]

    8. This was a horrendous story of how far a child can be abused and what the consequences of years of abuse can do to one's mind, body and soul.It was a hard story to read and I am sure even a harder story to write. Gratefully, the author has found her way out of the darkness she experienced as a child.

    9. THE ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD: A MEMOIR is a powerful true story I choose to see as a triumph of the human spirit.Maude's father wanted a superhuman child and set out with single minded purpose to achieve his goal. He found a young girl and adopted her. When she was old enough he married and impregnated her. When his daughter was born her training began. I'm not going to go into everything Maude went through, because it's grim. Extremely grim. Also, a lot of what she went through might not seem bel [...]

    10. “My father finds laughter extremely irritating. He sees it as a waste of energy, proof of a total lack of control. Smiling finds no favour in his eyes either. ‘Do you want to be the village idiot?’ he asks if he catches me gazing up at the sky with a smile on my face. ‘Only halfwits smile. Your face must be serious and expressionless in order to confuse your adversaries. Never reveal anything’”The Only Girl In The World is a memoir by French psychotherapist, Maude Julien, in collabor [...]

    11. You can also find this review onmy book blog.In Maude Julien’s memoir The Only Girl in the World we enter the world of power, control and madness but at the same time of escape and finding salvation from it all. Maude Julien’s father is an individual whose personality is deranged – filled with lunacy and ideas of upper most greatness. At a young age Monsieur Didier had a majestic plan which was to raise a superhuman – someone who will make him proud and who he’ll teach all the necessit [...]

    12. A depressing story which makes one question the extent of human evilness. I certainly empathize with Maude and her extraordinary story. Yet, the style which it was written left me wanting to understand the emotions of all the characters. The story was fueledBy action. One atrocious event after another. There was little time to connect the dots and understand the reasons behind the actions. The book was draining to read and the ending abrupt.

    13. It is extraordinary what a human can endure and survive. I'm so glad Maude made it through to the other side so that she can share her story with the world. I won a copy of, The Only Girl in the World, in a giveaway. So a huge thanks for giving me the opportunity to read it!

    14. A minha opinião em vídeo: youtube/watch?v=WoBBoMais um livro de não ficção que não desiludiu e que mostrou como existem pessoas completamente insanas e que tornam a vida num inferno às pessoas à sua roda

    15. The cover of the English version of this memoir is disturbing enough -- a tiny, lovely child, with a hauntingly quizzical expression on her face. But this picture, harrowing as it is, is benign compared to the French language cover, with the original picture, in which that same child is shown with her father looming over her. He is the stuff that nightmares are made of, every child's boogeyman. But he was her father, and the horrors he inflicted were as if ripped from Grimm's fairytales at their [...]

    16. I've said this before but just wanted to reiterate - my rating of a memoir reflects my experience of reading the book, not a judgement on the authors live. I do not enjoy translated titles, and could immediately pick up that this was not originally written in English. I think that so much gets lost in translation, especially emotions - everything sounds and feels very distant. I am always amazed at how truly horrible human beings can be. Maude's father obviously had some form of mental illness, [...]

    17. ‘A living testimony of resilience…An account as gripping as it is inspiring.’Elle‘Maude Julien delivers a staggering testimony, one that remains full of hope.’Ouest FranceA serious subject: manipulation, in which the author is now a professional therapist. Maude Julien does not write with resentment, or bear grievances; rather she delivers a clear message of hope.’Livreshebdo‘This story is never maudlin—it is so absorbing that you have to remind yourself to breathe from time to t [...]

    18. I realize I’m more of a hawk than a dove when it comes to rating books so I will break it down why I ended up giving a 3. As for compelling me to read to the end, and as quickly as possible, this book gets a 5. The story is so tragic and appalling that I’m desperate to get out of the nightmare and find out who rescued this poor girl or what inner strength did she summon and from where to escape to be able to be writing this today. But the overwhelming and specific detail makes me nervous. I [...]

    19. Thank you Edelweiss for my review copy of this book. I honestly do not even have words for the horrors that happened in this poor woman's life as a child. Trapped for her entire childhood with a psychotic father who thought he was creating a superhuman and a mother who was just as much a prisoner as Maude since her own childhood, the things this poor girl experienced are unthinkable. It is horrifying to remember after reading this that it was a true story.

    20. This book made me anxious. At times I was figuratively biting my nails to get to the end of an event. I would have loved to give child Maude a big hug and some warm chocolate. Her family was a cult, albeit a three member one. The tough rules that were enforced strictly was supposed to make her superhuman, but couldn't even afford protection against the garden variety pervert. Animals were tortured during Maude's childhood and so was Maude. And in a different fashion, Maude's mom was also a victi [...]

    21. I read a lot of books. I’ve read books so disturbing and gory, it even makes me question myself. However, The Only Girl in the World really got to me. Maude Julien is a woman who was raised by two crazy parents. Parents who believed they were raising her to be the ultimate human - someone who could survive anything. It started with her father. He took in her mother at age 6 from her parents, saying that he would provide her a good life and educate her. But what he was really doing was raising [...]

    22. This book tells the extremely harrowing true story of the author's childhood abuse and torture at the hands of her father. Some of the things he says/does are so absurd that it's hard to believe this is a true story. If you've read "The Glass Castle", that book seems like a fairy tale compared to the horror of this book. (Not to diminish The Glass Castle at all, but just to give you some perspective). Despite all this, it's a story of survival and strength. As many other readers have mentioned, [...]

    23. I finished this book in one sitting, smashing straight through it in under 4 hours; the content is not necessarily "easy-going" by a long shot (Julien does not downplay her experiences just because the memories are of her 4 or 7 or 13 year old self; if anything they are the more harrowing captured in the voices of her at those ages), but the writing style is engrossing. The knowledge as reader is that she survives and escapes- it's that hope for her own rescue that we know is coming, but not how [...]

    24. 9 de 10*Indignação!!! Foi o sentimento que me acompanhou a leitura deste livro da primeira à última frase. Como é que pode um ser humano infligir tanta dor e sofrimento a outro ser humano, em especial tratando-se dos pais? Só uma mente muito doente e perturbada pode acreditar estar a fazer o bem ao fechar a sua filha em casa durante 15 anos, submetê-la ao que chama testes para moldar a sua personalidade e sentimentos, corpo e alma. E uma mãe que assiste calada e subserviente é tão ou m [...]

    25. Thank you netgalley for providing me with a galley to read in exchange for a fair review.This is a completely believable, scary book about a girl who spent her entire childhood in isolation. She was tortured by her crazy father until she was able to escape through her marriage.The only criticism I have of this book, is that the unrelenting horror of Maude's life became overwhelming and hard to continue reading. This is not the fault of the author, she was only fairly reporting on her life with h [...]

    26. How Maude survived her childhood is amazing. The extraordinary cruelty endured is enough to break many people, however Maude persisted and survived. Highly recommend this book.

    27. Несмотря на то, что книга является мемуарами, создается впечатление, что это все-таки скорее фикшн, потому что повествование ведется от первого лица в настоящем времени, а мемуарам все-таки чаще свойственно прошедшее время. Книга небольшая, читается, несмотря на такую непр [...]

    28. A compelling read about the harrowing childhood and the abusive family dynamics. I found it weird that the end of the story was so anti-climatic, but then I laugh at myself because life is not a novel, the endings could vary from torrential, dramatic to anticlimactic and non-essential. It is life, and life is what life is. it was the escape, and that is what matters for the author. v

    29. Thanks so much to NetGalley, Little, Brown & Company, and Maude Julien for the opportunity to read and review this book.It's always tough to review a memoir filled with such horrid child abuse. And this story defies belief in what parents can do to their children.The horror begins when Maude's father contracts with a poor family to basically raise one of their daughters in exchange for them never contacting the daughter again. Her father, Louis, was 34 at the time and her mother, Jeannine, w [...]

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