Great Australian Mysteries: Unsolved, Unexplained, Unknown

Provides the chronicling of Australian true mystery stories This work includes inexplicable disappearances, some which defy logic, unsolved murders, mystifying phenomena and scientific enigmas.
Great Australian Mysteries Unsolved Unexplained Unknown Provides the chronicling of Australian true mystery stories This work includes inexplicable disappearances some which defy logic unsolved murders mystifying phenomena and scientific enigmas

  • Title: Great Australian Mysteries: Unsolved, Unexplained, Unknown
  • Author: John Pinkney
  • ISBN: 9781741240245
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Great Australian Mysteries: Unsolved, Unexplained, Unknown”

    1. Interesting collection of 27 chapters, each one delving into a specific Australian mystery. In some of the areas, he also very briefly mentions other countries where similar mysteries have occurred. Seeing as this was printed in 2003, a few may be in need of an update, but not many. Most of the mysteries have remained mysteries.He covers a wide range of unexplained happenings, such as; disappearances, crimes, 'monsters', unnatural phenomena, etc. If you're concerned that it might be crammed with [...]

    2. I read this a few years ago while I had a desk job. Kept my interest and had some unusual Australian local mysteries. Kind of a Ripley's Believe It or Not. Nothing groundbreaking just page turning mysteries that just manage to keep your attention and with language that is decent and interesting. I have read his other works and am reading another book by his and I didn't realize there was a sequel to this book so I plan on getting it if I find it. 4 starish.

    3. This book is a collection of mysteries. It's enjoyable, but not in depth reading. I'd look at this as a book for anyone being introduced to these cases for the first time and a book for easy reading on vacation or recovering from illness. Without doubt, there are enough ideas here to spark your own writing on weird phenomenons.

    4. This is a collection of mysteries that has been pulled together by John Pinkney. Some of the crime stories have been part of the Australian psyche for some time, especially that of the disappearance of the Beaumont Children and Juanita Nielson. Then there is stories about bunyips, missing ships, strange lights and every other strange going on is collated and presented. There are some interesting bits and pieces of information and it is an enjoyable read.

    5. Ok for a light read. Good range of subject matter for short stories. Some interesting stories from Australia's past.

    6. good book, picked it up to begin reading to pass time, finished it in a week. It was just interesting, especially reading stories relating to the Australian region and a lot of our unknown history.

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